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Yay! Yay! Hooray:)

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Guess who? Got Hot Coco… with mini marshmellows!!:)…”mellow” out:), ya, i know, it’s technically spelled “marshmallow”… IDK IF? it’s a “New England” (Somerville, Massachusetts) thing (accent) or a kid thing, but have been saying “marshMELLOWS” my whole life (in and out of Massachusetts)… either way–it’s YUMMY and sweet!! to me…a favorite cold weather treat… that brings back warm, happy, childhood (and Other) memories playing in snow, etc. (Thank You Chato for my Coco!)

When You have offspring (kids/teens), it’s fun to relive/share some healthy/in moderation (healthy for body/mind) stuff with them.

Isn’t hot coco suppose to be good for you?!;) (in moderation and IF no food/lactose intolerances or Diabetes, etc.) please, do your own research…i am enJOYing mine right now…

Sip, sip… wouldn’t it be nice IF everyone experiencing cold weather today had access to some hot coco with mini marshmallows or big marshmellows…IF they wanted some?!:) Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in a world where everyone’s (healthy) needs are met appropriately and at the appropriate time?!

Perhaps, when we could all share (more) and care (more) and study compassion and unselfishly live it… there would be enough of everything for everyone earth-wide!:)

1/4/18 @ 2:56 p.m.

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Ha, ha, ha :)

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My little girls…”think” they got out of “school” today;)…(cause of cold weather, etc.)… but they will be doing fun “home” schooling with me…(according to their pace/interest span; of course) studying “spiritual” topics of their interest… readings/videos/discussions together…(e.g., science & spirituality, etc.)

Shimmering Iridescence…🙂

These are relevant, practical… “timeless” various life lessons (for all ages, backgrounds, cultures, etc.)…check it out (a sample) of some stuff IF You🙂 so choose🙂





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Winter Weather Melancholia

comfort compassion Joan Winifred knowledge lamentations of the heart love never giving up! parenting reality stress management worries

Living in Florida (for 16 years now…WOW! where did the time go?!) am accustomed to mostly sunny days and mild temperatures… oh, and hurricane season, prep, etc.  Basically, I’ve turned into a winter-weather-wimp!;)

Winter has arrived! here and am very tired/exhausted, upset tummy, and generally feeling an over-all malaise (yesterday)… the Winter arrival corresponds with my brother’s departure back to Haiti… so, that could be some of it… the melancholia.

Plus, it’s not fun when your kid/s’ asthma is triggered by cold-er air.  It’s very worrisome when your young one(s) has an asthma attack or

labored breathing!🙁

Certain chronic health issues/concerns can be scary (i.e. Uncontrolled Bipolar Disorder, Uncontrolled Asthma) though these “certainly” teach various care-giving, compassion lessons of love, forgiveness, patience, endurance, etc.

Time with family is precious!… (and IF everyone is in the same place at the same time and healthy at the same time; rare)…and don’t know, for sure, when i will see my brother again during 2018. Life in Haiti is not easy to say the least… and his and his wife’s compassion life-style is exemplary!

They have literally endangered their own personal comfort-zones of living, health, well-being, their literal lives for the greater good and to help countless people through the years! Though, all of us can live that kind of self-sacrificing-unselfish-love, compassion-first-responsibility…closer to home if need be, eh?

Helping does come with risk factors (and fractals;)… not reckless, just necessary.

Compared to other colder places, what we are experiencing here in FL is mild! (For us–it’s cold, rainy-raw.) My thoughts and prayers are with all who are Braving the Truly Extreme Cold Elsewhere!!  Please stay healthy and warm!!:)

a childhood song…(which the concept always touched me deeply and made me cry like a little girl as a little girl & beyond;) and BTW: never, even as young kid, believed in a magic dragon, or a Santa Claus or an Easter Bunny; “fictional” characters) appropriate for today and came to me yesterday…”Puff the Magic Dragon” Peter, Paul, and Mary…

Journeys in life take us through immaturity to maturity, ups, downs (i.e. fighting melancholy mind-set(s)), all-arounds, and all kinds of weather, huh?!

