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Keep, throw and give.

Keep, Give, Throw,

Give, Throw, Keep…any combination of (my) 3 organizational categories…will do.

Got it? Give it? Throw it?…will You keep…attention?!…(managing disorder/mess (aka entrophy*), eh? YAY! when my project(s) is/are complete…(who am i kidding: it’s the never-ending project: of “this” life/compassion/family/growth/laundry/learning life skills).

(Seems like the more i try to simplify…the more complicated my organizational skills/requirements must become.)

Man, OUCHY-WAWA! 🙁 i’ve got a (literal) migraine today…could be the cold weather front, etc…POP…my head feels like it could explode. (It’s challenging to concentrate on tasks/typing at hand.) i need some honey, honey…(oh, and you know a cup of green tea) was (in my recent past) reading about: “The Honeycomb” (my highlights) Awake! January 2015

For centuries, mathematicians suspected that partitions in the shape of hexagons were better than equilateral triangles or squares—or any other shape—for maximizing space with the least amount of building material. But they could not fully explain why. In 1999, Professor Thomas C. Hales provided mathematical proof for the advantage of what he termed “honeycomb conjecture.” He demonstrated that regular hexagons are the best way to divide a space into equal parts with minimal structural support.

By using hexagonal cells, bees can make the best use of all the space available to them, produce a light but sturdy honeycomb with a minimum amount of wax, and store the maximum amount of honey in a given space. Not surprisingly, the honeycomb has been described as “an architectural masterpiece.”

Today, scientists mimic the bees’ honeycomb to create structures that are both resilient and space efficient.

(That’s it: a “nature/Divine/God-Yaweh-Jehovah” solution (Divine Education)…my life in honeycomb…arranged (invisibly)/simply and sweetly/hexagonal-y.)


my/man’s self-importance/pride IS dangerous/destructive/venomous to all relationships/ecosystems aka living arrangements on/(in) this planet/(house)…(throw it away)…or get rid of it: self-importance before it destroys all the honey, peace and open……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………space.
Logically thinking/contemplating about  the compassionate/healthy/positive/loving ripple/residual effects: (of practical counsel/application thereof):
“Do nothing out of contentiousness or out of egotism, but with humility (or lowliness of mind) consider others superior to you as you look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.
(Philippians 2:3,4)
 The end…nope! POP: The BEGINNING:)
(published 1/6/15@5:48 p.m.)
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Here we go again: Lab Rats at work?

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness humility Joan Winifred

British scientists have announced that an Icelandic mollusk thought to be about 405 years old was actually 507 years old at its untimely death in 2006. This makes it the longest-lived animal * on record. The clam died when researchers froze it in order to transport it to their lab.

* Here the term “longest-lived animal” excludes colonial organisms, such as coral, which are thought to have lived for thousands of years. ~excerpted: Watching the World (Awake! December 2014)

(Lab) Rats aka rodents? /breathing-fragile-life hurting mice/rodents/breathing-fragile-life year: 2014 (for context please see: Didn’t You know: Real People have Real Ribs & for tickling…sometimes.) and lab rats freezing/killing off the longest-lived animal: year 2006…Gimme a break… or actually: lab rats “GIVE it a break!! PLEASE.
Yeah, untimely things happen (and have happened from 2006-2014)…so, man needs to take looooooooooooooooooooooooong timed timely-time out… aka stop hurting life and the planet… in time: for the sake of life/the planet!! Because:
“man has dominated man to his injury.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)
Is man “cruel” convinced they qualify for/own the “license” to do whatever they want with whatever they want: where/whenever to whomever they want…??

Humble man “kind” knows modesty/its limitations and “manners”… and that “needs” are more important than wants…”GIVE”…all life what they truly “need” thereby sustaining (and not TAKING) life short-long term!

For related context on wildlife please read: Cageless Breathing-Fragile-Life: Zoo Miami Excerpted:

Personally, i’m not too into ‘interfering’ too much with the goings-on of Breathing-Fragile-Life/wildlife/animals…i like to let things be (when/if possible)…for fear, i would somehow damage their fragile eco-system(s)…thereby, cutting short their fragile life!  i kinda believe in gentle observation and/or gentle help/participation IF needed (and probably not needed by me -lol)…not trampling down/bulldozing my way into their space…so, i’m t-o-r-n in my feelings/thinking about what kind of participation/involvement i choose when it comes to wildlife…i totally RESPECT life and am not a big fan of man imposing his ideas of treatment on wildlife…which often lead to abuse.

 If all of us learners, could go about “learning” aka “living” with “manners” 🙂 …aka compassionate/loving “ways” of living in a kind/respectful/modest/patient and less aggressive mode, would all of us live/learn longer?!
Too bad the longest living animal isn’t around to answer, eh?
(published 9/25/14 @ 9:49 p.m.)
 P.S. Will man “cruel” take responsibility/accountability for their death-dealing, untimely, and
non-compassionate actions? i.e. choosing to apologize/change or clam up??
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Chocolate Covered Cricket Cake!

cake humility Joan Winifred never giving up! wisdom

i need the recipe.


yeah, IF you have the recipe…with the exact measurements of ingredients…and follow precisely; a similar outcome/product occurs..(i mean bakes/cooks.)

