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Lunch time?

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Bon Appetit! 🙂

on-line Chinese help…

“màn màn chī” 慢慢吃

This literally means “eat slow”


so what are You/am i having for lunch or eating slow(ly)??

Some left-over Yucca from last night’s dinner with a little quinoa with black beans and corn…oh, and two mixed teas: green and an herbal infusion of peppermint, spearmint with tarragon. Yummy! (i messed up the Mojo…burnt the garlic, who does that?!..i am a distracted cooker;)… left it on too high and walked away briefly to do something else, ugh! i’d much rather prepare mind food anyway; that’s my thing.)

Hào chī


Healthy food choices important…also healthy mind food choices.

5/11/17 @ 12:56 p.m.

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Palm Tree(s) thriving in desert

Heb., ta·mar […]The long taproot of the palm enables it to reach down to water sources not available to many plants and thus to thrive amid desert conditions. […]The tall, stately palm, with its straight, uniform trunk rising up to 30 m (100 ft) and cresting with a plume of long feathery fronds, makes a graceful silhouette of unique beauty. [excerpt Palm Tree Insight Vol 2]

for palms are sometimes used in the Bible to stand for uprightness. (Ps. 92:12 “But the righteous will flourish like a palm tree And grow big like a cedar in Lebʹa·non.”)


4/23/17 @ 11:50 a.m.

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Victims of Violence, Prejudice, and Misuse of Bogus Labels and Laws

Breathing-Fragile-Life Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred

“If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the authorities, it will be the first such ruling by a court declaring a registered centralized religious organization to be ‘extremist,'” the UN human rights’ high commissioner’s office said in a statement, Time reported.

Experts Weigh In:

Heiner Bielefeldt:  “If Jehovah’s Witnesses are extremist, I think we all are”

Former UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Religion or Belief 

Annika Hvithamar: ‘If Jehovah’s Witnesses are extremist, then most versions of Christianity could be accused of the same thing’

Associate Professor/Head of Studies, Department of Cross-Cultural and Regional Studies, University of Copenhagen

Dr. Massimo Introvigne: “The only relationship between Jehovah’s Witnesses and violence is that they have been victims of violence”

Sociologist and Former Representative of the OSCE on Combating Racism, Xenophobia, Discrimination

Possibly A Dark Day For Russia, All Russians, and All Believers Globally?…

Helsinki Commission chairman Senator Roger Wicker (MS), co-Chairman Rep Chris Smith (NJ-04), and Commissioner Rep. Richard Hudson (NC-08), in a joint statement yesterday rebuked the Russian authorities for cracking down on religious liberty.

“It is wrong to apply flawed counterterrorism laws to those who seek to practice their faith,” Wicker said.

“The Russian government is exploiting genuine threats of violent extremism to undermine what little religious freedom remains in that country. This distracts from real efforts to fight terrorism. I urge the Russian government to drop the case immediately.”

Smith added: “At stake in the upcoming court case is the legality and perhaps the survival of the Jehovah’s Witnesses – and in fact basic religious freedom – throughout the Russian Federation. If the Supreme Court of Russia declares this faith group an extremist organisation, it is an ominous sign for all believers and marks a dark, sad day for all Russians.” (excerpts…

Mainstream and Minor stream and Top Dog and Underdog…wherever (“temporarily”) we find ourselves cause change can happen fast…(As Fellow-Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life-Inhabiting-Beautiful-Earth)…let’s all be objective: and compassionately influence the course of events…what goes around comes back around, eh?!

 4/5/17 @ 11:05 a.m.

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A? Walking…Diction ary

Freedom Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred mind food

Walking Dictionary…walking dead…words. Let me explain.
No, i am not a know-it-all.  HA! (obviously, need no outward declaration of that fact!;))

I am not a definer/describer of every word out there in any language including my own heart language: English.

However, don’t You find: some words transcend simple definitions. Love. Peace. Compassion. Freedom. Hope. Do we understand love IF we erase the word hate. If we take away war are we left with…Peace?  IF we take the word “bad” out of the dictionary and censor/shun this word completely…does that automatically make us all good?? or kind?!

What about IF we add a bunch of new words…will we adopt new thinking consensus?? will we all speak in agreement?!