Sometimes You Can’t Take the Journey For (or with) someone (no matter how much you love them!)

(wishing could fly to Haiti to help right now)

(wishing could breathe for my kid)

(wishing etc., etc.)

You may be able to assist, and encourage, support the process… indirectly/directly… or by proxy or prayers!

Perhaps? positive examples are the best teachers…

YAY!! The sun is out now, my kid is breathing better!!… and my mind capturing positive thoughts… whew.

each morning, each day presents opportunities for (compassion, spiritual) growth… and for living justice.

{What i mean by justice… is involved/deep and don’t have time to elaborate at the moment… not talking revenge nor my own personal sense of stuff… nor talking reciprocity.

Justly interacting/communicating with fellow-fragile-life in an agape/non-selfish manner that displays appropriate compassion at the appropriate time, etc.}

{We all do our best with the “accurate” knowledge aka “real” faith we possess at this current moment in time… and when we learn or understand deeper or more deeply aka acquire more accurate information… well, we make necessary changes and update to more healthy decisions…what I’ve come learn about God’s Justice as revealed in the Holy writings/scriptures is… God doesn’t expect from any of us what we are incapable of doing.}

THANKS for reading reader:)… my big-mouth ramblings… feeling better now (and hope you do too… aka better for this post and not worse off aka hoping by sharing this is helping in some small way).

1/3/18 @ 3:01 p.m.

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“Pay Attention to Safety” (Art Imitating Life??/Life Imitating Art??)

An art project my Dad and me worked on/working on…and it’s probably near completion today…his concept, an ancient Asian safety sign…characters resemble ancient Chinese text…meaning “Pay Attention to Safety”…wise guy, huh?? My Dad is an artist (among other things)..this project was in the process way before any inkling about Hurricane Norma…very timely though!:)

so, Daddy made the canvas…and we decided on the red and gold and ancient text…he loved the phrase: “Pay Attention to Safety”…it is hanging at my Parent’s place…(the full painted photo taken today.) He’s happy with it and feels it’s finished…(i could work on it more, though.)

so, we painted the background red…obviously, duh, then he wanted me to paint the characters…and i am no expert Chinese Character writer/drawer/painter!!…by any means!!…a baby/toddler could write Chinese better than me…but this is, he had me chalk outline first…then paint. (Honestly, i wanted Chato to do it for me.  My Dad insisted it would be good for me to try my best and do it myself…glad i did.) Time with Daddy and art work has helped me a lot to cope and get through some stuff dealing with. (He keeps telling me NOT to worry about it being perfect or being a perfectionist!)

Daddy is always very generous with sincere praise and encouragement…and loves the way it turned out, yet i want/would like the opportunity to tidy up the gold/yellow lettering…may be?

I was concerned about spacing…the characters and usage of canvas. I love my Dad…and his timely, wise, loving, life lessons.

Safety: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually…an important sign of the times:


Okay, Daddy..Thanks!…we have other works in the works:)


9/6/17 @ 1:05 a.m.


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Prepare and Don’t Panic!

Breathing-Fragile-Life caregiving compassion conscientious-ness insights Joan Winifred never giving up! parenting patience peace power reality respect stress management wisdom

My thoughts and prayers are with those dealing with/experiencing Category 5 Hurricane Irma at the moment of this writing! And, of course, with all Others in the potential “perhaps” zone of catastrophic path of the unknown impact! And with All those dealing with a disaster of one name/sort or another in one place or another!

My Brother and Sister-in-law are in Haiti…my immediate Family and Friends are here close to my vicinity in FL. I think this whole state is a flood zone. We happen to live in flat land…our place of literal/bodily dwelling doesn’t flood…usually, but surrounding us does…go figure?….of course, with potential of spillage or depending on rainfall, etc. that could change fast.

