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“Sounds of Life” are You Listening??! aka Sounding It Out!

compassion Joan Winifred literacy mind food sound wisdom

Heard this intriguing phrase “the sounds of life” in an encouraging talk.

How would You describe the “sounds of life” ??

may be? i’d sum up sounds this way:





(Life is full of extreme happy and extreme sad and everything in between these two states…hmmm.)

What sounds are You making/hearing?…(with my mind or with my mouth? or with my fingers pounding my keyboard?)

my mind is looking forward to any time off…in near future, and my body is looking forward to a cup of tea now. My ears are looking forward to an uplifting song…so, i don’t wallow in my own depths of selfishness…so, i can actively pursue compassion today..and keep working!

EnJOY some Sunshine Reader:) and hope You’re life is full of WOO-HOO’s…:) (aka results of wise choices.) Life gets tricky/complicated…it’s like a new compassion language word..sometimes You gotta s-o-u-n-d it out! (aka look to divine wisdom for help.)




5/31/17 @ 12:41 p.m.

related context (IF needed)…/wellness/2013/06/did-you-hear-that-sound/

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Contradicting “POP”-ular “ID”-eas

Joan Winifred literacy

Greetings Fellow-Readers!:)

Recently watched the following…(it caught my attention as a reader of ancient text). Like any book, many reviews circulate, read-to-see (for yourself); of course. Different books affect us differently. Impressive, to me, how this ancient library of 66 books pops ids (bursts bubbles formed from man’s (both ancient and modern) desires for instant/immediate gratification, etc)…aka contradicts popular id-eas (aka ideas which with (enough) time have proved untrue/irrelevant/harmful). “Amazing” how such an “old” book IS relevant to modern living/compassion literacy!!!

(published 6/3/15 @ 11:35 a.m.)

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Living AT the Library (literally)!

Joan Winifred knowledge language literacy science & spirituality universe

“Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life,” said Viktor Frankl

School lets out soon…so begins our Summer (schooling) at the Library 5 days a week…(give or take a few). We are at the library (learning regularly throughout the year (literally & otherwise)). However, when so-called “regular” aka “public” school finishes for the year…we’re there (at our local library) supporting various programs, etc.

Speaking of libraries…our “cells are living libraries.” Did You realize? “The information in a bacterial cell would fill a 1,000-page book.” (Have You read a 1,000 page book lately?!)…(Uh-huh!)

How do cells use information? Think of DNA as a collection of recipes, each one involving step-by-step processes, with each step carefully scripted in precise terms. But instead of the end result being a cake or a cookie, it might be a cabbage or a cow. In living cells, of course, the processes are fully automated, adding yet another layer of complexity and sophistication.

Genetic information is stored until it is needed, perhaps to replace worn out or diseased cells with healthy new ones or to pass on traits to offspring. […]Consider one of the smallest organisms, bacteria. German scientist Bernd-Olaf Küppers stated: “Carried over to the realm of human language, the molecular text describing the construction of a bacterial cell would be about the size of a thousand-page book.” For good reason, chemistry professor David Deamer wrote: “One is struck by the complexity of even the simplest form of life.” How does the genome of a human compare? “[It] would fill a library of several thousand volumes,” says Küppers. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Speaking MGL…

To describe the writing in DNA as “molecular-genetic language” is more than “mere metaphor,” says Küppers. “Like human language,” he points out, “the molecular-genetic language also possesses a syntactic dimension.” Put simply, DNA has a “grammar,” or set of rules, that strictly regulates how its instructions are composed and carried out. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Intelligence is out there, eh?..(and grammar, too?)..of course, joanie.

People attribute information to intelligence, whether that information is in the form of symbols on clay or signals from space. They do not need to see the information being created to draw that conclusion. Yet, when the most sophisticated code known to man—the chemical code of life—was discovered, many shoved that logic aside, attributing DNA to mindless processes. Is that reasonable? Is it consistent? Is it scientific? A number of respected scientists say no.

