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Otter Know

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Divine Design…

The fur of the sea otter is denser than that of any other mammal, with some one million hairs per square inch (155,000 per sq cm). When the otter swims, its coat traps a layer of air close to its body. That air acts as an insulator, preventing the cold water from coming into direct contact with the animal’s skin and sapping its body heat.

Scientists believe that there is a lesson to be learned from the sea otter’s fur. They have experimented with a number of artificial fur coats, varying such factors as hair length and hair spacing. The researchers have concluded that “the denser and the longer the hairs are, the dryer or the more water-repellent the hairy surface is.” Put another way, sea otters can boast a truly efficient fur coat.

Researchers hope that their studies will lead to technological advances in the design and production of novel water-repellent textiles. This may lead some to wonder whether people who have to dive in cold waters may not be better off wearing a hairy wet suit—one similar to that of the sea otter! [excerpted reading highlights…AWAKE! No. 3 2017 The Sea Otter’s Fur]

Staying insulated by fresh/pure air…:)
6/19/17 @ 10:29 a.m.
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Missing teh Tree

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6/6/17 @ 5:57 p.m.

(some of us miss the tree cause of the forest.)
or some of us ignore the tree cause of the forest!

yeah, congnizant of the forest, but not minimizing any tree making up the forest.

today’s edit
6/8/17 @ 7:34…
and some of us pick up all the details like “accountants”…trying to add it all up…figure everything out in this life…(IDK, have i passed all my (compassion) tests?? and pop quizzes?! of endurance, strength, intelligence, patience, obivously–no need to be said, i’m no wonder woman and my bracelets are only gifts of silver!) while singing a merry tune (positive attitude)..”row, row, row, your boat–gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily life is but a….”

nightmare! (realistically speaking)…
so don’t fall asleep! (spiritual vigilance)

or ya, might get caught like a fish, eh?;)
(some of us are good at making something out of nothing or nothing out of something. Or chasing after nothing and trying to hold on to something.)

yep, that’s it for this Thursday morning rambling!

6/8/17 @ 7:56 published

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Taking Turns (at both poles?)

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or is it?…(patiently) waiting (my) turn…

“During their lifetime of about 30 years, terns may travel well over 1.5 million miles (2.4 million km). That is equal to three or four round-trips to the moon! “This is a mind-boggling achievement for a bird of just over 100 grams [3.5 ounces],” said a researcher. What is more, because arctic terns experience the summers at both poles, they see “more daylight each year than any other creature,” states the book Life on Earth: A Natural History.”

Their pattern and path is an indirect s shape…

“No matter where they began their migration, the arctic terns flew an indirect route. As shown in the illustration, a common Atlantic Ocean route took an S shape. The reason? The birds simply take advantage of prevailing wind system.” [excerpts article Awake! 2017 No. 4 The Amazing Arctic Tern]

Being (deliberately?) indirect can be quite effective/efficient, eh?! 🙂 (and quite the achievement!;)

(Don’t Ya just love birds/these tiny amazing birds?!)

5/10/17 @ 3:35 p.m.

So, the next time i think being more direct equates to getting more accomplished; …i’ll ride the prevailing wind! -lol;)

“IT WAS long believed that arctic terns flew about 22,000 miles (35,200 km) on their journey from the Arctic region to Antarctica and back. Recent studies, however, revealed that the birds actually fly much farther.” [Awake 2017 No. 4 excerpt]

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Pain Epiphany

insights Joan Winifred never giving up! pain

an epiphany tonight:
under the influence of severe/chronic pain…we may say or do things out of (our usual) character.

Inflammation…may manifest inflammatory speech, etc.

It’s hard when hurting Not to hurt!



all of us need a cure…(for some forms of pain)…i will not allow pain to push me…(over the edge) beyond the circle of compassion


5/5/17 @ 8:05 a.m.

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Light By Day, Light By Night

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We live in times of uncertainty; that’s for sure!