During rainy season, i live in crocs. {i haven’t gotten around to getting rubber boats -ha, i meant to type boots:)…it’s hot to wear boots in high 80’s/90’s, but i think, it’s “probably” time. The super big puddles/rivers and washed out streets…picking kids up from school has had me considering a boots investment for a while now. Rubber boots may be sold out ? IDK and rainy season is almost finished…Hurricane season ends in November.} Boots haven’t been a necessity…for me (till now? in the “perhaps” zone)

My kids are prepping their to-go bags/carry-ons as i type on this laptop…and my 12 year old just announced -lol that IF we leave, (cause of flooding), she is NOT taking her homework binder!!;) This is ironic coming from a kid who always does her homework no matter what and is thoughtful, super-responsible with follow-through! She’s also singing “it’s the end of the world as we know it–AND I FEEL FINE!!” (School officials will inform Wednesday at noon about school cancellations, etc.) My 14 year old is considering what artwork to bring…and to wrap in plastic. And of course, the cats are their priority! i am chuckling cause now–the kids are asking/aka testing me about a particular privilege–i feel they are not old enough for yet…and under usual conditions the answer would be NO! …smartie pants, my answer is still NO!…:) My 12 year old is now stating IF You love me, you will answer this question…and i quickly piped up Yes! (meaning: of course i love you and i’m listening while my head is down typing), and so–now she laughingly informs me: I have to buy her a rat cause i said ‘Yes’…(what she really means is gerbil; that’s what she calls a gerbil and all in rodent family and she knows my yes means yes and my no, no. Plus she knows, i don’t care much for rats!), but she loves all animals in any family type and would be perfectly fine with a real rat (from the pet store). (Not me though, i do not want rats for pets from a store or anywhere, thank you; still working on fully appreciating this fellow-fragile-life/creature; obviously.)

Now the kids are goofing around making up…& singing country songs…”Two tear drops floating down the river…” and talking/chattering non-stop; wonder where/who they get that from?! 😉

This is suppose to be a serious post about preparation(s) and a kid is now tickling my nose/trying to stick a piece of twirled plastic up my nose so, i’ll sneeze…while my eyes are distracted on this screen.  STOP IT! Cut it out! She is relentlessly aggravating me for a laugh…we are having fun and laughing/playing and not panicking while prepping for a potentially very-serious-weather-life-altering-event.

My son quietly informs that: IF our house gets wrecked, his only regret is not painting his room…blue.

okay back to business…little girls have left room..i better type fast to finish this before the unrelenting interruptions start up again…i LOVE my kids!…and especially love their creative teaching techniques…teaching me patience, and other qualities (like staying calm in emergencies and listening completely before replying) i need to work on–or things i need to change…lol;)…especially my snarky sarcasm that surfaces from time-to-time.

“PREPARATION is Your MOST IMPORTANT KEY TO SURVIVAL!” – Awake! No. 5 “When Disaster Strikes–Steps That Can Save Lives”….

No one is immune to disaster. But what does preparation involve?

  • Prepare mentally. Acknowledge the fact that disasters happen and that you and your loved ones are potentially at risk. It is too late to prepare after disaster strikes.

  • Learn about disasters that can happen in your area. Know where shelters are. Consider whether the construction of your home and its location are as safe as possible. Remove fire hazards. Install smoke detectors, and change their batteries at least once a year, if not more often.

  • Prepare emergency supplies. Power, water, phone, and transportation services can fail. If you own a car, try to keep the fuel tank at least half full, and always have food, water, and an emergency kit in your home.​

  • Have access to the phone numbers of friends, both near and far.

  • Make and rehearse an escape plan. Know the nearest exits in your building, as well as the emergency plan of your children’s school. Set up family meeting places​—such as a school or a library—​one nearby and another outside your neighborhood. Authorities recommend that you practice walking with your family to those meeting points.