Professor Yan-Der Hsuuw is the director of embryo research at Taiwan’s National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. He too once believed in evolution—until his research led him to conclude otherwise. Regarding cell division and specialization, he said: “The right cells must be produced in the right order and at the right places. First they assemble into tissues that will in turn assemble themselves into organs and limbs. What engineer can even dream of writing instructions for such a process? Yet the instructions for embryo development are superbly written in DNA. When I consider the beauty of it all, I’m convinced that life was designed by God.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

There are theories…then there are NOT theories:

What qualifies a theory as a scientific theory? According to the Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories, a scientific theory, such as Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, must

  1. Be observable
  2. Be reproducible by controlled experiments
  3. Make accurate predictions

In that light, where does evolution stand?  Its operation cannot be observed. It cannot be reproduced. And it cannot make accurate predictions. Can evolution even be considered a scientific hypothesis? The same encyclopedia defines a hypothesis as “a more tentative observation of facts [than a theory],” yet lends itself “to deductions that can be experimentally tested.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

As a person preferring poetry (and alliteration;)…(Is happy living, happy loving reading?)

“Your eyes even saw me as an embryo; all its parts were written in your book.” (Psalm (song) 139:16)

Of course, David  was using poetic language (i.e. DNA). Nevertheless, in principle, he was right on the mark, which is typical of the Bible writers. None were even slightly influenced by the fanciful folklore or mythology of other ancient peoples. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015)

Makes me ask: Evolutionists…are they slightly influenced by the fanciful?!

(DNA–a space oddity?/God’s (superlatively intelligent) “poetic” living language!)

Looks like we all live at the library, huh? 🙂

(published 5/30/15 @ 10:34 a.m.)

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Transcending Alpha…(bet)

attitude compassion Joan Winifred literacy

The long (or the short) introduction to literacy…alphabet song:

a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k ,l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s,t,u, v, w, x, y, z

now i know my abc’s, next time? won’t you sing with me? -lol:)

yeah, that’s the beginning: knowing your abc’s, huh?

What do an artist and a cleaner have in common??.. the street(s) they walk (along in life)? (among other things, of course)!:)
Don’t U feel UP -lifted reading “good” news?…i do 2!..(please, check out the excerpted good news article below read)

ST. PETERSBURG, Russia—In November 2014, Svetlana Nemchinova, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, found an envelope on the street containing 6,000 euros (over $6,800 U.S.). After a lengthy search for the owner, she was able to return the money. Ms. Nemchinova’s altruism was reported on television, the radio, and in several online news articles.

Ms. Nemchinova is a street cleaner in the city of Vologda, approximately 450 kilometers (280 mi) northeast of Moscow. While on the job, she noticed a plain envelope. Looking inside, she discovered a large sum of money. Although Ms. Nemchinova and her three children live modestly in a 12-square-meter (129 sq ft) apartment, she states: “I didn’t even think of keeping the money. Right away I thought about the person who surely was feeling terrible.”

In an effort to find the owner, Ms. Nemchinova first posted an announcement on nearby buildings. When no one responded, Ms. Nemchinova took the money to a nearby bank, since the envelope of money contained a receipt with the bank’s name on it. The bank determined that the money belonged to Pavel Smirnov. After making several attempts to contact Mr. Smirnov, the bank was finally able to inform him that Ms. Nemchinova found his money.

An article published in the Russian newspaper Premier states: “Svetlana does not see anything outstanding in her actions. She is a religious person and regularly reads the Bible.” Ms. Nemchinova further explained to Premier that her actions were a result of applying what is often called the Golden Rule from Matthew 7:12: “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must do to them.”

Mr. Smirnov, an artist who invented a special composition of paint, had been saving the money to purchase specialized equipment to further his research of dye structures. “Words cannot express how thankful I am to Svetlana,” stated Mr. Smirnov. “After what Svetlana did, your faith in people is restored. There is only one thing left to say: ‘There is a God!’”