2 “certain” things to trust:

The Sun.

The Moon.

“This is what Jehovah says,

Who gives the sun for light by day,

The laws (statutes) of the moon and the stars for light by night,

Who stirs up the sea and makes its waves boisterous,

Whose name is Jehovah of armies:” (Jeremiah 31:35, 36)

Man’s products: Light bulbs blow out and break. Candles melt and wicks burn up. (Aka whatever so-called “good” man can accomplish is only temporary at best including any solutions to problems.)
God’s creations: Everlasting Luminaries!:) (Permanent, reliable reminders of the surpassing superiority of Divine Wisdom at continuous work.)

Why not put your (complete) trust in God??


4/28/17 @ 8:32 a.m.

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Starving? Feeding?

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There are also those of us who choose to champion compassion…who starve the (non-compassionate) beast within and feed the beauty within.
(cultivate & grow compassion everyday)
9/29/16 @ 1:30 p.m.
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Comfort Chronicles (1)

comfort conscientious-ness insights Joan Winifred things i learned

i may “try” (attempt) to chronicle…some lessons learned while putting forth (special) effort during this comfort campaign/September 2016.  This is more than some social experiment. Bringing comfort to others, realistically speaking means, at times, discomfort for me. Flexibly w-o-r-k-i-n-g out of my own personal comfort zone…to extend comfort to any in need…is an active priority (within my own home and outside my own home). This is an opportunity for spiritual growth. This is an an opportunity to cultivate humility, patience, love and forgiveness for my fellow-fragile-life.

Over the Summer…which here in Florida, obviously, we live Summer, by Summer i mean:  kids out of school…time…time at library, of course..reading with spiritual lenses…various books to help me grow my compassion and unselfishness.  To practice compassion well takes knowledge and skill. Sometimes, we may think we are helping and in reality, we are hurting. There is a time to speak. There is a time to be quiet. There is a time to help. There is  time to observe. There is a time to act. Assessing/evaluating what to do or what to say or what not to do or what not to say…takes understanding and wisdom…and an accurate education.

In a sense, to live/practice compassion and to live/practice comfort…reminds me of Doctors..or those in the medical field. A couple titles not an endorsementread everything at your own risk (didn’t care for some of the graphic word imagery/language)...”How Doctors Think” and “What Doctors Feel: How Emotions Affect the Practice of Medicine.”

What i think and how i feel affects my personal priority of comfort/compassion (during this campaign)…so, i can’t let my own feelings of anxiety, fear, pain, discomfort, etc…interfere with the way i treat others. Whether i am having a bad day or not, whether i am feeling well or not…All-Fragile-Life Deserves Agape Love, Respect, Compassion, Comfort (from me). Yeah, of course, my abilities are limited and my circumstances limiting…i can only do so much! Yet, i recognize the more i can put aside (or careless about my own) thoughts/feelings…the more i can give and care for Others.

a verse read that touches my heart:

“Again I turned my attention to all the acts of oppression that go on under the sun. I saw the tears of the oppressed, and there was no one to comfort them. And their oppressors had the power, and there was no one to comfort them.” (Eccl. 4:1)


Turning attention to…being aware of…those of us who are oppressed..we all need comfort.  (My closest friends and me..are actively trying to bring best we can.) Every day there is someone in need of comfort in some small or large way, eh?!

i think too..i feel too…that bringing comfort to Others…brings (a measure of) comfort to me!, guess, i am more selfish than want to readily admit (and here).

The only way to describe (it) is: i am a work in progress involved in a work in progress…:)

9/3/16@5:55 p.m.