  • Plan to help others, including the elderly and the infirm.

i’ve been living in the “perhaps” zone concerning various life things/circumstances, etc…for a while now…this training has prepped/disciplined/taught my mind and heart to be prepared..for whatever occurs….{at least, i think/hope anyway.}

Reader:)…are You prepared? Physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?? (for disaster or whatever?)



9/5/17 @ 10:35 p.m.

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compassion Joan Winifred parenting

Parenthood is an incredible-beyond-words, my words to describe, GIFT shared together by Father and Mother. i LOVE this point read (sorry cannot recall specific reference/searched for it, but out of time to find it)…about “woman and man apart cannot make even a (so-called simple) blade a grass…yet, together they can create complex child/life”…a WONDEROUS thing!:)

As a parent, often wonder, what type of example(s) of compassion (positive/negative/healthy/unhealthy/balanced/unbalanced/good/bad/light/dark/sour/sweet) am i setting for my: 1 child almost 10 (daughter)+ 1 preteen (12 years old–daughter)+ 1 teen (almost 14…my first daughter) + my 1 son (my first baby now 16 this month) ????

My responses and their responses would probably be quite different. Do i have the guts to ask them?! Do i have the guts to honestly work on what they bring to my attention?! Their thoughts & perspectives/feelings about things is important to me; for sure! Of course, i love them, but i also “respect” them as younger life that i can learn lots from!:)

Jesus set an especially fine example for parents. Consider what he did. He took time for children, even when he was very busy and under stress. He watched them at play in the marketplace and used aspects of their behavior in his teaching. (Matthew 11:16, 17) During his final trip to Jerusalem, Jesus knew that he would suffer and be killed. So when people brought little ones to see him, Jesus’ disciples, perhaps in an effort to protect Jesus from further stress, tried to turn the children away. But Jesus reprimanded his disciples. Showing his “fulness of delight” with little ones, he said: “Let the young children come to me; do not try to stop them.”—Mark 10:13, 14.

We can learn from Jesus’ example. When young ones come to us, how do we respond—even when we are busy? As Jesus did? What children need, especially from their parents, is what Jesus was willing to give them—his time and attention. True, such words as “I love you” are important. Yet, actions speak louder than words. Your love is manifest not only by what you say but even more so by what you do. It is shown by the time, attention, and care that you provide your little ones. Doing all of that, however, may not produce tangible results, at least not as quickly as you would hope. Patience is required.

Jesus was aware of the ongoing competition for prominence among his disciples. One day, after arriving in Capernaum with his disciples, he asked them: “‘What were you arguing over on the road?’ They kept silent, for on the road they had argued among themselves who is greater.” Instead of harshly reprimanding them, Jesus patiently provided an object lesson in an effort to teach them humility. (Mark 9:33-37) Did it produce the desired results? Not immediately. Some six months later, James and John put their mother up to requesting from Jesus prominent positions in the Kingdom. Again, Jesus patiently corrected their thinking.—Matthew 20:20-28.

Soon the Passover of 33 C.E. arrived, and Jesus met privately with his apostles to celebrate it. On arriving in the upper room, not one of the 12 apostles took the initiative to perform the customary service of washing the dusty feet of the others—the menial task of a servant or of a woman in the household. (1 Samuel 25:41; 1 Timothy 5:10) How it must have grieved Jesus to see that his disciples continued to show evidence of aspiring to rank and position! So Jesus washed the feet of each one and then earnestly appealed to them to follow his example of serving others. (John 13:4-17) Did they? The Bible says that later that evening “there also arose a heated dispute among them over which one of them seemed to be greatest.”—Luke 22:24.

When your children fail to respond to your counsel, do you parents appreciate how Jesus must have felt? Note that Jesus did not give up on his apostles, though they were slow in correcting their shortcomings. His patience eventually bore fruit. (1 John 3:14, 18) Parents, you do well to imitate Jesus’ love and patience, never giving up in your efforts to train your children.

