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Breathing-Fragile-Life change choice collage conscientious-ness God heart Joan Winifred reality study Truth

Writing/thinking/being aka “pen”….(sive) with “black/grey” ink…

Writing/thinking/being aka “pen” (sive) with “color/shade” thereof ink

(a collage (and simultaneously a sieve) of words/actions)

(sometimes–stuff/life can make you feel black n’ blue IF You let it)… However, bruises metaphorically/
(or literally) are just temporary, may sting/hurt, but not permanent damage and survivable, right?!

Top 3 Primary Questions for Reflections:)

1. Who is God/Yahweh/Jehovah?!

2. Who am i “really”?!

3. Who am i “becoming”?!

is a mirror also a camera?!…

hmmm, best snapshot/accurate assessment of myself is found in my Daily BIBLE reading!!

(lenses??/filters?? do not compare myself with Others nor do i compete with Anyone!)

A grey day or a bright day… still a day, huh?…aka span of opportunity to accomplish something worthwhile, what you can feasibly accomplish on a grey/fuzzy day?? may be quite different from what can be accomplished on a bright-clear day, eh?!

2/27/18 @ 6:33 p.m.

Positive perspective: Grateful for All my Days!:)


(photo Sunday, 1/28/18)

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a Happier Heart

appreciation happiness healing heart Joan Winifred

My sad heart is feeling a little happier… was able to salvage (with my Son’s help) two large, round, magnificent tree trunks from a nearby tree graveyard I drove by today… and along with another longer piece of wood.

IDK what kind of tree, need to research. Surviving keepsakes for my surviving plants or for my bottom to seat on and reflect.

I have been clearing wood, branch debris from my backyard, etc… and finding odd pieces for may be ??healing art projects …guess, i could use a heart walking stick?!

8/18/17@ 5:25 p.m.

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Complete Puzzle

attitude compassion heart Joan Winifred

There is a certainty, a security, an assesment…a grand big picture…(of things)

a fully fuctioning figurative heart…pumping pure motives of agape love & compassion & mercy…means no missing pieces and no blocked arteries.


5/22/17 @ 10:25 a.m.


p.s. (“What the heck is she saying??”) Yeah, Reader…i’m asking myself that too;)…what am i trying to expression?

hmmm, what it means to be loyal to the True God of Compassion (among other things)…:)

Got (healthy) Heart?!

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Hard Candy

Breathing-Fragile-Life heart Joan Winifred

Ever notice…
that some of us–fellow-humans–who may “appear”

or come off as…hard, stern, solid, etc….may truly be like marshmallow deep down…soft/gentle. 🙂

Ever notice…
that some of us–fellow-humans–(i.e. me)
who may “appear” or come off as…sweet, lenient, weak…may truly be like stone solid…tough when it comes to certain things… (e.g., my spirituality, etc.)

some of us are soft on the outside and tough on the inside and some of us are hard on the outside and gooey on the inside…and some of us are neither nor both. (figuratively speaking)

And Some of Us…an enigma…!

It’s curious how humans behave…are perceived…which can be quite different than who we truly are at heart! At times, the appropriate thing is to be soft/gentle/kind/sweet/modest…stable….to weather any life storms.  Or to be tough, hard, solid, etc.

Being solid, stable…

But not rigid…being inflexible…too stiff–You snap!…break. (Cannot take myself too seriously about anything. Including this blog, eh?;)

Different circumstances/different weather call for different survival gear, huh? That’s why i need…all-weather gear reigns when it rains:)…(most days, literally, here in FL–depending on time of day…i wear my crocs.:) which to me is compassion and agape love (for all fellow-fragile-life)…and…(personal application of Divine Wisdom found in the Bible).

Hard Candy can still be sweet.

Happy Week-end Reader:) stay compassionate.  

Where did the month of March go???…busy, busy and very concerned for fragile-life being oppressed in certain global places and mind places, too.


4/1/17 @ 6:56 p.m.




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