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Pottery: Potter & Pots

insights Joan Winifred

The irony of pottery:

“Woe to the one that has contended with his Former, as an earthenware fragment with the other earthenware fragments of the ground! Should the clay say to its former: ‘What do you make?’ And your achievement say: ‘He has no hands’? Woe to the one saying to a father: ‘He has no hands’? Woe to the one saying to a father: ‘What do you become father to?’ and to the wife: ‘What are you in birth pains with?'” (Isaiah 45:9, 10)


Isaiah compares objectors to discarded lumps of clay and scraps of pottery that would dare to question the wisdom of their maker. The very thing the potter has formed is now stating that the potter has no hands or power to form. How foolish! The objectors are like little children daring to criticize their parents’ authority. (Excerpted: Isaiah’s Prophecy II pp. 82-85)

{How absurd…the thought of a beautiful piece of art/pottery (aka humans/creation)…questioning/talking back to the potter (God/maker)…denying/rejecting the potter’s abilities or claiming the potter has no hands/power to act.}

i LOVE, i LOVE this analogy:

The Bible may be likened to a great piece of music with a dominant theme and with minor themes introduced to add to the distinctiveness of the whole. In a similar way, the Bible has a major theme–the vindication of Jehovah’s sovereignty by means of the Messianic Kingdom government. It also has other important, recurring themes. One of these is the fall of Babylon.

[…] ancient Babylon has a modern counterpart–“Babylon the Great,” the world empire of false religion. In Revelation, Babylon the Great is likewise portrayed in connection with “a wilderness” and “waters.” The apostle John is carried away to a wilderness to be shown Babylon the Great. He is told that she “sits on many waters” representing “peoples and crowds and nations and tongues.” (Revelation 17:1-3, 5, 15) Popular support has always been a key to the survival of false religion, but such “waters” will not protect her in the end. Like her ancient counterpart, she will end up empty, neglected, and desolate.

“That is why my hips have become full of severe pains. Convulsions themselves have grabbed hold of me, like the convulsions of a woman that is giving birth. I have become disconcerted so that I do not hear; I have become disturbed so that I do not see. My heart has wandered about; a shuddering itself has terrified me. The twilight for which I had an attachment has been made for me a trembling.” (Isaiah 21:3, 4) The prophet, it seems, enjoys the twilight hours, a lovely time for quiet contemplation. But nightfall has now lost its charm, bringing instead only fear, pain, and trembling. He suffers convulsions like those of a woman in labor, and his heart “has wandered about.” One scholar renders this phrase “my heart beats wildly,” noting that the expression refers to “a feverish and irregular beating of the pulse.” Why such distress? Evidently, Isaiah’s feelings are prophetic. On the night of October 5/6, 539 B.C.E., the Babylonians will experience similar terror.

8. As prophesied, how do the Babylonians act, even though their enemies are outside the walls?

As darkness falls on that fateful night, terror is the last thing on the Babylonians’ minds. Some two centuries in advance, Isaiah foretells: “Let there be a setting of the table in order, an arranging of the location of seats, an eating, a drinking!” (Isaiah 21:5a) Yes, the arrogant King Belshazzar is hosting a feast. Seats are arranged for a thousand of his grandees, as well as many wives and concubines. (Daniel 5:1, 2) The revelers know that there is an army outside the walls, but they believe that their city is impregnable. Her massive walls and deep moat appear to make her capture impossible; her many gods make it unthinkable. So let there be “an eating, a drinking!” Belshazzar gets drunk, and he probably is not alone. The besotted state of the high officials is suggested by the need to rouse them, as Isaiah’s next words prophetically show.

“Get up, you princes, anoint the shield.” (Isaiah 21:5b) Suddenly, the party is over. The princes have to rouse themselves! The aged prophet Daniel has been called to the scene, and he sees how Jehovah throws Babylonian King Belshazzar into a state of terror similar to that described by Isaiah. The king’s grandees are plunged into confusion as the combined forces of Medes, Persians, and Elamites breach the city’s defenses. Babylon falls quickly! What, though, does it mean to “anoint the shield”? The Bible sometimes refers to a nation’s king as its shield because he is the defender and protector of the land.* (Psalm 89:18) So this verse in Isaiah is likely foretelling the need for a new king. Why? Because Belshazzar is killed that “very night.” Thus, there is a need to “anoint the shield,” or appoint a new king.—Daniel 5:1-9, 30. (Excerpted: Isaiah’s Prophecy I pp. 217-218-221)

The so-called impregnable city, “Babylon,” fell…what about the modern-day counterpart “Babylon the Great”? impregnable?