Young ones need to sense that their parents love them and are interested in them. Jesus wanted to know what his disciples were thinking, so he listened when they had questions. He asked them what they thought about certain matters. (Matthew 17:25-27) Yes, good teaching includes attentive listening and genuine interest. A parent should resist any inclination to put off an inquiring child with a gruff: “Go away! Can’t you see that I am busy?” If a parent really is busy, the child should be told that the matter will be discussed later. Parents must then make sure that it is discussed. In this way the child will sense that the parent really is interested in him, and he will more readily confide in the parent. (excerpted: Our Children—A Precious Inheritance W05)

Can parents appropriately show their affection by putting their arms around their children and hugging them? Again, parents can learn from Jesus. The Bible says that he “took the children into his arms and began blessing them, laying his hands upon them.” (Mark 10:16) How do you think the young ones responded? Surely their hearts were warmed, and they were drawn to Jesus!

Switching foot/feet a little here…remember in my last post: The GREATEST MAN Lives For SO MUCH MORE…:)

an ancestor of Jesus…King David, was discussed briefly, to help shed some light on Jesus’ lineage. Now, let’s fast forward to a “contemporary relative” of his, John. The following is some information about John, his cousin and close friend, helpful to understanding Jesus’ family, etc.:

Since the Messiah was to be a descendant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, a member of the tribe of Judah, and a “son of David,” he had to have a human birth; he had to be, as Daniel’s prophecy declared, “a son of man.” When the “full limit of the time arrived,” Jehovah God sent forth his Son, who was born of a woman and who fulfilled all the legal requirements for the inheritance of “the throne of David his father.” Ga 4:4; Lu 1:26-33

Six months before his birth, John, who became the Baptizer and who was to be Jesus’ forerunner, had been born. (Lu 1:13-17, 36) The expressions of the parents of these sons showed they were living in eager anticipation of divine acts of rulership. (Lu 1:41-55, 68-79) At Jesus’ birth, the words of the angelic deputation sent to announce the meaning of the event also pointed to glorious acts by God. (Lu 2:9-14) So, too, the words of Simeon and Anna at the temple expressed hope in saving acts and liberation. (Lu 2:25-38) Both the Biblical record and secular evidence reveal that a general feeling of expectation prevailed among the Jews that the coming of the Messiah was drawing near. With many, however, interest was primarily in gaining freedom from the heavy yoke of Roman domination. (Kingdom of God–Insight on Scriptures–Vol. 2)

Check it out…PLEASE…lol:)

After Jesus’ death, the Jews followed many false Messiahs, as Jesus had foretold. (Mt 24:5) “From Josephus it appears that in the first century before the destruction of the Temple [in 70 C.E.] a number of Messiahs arose promising relief from the Roman yoke, and finding ready followers.” (The Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. X, p. 251) Then, in 132 C.E., Bar Kokhba (Bar Koziba), one of the most prominent of the pseudomessiahs, was hailed as Messiah-king. In crushing the revolt that he led, Roman soldiers killed thousands of Jews. While such false Messiahs illustrate that many Jews were primarily interested in a political Messiah, they also show that they properly expected a personalMessiah, not just a Messianic era or Messianic nation. Some believe Bar Kokhba was a descendant of David, which would have aided his Messianic claim. However, since the genealogical records evidently were destroyed in 70 C.E., later claimants to the office of Messiah could not establish proof that they were of David’s family. (The Messiah therefore had to appear before 70 C.E., as Jesus did, in order to prove his claim as the heir of David. This shows that persons still looking for the Messiah’s earthly appearance are in error.) Among such later false claimants to messiahship were Moses of Crete, who asserted he would divide the sea between Crete and Palestine, and Serenus, who misled many Jews in Spain. The Jewish Encyclopedia lists 28 false Messiahs between the years 132 C.E. and 1744 C.E.—Vol. X, pp. 252-255.