What do U and i have in common? (2 letters in the alphabet?-lol:) of the same language: human! 🙂 Whether we’re talking You (u) or me (i) or a or z…first letter or last letter of the alphabet or the last letter or the first letter…or the 12th and 13th (we’re not “truly” talking number/rank/position of letters) because when writing w-o-r-d-s with l.e.t.t.e.r.s… all the letter orders/positions/ranks constantly change/fluctuate and therefore, have no numerical/estimation/value/digit-meaning…it’s only when the letters unite/cooperate “together to form” a word/harmonize sound/spell anything …e.g., LOVE…or FORGIVENESS or THANKS or COMPASSION…do letters (or is it humans?) really matter/have true value/appreciation/worth/power for good! Compassion Literacy Transcends! And is practiced like language everyday…on any street/any place in the world where (compassion literacy is expressed) actions speak louder than any alpha (1st letter in Greek alphabet)!!:)


(published 4/13/15 @ 4:33 p.m.)

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brrrr: fighting frostbite: when a LIGHT bulb went off in my…hand!

attitude compassion education insights Joan Winifred literacy power

You got… your reasons (and so do i) but:

Rewarming must be a passive activity… or you risk losing fingers, skin, tissue, toes…if it took 1 or 2 hours for frostbite to set in…must: takes that long: 1-2 hours to rewarm…(and another reason of many, i’m glad i don’t/never smoked cause smoking, caffeine, alcohol make you more susceptible to frostbite).

Same with compassion…agape education..waking people up… gradually…a delicate process… teaching/educating/reteaching/unlearning…a learning/warming the mind/heart to new things, I think needs to be passive: a gradual rewarming of brain permafrost…if for example, a person has lived for so many years (insert time frame) it just may take that equivalent of (insert time frame) to get them warmed up to changing their emotional climate from violent to loving, from smoking to breathing pure air, etc…from corruption/selfish choices to clean/selfless choices.
i was passively listening to the weather channel about the dangers of frostbite and treatment while “engaging” in something else last night & a light bulb went off… in my hand!…i.e.  made some brain/hand connection about frostbite and emotions/actions…and com..passion…and how some soooo lack it, etc. in their communications/dealings/choices….and perhaps, why?…(they’ve lost a compassion finger or two or toe or two.)

Some are just soooooooooooooooooo cold and i’m just soooooooooooo warm: extreme climates. Learning to interact well/healthy/understandingly and IF i’m “coping” with a difficult person/situation/icy climate…IF i stay warm (kind/nice/compassionate)…eventually: will the person MELT (warm up)??

Warming up…to compassion takes patience/time/intelligent/passive precision. Requires: Being patient and understanding and realizing that not everyone has had the same opportunities to acquire/learn/adopt compassion culture/education/literacy….from infancy onward.

Apathy, indifference, envy, violence…brrrrr:(…who wants to endure a climate like that?

i’m NOT gonna let You/Anyone’s cold/mean/unloving/non-compassionate/violent/selfish ways…give me frostbite of the heart/mind..IF i can help it…trying my best:

To love others as we love ourselves means that we view others as we want to be viewed and treat others as we would like to be treated. Jesus said: “All things, therefore, that you want men to do to you, you also must likewise do to them.” (Matthew 7:12) Notice that Jesus did not say to mull over what others have done to us in the past and then repay in kind. Instead, we are to think about how we would like to be treated and then act accordingly. Notice, too, that Jesus did not restrict his words to friends and brothers. He used the word “men,” perhaps to indicate that we should act in this way toward all people, everyone we meet. ~excerpted: What it Means to Love Your Neighbor w 06

A light bulb in my hand…HOT power. (Compassion Heat in a violent/icy/apathetic world/climate.)


published 9/24/14 @ 2:34 p.m.

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Aren’t You Literate Yet??

September 8th, 2014 aka International Literacy Day…for elaboration/context please see: International Literacy Day: What are You Reading Today? 2013

am i literate yet?!
(compassion literacy, etc.)

still: progress-ING

still: hey-ING

& ya-ING


still shaking!:)

and You: (still?) “think” You got it, eh??

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Binge Eating

Joan Winifred literacy mind food

Dark, light, day, night, healthy, unhealthy, positive, negative… we all come under influences of one sort or another.

Some by choice, some by circumstance.

If all of us were functioning optimally, would most of us choose healthy, positive influences in our lives?? Perhaps.

We gotta eat! (I’m hungry as I write this.)

At any given moment in time… all of us have access to an abundant media feast at our fingertips. Many tables of mind food from which to choose.