(published 10/4/15 @ 12:44 p.m.)

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Seduction Reduction

insights Joan Winifred

The desperation of self-justification is/can be palpable. Many of us easily betray or hide our betrayals or rationalize/justify why we do or why we don’t do.

All of us–
every breathing thing–
being seduced…(and by ourselves/or by our spiritual dysfunction)
by snakes in tall grasses
or by
presidential circuitry of delusional

“Resist the dark force Luke”-lol:)
yeah, it’s war of the brightest stars

those shining brilliantly haven’t
sold out their pure light
their lights of integrity (aka awakened/shocking sobriety)
to fake freedom or real propaganda
sellers of war, hatred, non-compassion (death)

“IF”…(big if) i make it–
to the Other Side–
the SIDE OF WHITE PEBBLE(S) & REAL BREAD (Life/immortality/innocence/snow white clean)
it will be (because)
i haven’t lost
the LOVE
i had at first
the thirst
COMPASSION (and for the God of Compassion)

{self-discipline..all of us need to learn it, however, IF total self-discipline was indeed possible alone…WHY would we need any teachers??..positive role-models/mentors of the good..would not exist. We will always need an outside compassionate force to refine our personal blind spots.}

Honey, You Good??
(me: “trying” to be…Good (aka TRUE to Biblical Wisdom, principles, etc.))

“Take hold on discipline; do not let go. Safeguard it, for it itself is your life.”—Proverbs 4:13.

All of us–every breathing thing–is being exploited (by external forces–some beyond our control)…our basic human needs…food, warmth, love, shelter, companionship, etc.  Each of us is battling demons and each of us are in need of angelic support.

Stuff studied last night:

“Love . . . does not look for its own interests.” The Revised Standard Version says here: “Love does not insist on its own way.” A loving person does not demand that everything be done his way, as if his opinions were always correct. He does not manipulate others, using his powers of persuasion to wear down those who have a different view. Such stubbornness would reveal a measure of pride, and the Bible says: “Pride is before a crash.” (Proverbs 16:18) If we really love our brothers, we will respect their views, and where possible, we will show a willingness to yield. A yielding spirit is in harmony with Paul’s words: “Let each one keep seeking, not his own advantage, but that of the other person.”—1 Corinthians 10:24.

Questions for Consideration:

am i seeking my own advantage?

am i yielding?

am i insisting on my own way?

am i demanding?

am i manipulating minds through my powers of persuasion? {(ummm, uh-huh:)… of course, i am…may be this blog is an abuse of my power…idk…though, i tell myself my motivation is (mostly) “agape”…to help any reader grow spiritually/compassionately, etc.}

am i a fire starter?…You know what…stop reading me (or read at your own risk).

( the Pebble seekers.)

“Love . . . does not behave indecently.” A person who behaves indecently acts in an unseemly or offensive manner. Such a course is unloving, for it shows an utter disregard for the feelings and welfare of others. In contrast, there is a graciousness in love that moves us to show consideration for others.” (excerpts: Go On Walking In Love)

When we love our fellow-fragile-life, we give the benefit of the doubt, focus on positives in Others & want the ultimate best for Others…that’s the beauty of real love..:)

Appreciating the Purpose of Discipline W03

WHAT comes to mind when you hear the word “discipline”? One dictionary defines discipline as “the practice of making people obey rules or standards of behaviour, and punishing them when they do not.” Although this is by no means the only accepted definition, many people today ascribe a similarly negative connotation to anything that has to do with discipline.