The historical evidence found in the Gospels demonstrates that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. Persons in the first century, who were in position to question the witnesses and examine the evidence, accepted the historical information as authentic. They were so sure of its accuracy that they were willing to endure persecution and die on behalf of their faith based on that assured information. The historical Gospel records show that various individuals openly acknowledged that Jesus was the Christ, or Messiah. (Mt 16:16; Joh 1:41, 45, 49; 11:27) Jesus did not say they were incorrect, and on occasion he admitted being the Christ. (Mt 16:17; Joh 4:25, 26) Sometimes Jesus would not say pointedly that he was the Messiah; at times he directed others not to publicize it. (Mr 8:29, 30; 9:9; Joh 10:24, 25) Since Jesus was present where people could hear him and see his works, he wanted them to believe on the solid basis of this evidence, so that their faith would be founded on their own eyewitness view of the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures. (Joh 5:36; 10:24, 25; compare Joh 4:41, 42.) (Excerpted: Messiah-Insight on Scriptures–Vol. 2) Related reading: The GREATEST MAN Who Ever Lived: Killed! (Part 1?)

Still with me??…keeping up o.k.? :)…let’s get back to John now: THANKS for Your Patience…(i’m trying to get us back to the top!..main point/(outlined–at beginning of this post: part 4)…we should arrive at the end of this “scenic” reading (and soon); i hope!;)…

John spent the early years of his life in the hill country of Judea, where his parents lived. He “went on growing and getting strong in spirit, and he continued in the deserts until the day of showing himself openly to Israel.” (Lu 1:39, 80) According to Luke, John began his ministry in the 15th year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar. John would have been then about 30 years old. Though there is no record that John engaged in priestly service at the temple, this was the age for priests to enter into full duty. (Nu 4:2, 3) Augustus died on August 17, 14 C.E., and Tiberius was named emperor by the Roman Senate on September 15; thus his 15th year would run from the latter part of 28 C.E. to August or September of 29 C.E. Since Jesus (also at the age of about 30) presented himself for baptism in the autumn, John, six months older, must have begun his ministry in the spring of 29 C.E.—Lu 3:1-3, 23.

John began his preaching in the Wilderness of Judea, saying: “Repent, for the kingdom of the heavens has drawn near.” (Mt 3:1, 2) He wore clothing of camel hair and a leather girdle around his loins, similar to the dress of the prophet Elijah. John’s food consisted of insect locusts and wild honey. (2Ki 1:8; Mt 3:4; Mr 1:6) He was a teacher and was, accordingly, called “Rabbi” by his disciples.—Joh 3:26.

Purpose of His Work. John preached baptism for forgiveness of sins for those repenting, confining his baptism to Jews and proselytes to the Jews’ religion. (Mr 1:1-5; Ac 13:24) John’s being sent was a manifestation of God’s loving-kindness toward the Jews. They were in covenant relationship with Jehovah but were guilty of sins committed against the Law covenant. John brought to their attention that they had broken the covenant, and he urged honest hearted ones to repentance. Their water baptism symbolized this repentance. Then they were in line to recognize the Messiah. (Ac 19:4) All sorts of persons came to John to be baptized, including harlots and tax collectors. (Mt 21:32) There also came to the baptism Pharisees and Sadducees, against whom John directed a scathing message of denunciation and to whom he spoke of the judgment that was near at hand. He did not spare them, calling them “offspring of vipers” and pointing out that their reliance on fleshly descent from Abraham was of no value.—Mt 3:7-12.