Obviously, there are multi-level wellness benefits from healthy food for body/mind table vs. junk/contaminated food table. The buffet is spread… what will You choose??… Make it YUMMY & HEALTHY!:)

Personally, my health is very important to me… my physical, mental, emotional and most importantly to me: my spiritual health. Spiritual health is the, often over-looked, key to longevity of physical life. Am I a mind binge eater? When it comes to healthy, non-contaminated spiritual food: You betcha!! I admit to feeding my mind/spiritual need over my body/physical need… do I have a mind eating disorder?! -lol… not trying to be insensitive… physical eating disorders (BTW: I’m just skinny and I do eat!) is nothing to joke about. (May be my mind is super fat?) In my personal readings/research of spiritual matters/topics…which is like treasure hunting for gems…and not every rock is a precious stone. Fool’s gold (aka mineral/iron pyrite) is out there plenty for the taking.

Personally, like any table/buffet offering physical food: i’m selective to make a healthy choice and avoid what could damage my body. Same with my table of spiritual food. I prefer a positive table aka compassionate/angelic table over a negative/non-compassionate/demonic table.

I came across Time’s yearly list of  “best” websites ranging from: health & fitness, games, education, sports, quirky. What I didn’t see on the list was the category of spirituality. You must have favorite websites, right? (We all do.)

Ever wonder what websites are the most translated?! I LOVE languages and wish I could speak a few words in each… imagine all the new compassion friends I could make globally and what I would learn of value from each of them! (A common language as well as compassion and forgiveness brings unity/peace!)Though, the pure language of agape love transcends every literal language… so, that’s the language I mostly concentrate on learning/speaking/living fluently!:)

 Accessible in about 500 languages, with publications available for download in almost 700 languages, is the world’s most translated website.

Over one million unique visitors go to each day. The site features articles and videos offering practical advice to people of all ages, backgrounds, and circumstances.

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Exercising Fundamental Human Rights, eh?

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness education Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred literacy love parenting peace science & spirituality things i learned

Life and birth is a curious process?!

Absolutely had no personal control over the “fact” aka an occurrence with adequate proof (i.e. i’m alive) that:

I was born March 25th, 1969 in Medford, Massachusetts, USA. (I have a birth certificate documenting this fact/occurrence.)

No personal control over my inheritances…my parents, my birthplace, the land of my birth, my family background, my freckles, crooked teeth, the government under which I was born, my mother tongue, etc.

It’s interesting how my existence was both a matter of choice and chance. A bunch of choices/chance events..affecting my ancestors, grandparents and parents…led to my subsequent and sequentially timed birth. A matter of chance and choice–I was born to American citizens who wisely chose to exercise their fundamental rights.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude thinking about my parents’ choices. The inner/outer transformations they courageously made in their lives…THANK GOD before I was born and after (during toddler-hood) which positively impacted my existence then and now!

Can any of us help what family we are born into or how we are raised or our primary education?! That’s why I totally believe in on-going-life-long education in particular “compassion” literacy and proficiency!!

It’s interesting  to me how my parents being born here in a so-called “free” nation (USA) yet fled oppression! My Mom, an only child, was raised a “very strict” Catholic and went to Parochial school…(good thing she didn’t become a nun, eh?) She became a preteen smoker, however. My Dad was a Baptist and had more of a wild..let’s call it: less “supervised” upbringing. Until, he became a young Marine. To this day, he strongly dislikes flying, maybe from being forced to jump out of planes when young.

Do You believe in love at first sight?! My parents probably do because it was an instant thing for them! They remember the exact time and place of their first sighting/words -lol..It’s funny to me that my somewhat “quiet” reserved Mom…actually assertively called out to my Dad: “Hi DOLL!” while he was crossing the street where her & friends were hanging out in front of “Jay’s”.:)

This military guy’s heart instantly melted…i remember him telling me (when growing up)…he was immediately blown away by beauty…describing my Mom as a young Natalie Wood with green eyes and freckles.

Guess, i got my “emotional” outspokenness from Mom. The chances of them meeting in passing…connecting, marrying…how glad am i.