Some words are helpful. Some words hurtful and dangerous, scary and deadly, eh?

Do You respect words? (i “try” to carefully choose mine.)  (Ya, i probably should–would do well to expand my vocabulary! Yet, i like the power of small words that pack a big (spiritual/literary/poetic) punch.)

On the practical-side of things…we all need some form of easily comprehended communication and form of understanding, sharing, cooperation whether that is with letters, words, symbols or signs….to function well say as a united-global-brotherhood-of-fellow-fragile-life-inhabiting-Earth…in the pursuit of peace, unity, security.

How else do we describe or determine or decide…without words?! Like all preferences that all of us have no matter who we are or where we live…some of us prefer certain words over others. We usually like the ones that make us individually look and feel good/better. Words that tickle our ears in our comfort consciousness zones.

(It is a useless and futile game of frustration to fight over words.)

Same with numbers…take certain numbers away and do you still have the same amount? or value? money? equations?! May be, money just becomes plain paper…is that what it truly is–a fluctuating, non-fixed variable?…or take words that are empty…valueless…counterfeit aka meaningless.

People are not fixed…our words/our actions…may be our value (in the eyes of someone, or anyone or ourselves) changes…(If we are a person of our word…may be we gain respect (value). If we are someone who is not…may be we lose trust.)

Languages, words, values change over time. (Gain and loss are constants.)

Money can be power. Words can be power.

Both can be printed on paper…both can be burned.

Both can be used to manipulate the masses of mankind. For example, misunderstanding and mislabeling can result in much suffering and death for millions.

So can mis-education. Mis-direction of mis-understanding and mis-labeling.


Just spell it out joanie!


an important word to some…e.g., lawyers, judges, etc., people in power over people with limited or no power.

The Bible speaks of an important law that would be written on hearts. The Law of Love. (A law i personally don’t wanna break!) Those who respect this law…live it/communicate it daily (with words/deeds).

Some places of mind oppression persecute people or bully underdogs or express prejudice by enacting or exploiting…man-made law(s) to hurt and to keep those in power/control in power/control.  A large country out there…is using/enforcing the dangerous term “extremist” in an elastic stretch to wrap up and strangle…oppress/ban/prosecute…peace-loving, non-violent, Bible-readers/students, good-citizens of their respective country and good/loving neighbors to their fellow-fragile-life…(they are in my prayers my fellow-brothers & sisters; friends of compassion!) IF i were there in body…i would be mistreated/mislabeled the same way; no doubt. My heart/mind suffers right along with them!:(

All of us…have likes…our favorite friends, books…the Bible, an Awe-inspiring-Masterpiece to say the least, is not

a book to be banned or put on a list of so-called extremist reading!!!…

Nor its readers to be stripped of their fundamental human rights!

…the TRUTH found in the Bible and discovered by those who it set free…cannot be bound by bars nor bans…

nor bogus classifications!


4/1/17 @ 9:09 p.m. edited/updated/published 4/4/17 @ 10:18 a.m.


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drinking derision

attitude Breathing-Fragile-Life communication compassion conscientious-ness education forgiveness Fundamental Human Rights healing heart Joan Winifred lamentations of the heart pain respect

lapping it up??
laughing it up??

(what do you drink?..usually?…NOT a drinker!) but

not afraid…what can man do to me? (throw sticks and stones, etc.)

(or not do to me)?

this aging-dying body/(yet growing-renewing-living mind)

this warm blooded (and warm hearted? so, i’ve been told)


believes in

bloodless surgery

figuratively and literally. (amazing what bloodless mind surgery can accomplish…opening minds to learn/live/change aka compassion education)




don’t want blood (anybody’s) on my hands…or somebody’s/anybody’s precious-sacred-life-liquid running through my veins.