The Bible, however, presents discipline in a different light. “The discipline of Jehovah, O my son, do not reject,” wrote wise King Solomon. (Proverbs 3:11) These words refer, not to discipline in general, but to “the discipline of Jehovah,” that is, discipline based on God’s lofty principles. Only such discipline is spiritually productive and beneficial—even desirable. In contrast, discipline that is based on human thinking that is in conflict with Jehovah’s lofty principles is often abusive and hurtful. That explains why many have a negative attitude toward discipline.

All Scripture is inspired of God and beneficial for teaching, for reproving, for setting things straight, for disciplining in righteousness, 17 so that the man of God may be fully competent, completely equipped for every good work. (2Timothy 3:16, 17)

Importance of discipline: Insight Vol. 1 “Discipline”

“The discipline of the foolish ones is foolishness.” (Pr 16:22) They may bring upon themselves poverty, disgrace, sickness, and even untimely death.

By contrast, acceptance of discipline, coupled with a wholesome fear of Jehovah, makes one wise, able to use knowledge aright, and thus helps one to avoid much pain and suffering. When acted upon, discipline received appreciatively can contribute to a lengthening of one’s present life and holds promise of an abiding future. Rightly, then, discipline should be highly esteemed.—Pr 8:10, 33-35; 10:17.

What do i highly esteem? (wisdom?)

Because he had wisdom and insight, Solomon undoubtedly did “feel sorry for the lowly one.” Besides, his life was marked by sad and traumatic events. His brother Amnon raped his sister Tamar, and Solomon’s brother Absalom had Amnon killed for the crime. (2 Sam. 13:1, 14, 28, 29) Absalom usurped David’s throne, but his coup failed, and he was killed by Joab. (2 Sam. 15:10, 14; 18:9, 14) Later, Solomon’s brother Adonijah attempted to seize the kingship. If he had been successful, this would undoubtedly have meant death for Solomon. (1 Ki. 1:5) That Solomon understood human suffering seems evident because of what he said in prayer at the inauguration of the temple of Jehovah. With regard to his subjects, the king prayed: “They know each one his own plague and his own pain . . . You [Jehovah] must forgive and give to each one according to all his ways.—2 Chron. 6:29, 30. (excerpt: “Who Can Deliver Those Crying For Help?” W 10)

Who isn’t crying for help? for food? for love? for compassion? for understanding? for forgiveness? for relief? for deliverance from something or someone?

Who LISTENS?! (and who delivers??)

(published 9/18/15 @ 10:24 a.m.)


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Hypocrisy vs. Honesty

insights Joan Winifred

“Hypocrisy is all too common today in nearly every area of human activity—political, religious, and commercial. Appropriately, the English word “hypocrite” comes from a Greek root that denotes a speaker or a stage actor, often donning a mask. In time, the term came to mean anyone who was putting on an act to deceive others or to advance certain selfish goals.”

“The word of God is alive and exerts power and is sharper than any two-edged sword and pierces even to the dividing of soul and spirit, and of joints from the marrow, and is able to discern thoughts and intentions of the heart.” (Hebrews 4:12) Coming to know the Bible’s teachings and endeavoring to live in harmony with them has helped many to turn from  hypocrisy and to pursue sincerity and honesty.” (Excerpted: Hypocrisy! Will It Ever End? W 12/15)

for whatever reason…this topic of “honesty v. hypocrisy”…brings my brain bouncing/my mind to music…(these 2 Croce nostalgic songs (popular on radio in 70’s–when i was a kid)…

(Honesty may be difficult, but is it easier living than hypocrisy?!)

NO!..i spit..(not in the wind, not in people’s faces). YA! bro & me liked the lone ranger (tv series as kids).

It takes compassion, courage, honest, simple life. One thing you don’t need — a mask!:)


(published 9/15/15 @ 12:05 a.m.)

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