(ever have chocolate covered cricket cake?!…for a little “cake” context: check out:…Tommi-Rae, Sequoia… tears & laughter… glad they gave each kid $1,000 prize…Hubby, kids and i loved this episode of chopped.)

And the chopped champion creates (insert drum roll) chocolate covered cricket cake:)

Making/Baking/Living: champions of compassion:

same ingredients, same measurements, same procedures, same outcome…SIMPLE!;)

where are my sticky notes??? aka recipe cards, may be.

i was thinking about thinking…yeah, some of us do that: think before we think? -lol or  mind preparation…it’s sorta like before i write ..i’m writing lots in my head..and may be ? for days, then the product comes out as words/sentences typed or written on pages…of virtual paper.

preparation to/for everything is key. Prep work.

(Chopping…perhaps? that’s why my writing is choppy sans much punctuation/grammar.)

i cannot recall a day that i was not in………………………………………………………….deep

pondering/meditating/prep work about…whatever my mind/heart deemed worthy of my mind time.

Is thinking before doing just methodically formulating/following a mind recipe?

my mind work needs (my) music…(i’m tired and slow today & overworked & my mind/body needs recovering…aka a little rest and a little time off to recoop.)

will my mind give me the day off?? (nope: thinking is dope/cope)

Do not be overly righteous, nor show yourself excessively wise Why should you bring ruin to yourself?

Don not be excessively wicked, nor be foolish. Why should you die before your time? It is best to grasp one warning without letting go of the other; for the one who fears God will heed them both.

Wisdom makes a wise man more powerful than ten strong men in a city.


Who is like the wise man? Who knows the solution to a problem?

i applied my heart to acquire wisdom and to see all the activity happening on the earth, even going without sleep day and night. Then I considered all the work of the true God, and I realized that mankind cannot comprehend what happens under the sun. No matter how hard men try, they cannot comprehend it. Even if they claim that they are wise enough to know, they cannot really comprehend it. ~excerpts Ecclesiastes chapters 7&8.

Making cake means…recipe. Making life means…LOVE. <3

(Who wrote the first cake/life recipe?)

not me. not you.

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Fancy Garb, Titles & Prominent Seats: Self-Righteousness

humility Joan Winifred

All the works they do they do to be viewed by men; for they broaden the scripture-containing cases that they wear as safeguards, and enlarge the fringes of their garments. They like the most prominent place at evening meals and the front seats in the synagogues, and the greetings in the marketplaces and to be called Rabbi by men.” (Matt. 23:5-7)

The Pharisees prided themselves on being righteous,and they looked down on the common people.

The Phariseess sought to impress others by public displays of their righteousness. They desired prominence and flattering titles.

Contrast their attitude with that of sage Jesus. […]he was humble. When a certain man called him “good,” Jesus said: “Why do you call me good? Nobody is good, except one, God.” (Mark 10:18) On another occasion, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, thereby setting a pattern of humility for his followers.

This self-righteousness figures in one of Jesus’ parables. He said: “The Pharisee stood and began to pray these things to himself, ‘O God, I thank you I am not as the rest of men, extortioners, unrighteous, adulterers, or even as this tax collector. I fast twice a week, I give the tenth of all things I acquire.’ But the tax collector standing at a distance was not willing even to raise his eyes heavenward, but kept beating his breast, saying, ‘O God, be gracious to me a sinner.’”—Luke 18:11-13.

Jesus praised the tax collector’s humble attitude, saying: “I tell you, This man went down to his home proved more righteous than [the Pharisee]; because everyone that exalts himself will be humiliated, but he that humbles himself will be exalted.” (Luke 18:14) Although tax collectors had a reputation for dishonesty, Jesus sought to help those among them who listened to him. At least two tax collectors—Matthew and Zacchaeus—became his followers.

What if we were to think that we are better than others because of our God-given abilities or privileges or because of the failures and weaknesses of others? We should quickly dismiss such thoughts: for the Scriptures say: “Love is patient; love is kind and envies no one. Love is never boastful, nor conceited, nor rude; never selfish, not quick to take offence. Love keeps no score of wrongs; does not gloat over other men’s sins, but delights in the truth.”—1 Cor. 13:4-6, The New English Bible. ~ excerpts: Watch Out for the Leaven of the Pharisees

(Pursuing humility in spirituality is not self-righteousness on display to be lauded/praised by men.)

The Bible sometimes uses “leaven,” or yeast, as a symbol of corruption. No doubt both the teachings and the attitude of the Pharisees had a corrupting effect on their listeners.

Questions for Meditation:

Do I seek to lay down arbitrary, inflexible rules or to turn my personal opinions into law? Am I reasonable in what I expect of others?

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