(how does that make me a murderer?…)


that’s what i’ve been called vehemently/loudly!…because i refuse to accept blood. (but i don’t refuse the best possible/research/evidenced-based non-blood medical treatment) (no, i’m not sick…was asked hypotheticals)

usually…harsh words i don’t let stick…(you know: sticks and stones may break my bones, but names never hurt me…(too much))

i would shut up more or be more quiet..IF i really cared about how most people think of me/judge me…

for being a different thinker/doer/believer…

i’m not trying to defend myself…(just coping through writing this i guess)

not trying to call the fellow-fragile-life…a not nice name…just feel bad that this person…(a stranger to me really) thinks that…(comes to that conclusion)

it hit my compassion nerve!… for someone who “tries” (not saying succeeds)…the best i can..everyday to be as loving, compassionate and kind/forgiving…to not hurt/step on any fellow fragile life in any way…including what some call “pests” aka bugs…for me…being called a “murderer” cuts pretty deep: OUCH!! (i try hard “not to take” things personally..the good or the bad. Strive to keep emotional neutrality/balance.)

No, i will not donate blood nor transfuse..i just know/firmly believe there are healthier/better choices i can make to prolong life.  It’s a spiritual health choice first than a physical health choice second. (i wish, in that “brief” conversation, i was able to effectively explain why blood is too sacred, to me, to consume for any reason…i would rather die myself than take somebody’s precious blood.) It’s hard for some to understand that…i understand that. (May be ? for them blood is their only hope.)

What other man is like Job,Who drinks up derision like water? (Job 34:7)

commentary/highlights on this verse excerpted (w 06)

How was Job like a man “who drinks up derision like water”? In his distressed state, Job was inclined to take the ridicule of his three visitors as directed toward him, although they were really speaking against God. (Job 42:7) Thus, he was taking in derision like someone who drinks water with enjoyment.

(4/7/14@1:22a.m.)..p.s.oops, VERY tired..wrote/published this 4/5/16 early morning@1a.m…

p.p.s. double oopses!-lol:)..yes, today is May 5, 2016…right??..see what i mean about “trying”..;)

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The Homeless & The Car-less & The Less/Lessness of Life

Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred

Standards of living vary globally. Basic human fundamental needs don’t, however. (We all need to breathe, eat, sleep. What air we breathe, what food we consume and where we lay…differs greatly.) For example, there exists “first world problems”…then there are (for lack of better aka more appropriate term(s)) i’ll say “less-than-first world” problems. (Who’s to say first shouldn’t be last and that the last should be first? (not me!))

Annoyances and inconveniences aka “problems” in lands of more (luxury)…would most likely be a blessing in the lands of less (poorer regions). Yet, in so-called lands of more, you still see homelessness & car-less-ness & less-ness in general. (Why? is that? Greed? Lack of education? Bad Government? Non-compassion?)

Read recently the following that got me thinking and appreciating my own lot in life…such as i have a (family) vehicle that pretty much runs…though, had a problem today/annoyance: it broke down/ran out of gas…en route this morning. Good thing was able to get the little girls off to school okay…had extra gas…my son funneled it in the tank…still wouldn’t start…so, my older kids and i got some extra exercise and walked home: change of plans. We have Triple A and my son had his cell…battery dead, though -lol;)

Of course, Chato!:) was able to get the car running right away, HOORAY! & THANK YOU!:)

Getting back to recent readings that help us/me find contentment/satisfaction/appreciation for what we do indeed have:

Scenes of poverty are inescapable in a country like Bangladesh, where Western media and charities use them to generate outrage, sympathy and — sometimes — donations. That bothered Shehab Uddin, a former newspaper photographer in Bangladesh who knew there was more to the story than downtrodden people victimized by poverty, not to mention photojournalists.

“When photographers visit a country like Bangladesh we don’t bother to ask permission from the people we want to photograph,” Mr. Uddin said. “We have the power, with thousands of dollars of gear, nice clothes and a good education, and we think we have every right to photograph.”

Mr. Uddin not only asked permission to photograph poor people. He also moved in with several families and later had them help select the images that he would exhibit in their neighborhoods.

i appreciate the point about: those in power (those with more of whatever) assuming/presuming they have the right to photograph whatever or whomever without permission from those who may have less (power)…(nobody has the right to trample on anyone…rich or poor.) Those of us with big feet need to be careful not to step on little toes, eh? (Or those of us with big mouths (i.e. joanie) have to watch what we/i say, eh? YEAH! oh, and how i say it.)