My grandmother didn’t approve of my Dad…he wasn’t Catholic…not sure: how she felt about the fact: he wasn’t Lithuanian and she didn’t want my Mom dating this older guy (only by 5 years). Their new found love (and education) inspired changes…quit smoking, they quit/left their religions: Catholic & Baptist religious traditions…my Dad left the military and drinking behind!

That’s a lot of growing up…their young eyes were opened…they didn’t like what they saw in religion/politics/military: hate & hypocrisy…they were truth seekers! I think that takes guts to leave behind organizations/places/peoples/beliefs that oppress/suppress/hurt You…whether that’s family, family traditions, religion, military, country, etc.

They spurned a big Catholic church wedding from my grandmother for an intimate Justice of the Peace (non-religious) ceremony. They abandoned non-compassionate religions/traditions/lifestyles and embraced a more compassionate life-style… of moderation in everything and “treating others the way they would like to be treated”… with love, respect, dignity and forgiveness, honesty. (Basically, they wanted to know the “truth” and then tried to live it. They still do! 🙂

Avid readers, book collectors and thinkers… my Dad is an artist… paintings & pastels… dancing to the beat of a different drum… my parents read/studied..the Bible, an “accurate” translation, and found it practical, eye-opening and helpful in daily living.

(Music, art, poetry, books, truth, compassion…some of my primary family values.)

I’m super thankful that my parents always encouraged me to read, think and thoroughly investigate/study everything for myself!… not to follow the crowd and to think/believe “whatever” for myself…they raised me to value hard work, peace and forgiveness and not war… education/clean…I am a conscientious objector!!

(yeah, and i sorta stubbornly object to a lot of things…till i conscientiously investigate “whatever” for myself…aka trust building and question asking…time consuming: uh-huh and when in doubt: i sit it out… at times, frustrating for those close to me.)

Daily study/investigation/research…skills have been deeply embedded in me… seriously, I cannot remember a day of my life, young and now, where I haven’t found/made time (and for hours) of reading/studying/researching…my parents have groomed me as a life-long learner/worker/cleaner…helped instilled in me: an insatiable taste for progressive (aka ever-changing/tweaking/adjusting) scientific and spiritual “truth”… aka “clean” and “cleaning”  and the various stages of this “valuable” process of growth…just can’t get enough… my brain needs to eat constantly!!:)

(i guess, valuing mind food over body food makes one super-skinny -lol)…hint: i’m hungry…nursing a cold cup of tea while writing..

Life is a life/death pop quiz…how else do you prepare/pass/continue living?? you study/you research!;)

Education is 1 fundamental right... All humans everywhere should be allowed to exercise their fundamental rights!!:)

All humans have had no choice over who-m their parents are, what country/government they live under and what primary education/conditioning/brainwashing/surviving-coping skills to which they are initially exposed as young life…

Chance (aka events/occurrences beyond one’s control) is killing, oppressing and hurting many of us!!… so is (poor) choice…


Everyone everywhere has the fundamental right to “clean”… including clean air, clean water, clean food… mind and body…


Are You being allowed to exercise your fundamental rights??…

Fundamental rights are a generally regarded set of legal protections in the context of a legal system, wherein such system is itself based upon this same set of basic, fundamental, or inalienable rights. Such rights thus belong without presumption or cost of privilege to all human beings under such jurisdiction. The concept of human rights has been promoted as a legal concept in large part owing to the idea that human beings have such “fundamental” rights, such that transcend all jurisdiction, but are typically reinforced in different ways and with different emphasis within different legal systems.~excerpted Wikipedia

What exercise are you getting today?!

Me: cleaning everyday… my house, my mind, my body… (that’s why I’m non-stop busy round-clock working, eh? And helping others including my kids to do the same.)


yesterday came across this video: Please check it out:


Expert Views on the Right of Conscientious Objection

Leading human rights experts discuss how the right to conscientious objection to military service developed as a human right in Europe.

  • Mr. Nils Muiznieks is the Commissioner for Human Rights for the Council of Europe, mandated to promote the observance of human rights in member states.

  • Mr. Richard Clayton QC is the United Kingdom representative to the Venice Commission. The Venice Commission is the Council of Europe’s advisory body on constitutional law.

View the highlights of these compelling interviews:

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