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brains?? yep, get some brains joanie…already got heart, huh? 😉

where do i go for brains?! (to the doctor’s?)

(heading there tomorrow for burn-wound check-up)…let’s hope my raw is healing, okay. This precarious injury is more than nuisance. Am trying to keep positive–however–have had my intense moments. It’s a challenge trying to maneuver around/walk. Application of salve and bandage changings–excruciating. (Thankful for Chato’s care!) My affected area is ULTRA-sensitive.


(this Beautiful Being (Gaelynn Lea) inspires me.)

Encouraging readings: “Causes of Human Suffering” w  No.3 2018:

God’s Word, the Bible, reveals three main causes for mankind’s suffering:

Selfishness, Greed, and Hatred. “Man has dominated man to his harm.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9) People often suffer because they are victimized by imperfect, selfish, or cruel humans.

Time and Unforeseen Events. Humans often suffer “because time and unexpected events overtake them.” (Ecclesiastes 9:11) That is, people are simply at the wrong place at the wrong time, accidents occur, or people are careless or make mistakes.

The Evil Ruler of the World. The Bible clearly identifies the primary cause of human suffering. It states: “The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.” (1 John 5:19) That “wicked one” is Satan the Devil, a powerful spirit creature who was originally an angel of God but “did not stand fast in the truth.” (John 8:44) Other spirit creatures joined Satan and rebelled against God in order to pursue selfish desires, thus making themselves demons. (Genesis 6:1-5) Ever since their rebellion, Satan and his demons have exerted a powerful and cruel influence over this world’s affairs. This has been particularly so in our time. Now, the Devil has great anger and “is misleading the entire inhabited earth,” which has resulted in “woe for the earth.” (Revelation 12:9, 12) Indeed, Satan is a brutal dictator. He gets perverse satisfaction from human suffering. It is Satan​—not God—​who causes people to suffer.

CONSIDER: Only a heartless, diabolical evildoer would cause innocent people to suffer. By contrast, the Bible says: “God is love.” (1 John 4:8) In harmony with his loving personality, “it is unthinkable for the true God to act wickedly, for the Almighty to do wrong!”​—Job 34:10.

why? should i use? (waste??) my time studying sick/unhealthy/messed up minds?!

this ‘manifested‘ reality– since 1914– is a result of a messed up mad-demonic-mind. (And by those under Demonic/Negative influence?)

oh yeah, our great technological advancements…lead to ‘true’ love?! ‘enduring’ peace?! ‘everlasting’ health?!

For me, convinced the study of a perfect/fully-functioning-healthy mind is good for me because i wanna be good/compassionate…and what said mind manifests: speaks and accomplishes is of immense interest to me..i.e. what Jesus thought, spoke, lived, and taught. (An-Agape-Love-Living-Selfless-Success-Story-worthy-of-intense-evaluation/emulation.)

For we are overturning reasonings and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are bringing every thought into captivity to make it obedient to the Christ; (2 Corinthians 10:5)

the proper use of technology…does it lead to the/a ‘real’ life??

am very much looking forward to (hopefully;) i’ll be better by then) an upcoming/intriguing FREE special Bible talk (given in thousands of locations around the world)…Hope You are able to attend wherever on this Earth You:) Dear Reader happen to be…April 14th.

Talk title: Reach Out for the Real Life!


(my pain, etc, etc, etc, management ramblings finished?!…for now. 🙂 plus, wanna watch an archaeology show: Egypt Live.)

Thanks for reading. Take Care. Be Careful. 

4/07/19 @ 7:46 p.m.

seems smart to me: using whatever brains i have: to follow fully-functioning-mind(s)…manifesting unselfish-agape-love.:)

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can & not

attitude comfort conscientious-ness courage faith Freedom healing heart hope Hope Joan Winifred motivation never giving up! pain patience trust Truth

i cannot do what i… would like to do…

i must do what i have to do!