Notice this excerpt of the above-mentioned New York Times article..which really struck a heart/tear/nerve with me:

Mr. Uddin lived with Jarina and her mentally disabled teenage daughter, Mali, outside a Dhaka railway station. She had grown up on the streets, and her two other children had died from illnesses while her husband, a rickshaw driver, abandoned her. She has survived by begging, stealing, working as a maid and, now, collecting recyclable bottles, cans and wire.

Because Mali, 15, has wandered off and gotten lost, Jarina resorted to chaining her to the spot where they live, an action that at first deeply disturbed Mr. Uddin.

“A 14-year-old girl being chained from morning to evening looks inhumane and cruel, but this is completely out of love,” he said. “They don’t have anyone to take care of her where she can be safe, and the mother has to work or they don’t eat.”

Mr. Uddin spent weeks with them, sleeping against a wall or going home to his family late at night but returning early the next morning. Jarina thinks of him as her son, she said recently in an interview at the railway station, and he calls her Auntie. They often talk about problems the mother and daughter face.

Jarina has never asked him for money, but Mr. Uddin helped Mali get medical care, which resulted in a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He paid for her medication.

“It’s what you do for a family member,” he said.

 Reading this again…brings me to tears:( …how many people walk by them or have seen them on the street? (If i walked by, would i stop to talk? to help? What would i do IF i were chained to a wall day and night??)

You can check out the photos & sentiments of Jarina & Daughter here:

(The next time when: i feel (a little) sorry for myself or complain about any/petty problems/annoyances/less-ness…hoping i will remember Jarina:) and her daughter:) They are in my prayers.)

WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS: ‘Share your bread with the hungry, bring the poor and homeless into your house, clothe someone naked when you see him.’—Isaiah 58:7.

Think about it: IF everybody globally applied this practical, Biblical-compassionate-counsel, would we see homelessness and less ness aka not enough food, clothing, housing, etc.?!

PEOPLE become homeless for various reasons. Some, like Joe, experience personal tragedies. Others, like Martín, simply opt out of “normal” life, seeing it as a meaningless routine. Still others become homeless because of poverty, natural disasters, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, mental illness, a lack of affordable housing, or loss of employment.

Once thought to be limited to developing lands or those battered by war or economic depression, homelessness has “emerged as a major social issue in most developed nations,” says psychology professor Paul Toro.  Contributing factors may include government policies regarding aid to low-income families and a widening gap of income inequality.

Many people are anxious about tomorrow. Some, however, have lessened their anxiety by considering what the Bible says about the future—[…]. The Bible can also help us now by giving us sound principles to live by—principles that enhance both our economic security and our emotional health, as Joe and Martín discovered for themselves. (Excerpted article: Hope for The Homeless and Poor AWAKE! May 2015)

Government is a major theme of the Bible…good-compassionate (non-corrupt) government a solution.

Jesus made God’s Kingdom the focus of his teaching. (Luke 4:43) He even taught people to pray: “Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also on earth.” (Matthew 6:9, 10) What will life on earth be like when God’s Kingdom is in full control? The Bible gives us appealing previews. For example, it says of the subjects of God’s Kingdom:

  • “They will build houses and live in them, and they will plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. They will not build for someone else to inhabit, nor will they plant for others to eat. . . . The work of their hands my chosen ones will enjoy to the full.”—Isaiah 65:21, 22.

  • “They will sit, each one under his vine and under his fig tree, and no one will make them afraid, for the mouth of Jehovah of armies has spoken.”—Micah 4:4.

That sure hope can buoy us up during our trials. At the same time, Bible principles can help us to live meaningful and satisfying lives even now, as Joe, Martín, and many others have discovered. (Excerpted article: Hope for The Homeless and Poor AWAKE! May 2015)

Global governments have made countless ridiculous laws that have caused (and are causing) the suffering (and not solutions) of millions…by contrast various Bible “principles” (on various topics) have aided millions even those living under rigid regimes…check out these practical principles on economics: (Excerpted article: Hope for The Homeless and Poor AWAKE! May 2015)


Avoid unnecessary debt. “The borrower is a slave to the lender.”—Proverbs 22:7.

Beware of get-rich-quick schemes. “The naive person believes every word, but the shrewd one ponders each step.”—Proverbs 14:15; 22:26, 27.

Be a diligent worker. “The lazy person has his cravings, yet he has nothing, but the diligent one will be fully satisfied.”—Proverbs 13:4.