(yeah, woeisme…poor baby;)).

that is life of any/all conscience prisoners…we all find ourselves facing struggles/challenges (newer and older) reaching out for the…real  life.


i am  s       t           r            e           t         c             “h    i”             n       g

out as far as abel


the moment.


may be?? You just don’t understand/get it? (That’s okay.)



for sure is not my motivator knot/or holder backer.

teary! Wow! just had an inspiring card given to me now/today while composing this (hope it will encourage You:) too)

4/03/19 @ 5:02 p.m.

the fine fight (of the faith, etc) and for the real life:)

Sharing my ‘Get Well Soon’ balloon…cause all of us, all of us fellow-suffering-team-of-humanity, we need to Get Well! (Spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically) and permanently stay there!💚🙂

1:11 a.m. 4/4/19

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attitude Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness courage family healing hope Hope Joan Winifred joy lamentations of the heart motivation music never giving up! patience science & spirituality spiritual food stress management study transformation trust Truth

There are indeed some aspects of my being that seem surreal.

My single-minded spiritual-focus…is hyper and real!

My Children and Chato help me see my blind spots.

They describe me in ways i do not, cannot…comprehend fully…or “see” (from the outside in) or is it from the inside out…manifestations of myself that i want (probably want) to avoid..(mostly).

Chato laughingly informs me today i was/am a tease and was/am a heart~breaker…and oblivious to both. And i am documenting this because it is not everyday…the closesthumanonEarthtome (at the moment) says: “i have brought him Joy!

This makes me cry! because He has suffered A LOT in this life!!…(not to minimize Any One else’s suffering and pain) (and may be ? more than He had to…in some ways because of me!!…being married to ‘me’ and all that entails) and when Anyone has a Loved One/Family Member who is chronically ill especially with Depression or Bipolar or Any Other Awful Ailment…it’s tough, at times, to endure patiently together. The person suffers in one way and then you, the so-called healthy one, suffer in a different way; tortured by their suffering and the terrible “seemingly” powerlessness to effectuate a permanent-positive change…when going through the rough patches.

The rough patches end. Humans endure. (Pain is temporary just like pleasure. The good times. The bad times. (Spirituality is my constant.)) It’s hard to assess (sometimes) accurately or to adequately (tangibly) evaluate ‘any’ impact on Another Life or how much help–‘loving’ and ‘caring’ and ‘trying’ your imperfect best to aid a fellow-sufferer really brings…it’s taken 28+ years to hear those unspoken ‘comforting’ words: “You’ve brought me Joy!”

Wow. …it’s about time-lol😉

Anyway, this selfish? rambling and documenting today…brings my mind here…any hope i possess is well-founded; well-researched, believable and livable! And the absolutely best parts of my Hope is Bible-based!🙂

IF You Want to know:

(i’ve been a goofy-Bible-geek since childhood…and serious about “Truth” way before 12…cause at 12 dedicated my life to God; really!;)…HA! (no, am not a nun: i despise/hate all fake/false religion; i.e. Catholic religion (You know the Organized religion that helped put Hitler in Power; in case You forgot, etc.) No! i don’t hate Catholics nor Non-Bible Readers nor Other Religious People, nor Humans and etc. I Love Fellow-Life and “try” to daily demonstrate by making genuinely-compassionate decisions. You know decisions that don’t “intentionally” try to hurt Fellow-Life.) the Bible, it’s a book that does it for me; have spent countless hours throughout my life–everyday as far back as i can recall–reading and studying it: it’s a dive-deep into the treasure-abyss. i always surfaced with gold. Even a tiny-tidbit keeps me going though this life…just an imperfect girl conscious of her spiritual need for healthy-spiritual-food to keep my mind sane.

Wow, you’re still reading, thanks! Let me share something encouraging…a lot of us are coping with grief on some level…


3/14/19 @ 6:10 p.m.



HOPE!! IS REAL…so is God.




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