Exercise self-control. “A drunkard and a glutton will come to poverty.”—Proverbs 23:21.

Have a balanced outlook. “Give me neither poverty nor riches.”—Proverbs 30:8, 9.

Be generous, not stingy. “The generous person will prosper.”—Proverbs 11:25.


i’m tryin’ to be generous, diligent, and balanced…:)


(published 2/27/15 @12:53 p.m.)

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Let ’em out already, will ya?? PLEASE!

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness Freedom Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred lamentations of the heart

Every moment of every day that i happen to enJOY my relative measure of “freedom”…i know there is Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life…imprisoned unjustly & unfairly somewhere on this planet!:(

Every time i laugh and/or i eat what i want/when i want and/or sleep IF i need to (and at times on a comfy bed w/pillow)…and/or dance to a cool tune or read what i like…or drink my favorite (non-alcoholic beverage, of course) of choice (tea w/honey)…or spend time with a loved one or time engaged in an activity/work of my choosing…i realize some “precious” life out there…is separated/deprived of one and/or any of those “simple” basic pleasures in life…subsisting/surviving aka learning to find contentment/satisfaction with their particular lot (big or small) in this 2015 life era.

As many of us, sufferers of one thing or another, are well aware..not all prisons come with literal bars or cells, huh?…(or specific sentences of judgment or time off for good behavior or any relief/end soon in sight.) Loneliness, heartbreak, misunderstanding/taken out of context/un-under-appreciation…have some of us trapped/bound, huh?

Yeah…is that what it’s all about? MORE…(yeah, more or less)…wanting/needing more and learning to be content with less. (Hey, but less can be more, right?) May be ? more freedom means more (compassionate) responsibility to those who have less freedom.

Questions for contemplation:

(am i abusing/misusing my relative freedom in any shape or form?…Say when i “insist” on my particular preferences, opinions and/or IF i live totally for myself and my own well-being without consideration for/of Others??)

Anyway, to the powers that be (global governments, etc)…“Let ’em out already, will ya?? PLEASE!”  Can’t we all show some mercy?! {Plus, people set themselves up like they are lawgiver, jury and/or judge/punisher…some are constantly judging others by appearance or circumstance, name, label or job or what comes out of their mouth or by what car they happen to drive or the clothes on their back (or the tats on their skin)…so, many are oppressed by burdensome, ridiculous laws/judgments/punishments…but, who’s to say what exactly IS “right” and exactly what IS “wrong”??…to me, that’s the sovereign of the universe’s job/ability and not mine. That’s a YAHWEH/God skill/s and i’m definitely not God/Jehovah!!...(not all knowing, wise/powerful: able to read hearts, tell the future, completely cure through compassion, etc.)..nor do i know anyone’s personal motivation for what they happen to do or not do.} Yet, God, in the Bible (and not in the churches) sets forth “principles” of love/living/compassion that benefit all who humbly choose to practice these agape principles. (Living Agape Love brings Joy in/to any circumstance (of relative freedom).

The UN Human Rights Committee has condemned the government of South Korea for the arbitrary detention of conscientious objectors and for violating their right to freedom of conscience. This is the fifth decision that the Committee has issued against South Korea for imprisoning conscientious objectors, but for the first time it finds their imprisonment “arbitrary.” 

By its arbitrary detention of conscientious objectors, South Korea is clearly out of step with international jurisprudence and practice on this issue.

Since 1950, South Korea has imprisoned 18,163 Jehovah’s Witnesses for their conscientious objection to military service and has failed to resolve the issue.

  • Currently imprisoned: 628
  • Newly imprisoned each month: 40
  • Total years Witnesses imprisoned: 35,022

Figures above as of February 2, 2015 (excerpted: article W February 2015, South Korea Guilty of Arbitrary Detention of Conscientious Objectors)

How am i using my freedom today…?? (For selfish purposes (arbitrarily) or selfless purposes (compassionately)?)

(i cannot live for myself only! when/while Fellow-Fragile-Life continues in unfair/inhumane bondage/slavery globally!

Just tryin’ to practice unselfishness…it doesn’t come easy.)


(published 2/26/15 @ 3:54 p.m.)

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