John taught those coming to him that they should share things and not commit extortion, that they should be satisfied with their provisions and harass no one. (Lu 3:10-14) He also taught his baptized followers how to pray to God. (Lu 11:1) At this time “the people were in expectation and all were reasoning in their hearts about John: ‘May he perhaps be the Christ?’” John denied that he was and declared that the One to follow him would be far greater. (Lu 3:15-17) When priests and Levites came to him in Bethany across the Jordan, they asked if he was Elijah or if he was “The Prophet,” and he confessed that he was not.—Joh 1:19-28.

John performed no miracles, as had Elijah (Joh 10:40-42), yet he came with the spirit and power of Elijah. He performed a powerful work in ‘turning the hearts of fathers to children and the disobedient ones to the practical wisdom of righteous ones.’ (excerpted: Insight Book Vol. 2–John)

In the autumn of 29 C.E., Jesus came to John to be baptized. John at first objected, knowing his own sinfulness and the righteousness of Jesus. But Jesus insisted. God had promised John a sign so that he could identify the Son of God. (Mt 3:13; Mr 1:9; Lu 3:21; Joh 1:33) When Jesus was baptized, the sign was fulfilled: John saw God’s spirit coming down upon Jesus and heard God’s own voice declaring Jesus to be His Son. […].—Mt 3:16, 17; Mr 1:9-11; Joh 1:32-34; 5:31, 37.

YAY!..whew…finally back to the point wanted to make, at the outset of part 4 post,…from a favorite book about Jesus: “The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived”…quoting Jesus’ words…

 “This generation,” he declares, “is like young children sitting in the market places who cry out to their playmates, saying, “We played the flute for you, but you did not dance; we wailed, but you did not beat yourselves in grief.'”

What did Jesus mean? He explains: “John came neither eating nor drinking, yet people say, ‘He has a demon’; the Son of man did come eating and drinking, still people say, “Look! A man gluttonous and given to drinking wine, a friend of tax collectors and sinners.'”

It is impossible to satisfy the people. Nothing pleases them. John has lived an austere life of self-denial as a Nazirite, in keeping with the angel’s declaration that “he must drink no wine and strong drink at all.” And yet the people say he is demonized. On the other hand, Jesus lives like other men, not practicing any austerity, and he is accused of excesses.

How hard to please they are! They are like playmates, some of whom refuse to respond with dancing when other children play the flute or with grief when their fellows wail. Nevertheless, Jesus says: “Wisdom is proved righteous by its works.” Yes, the evidence–the works–make clear that the accusations against both John and Jesus are false.

Some of the older generation in power back in Jesus’ day (e.g., Pharisees, Insight, Vol. 2: “A prominent religious sect of Judaism existing in the first century C.E. According to some scholars, the name literally means “Separated Ones; Separatists,” referring perhaps to avoidance of ceremonial uncleanness or to separation from Gentiles. Just when the Pharisees had their beginning is not precisely known. The writings of the Jewish historian Josephus indicate that in the time of John Hyrcanus I (latter half of the second century B.C.E.) the Pharisees already formed an influential body. Wrote Josephus: “And so great is their influence with the masses that even when they speak against a king or high priest, they immediately gain credence.”—Jewish Antiquities, XIII, 288 (x, 5).) …refused to abandon outdated ways of thinking and doing that caused suffering and also refused to listen (to the liberating/fresh/new way of thinking and doing that would bring greater happiness, etc.) from the  younger generation: John and Jesus.

Makes me ask myself (as a person & parent): Are My arms Wide-Open…Welcoming? (and to my kids, their thoughts, ideas, etc.)

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Intentional and Unintentional Learning Environments

compassion education Joan Winifred parenting

Learning…(aka changing)


Takes place -lol…(double entendre)… the obvious… and (meaning) learning environments (places) of choice or not… intentional and unintentional… necessary elements that effectuate education/change.

Exposure to environments/places and cultures/peoples teach us much… young or old.

i’m keeping my mind young…OPEN. (aka positive)

My sister-in-law… Bro’s wife… paid me a compliment last night while phone talking: “joanie is still joanie, you haven’t changed at all!.. still skinny, looks same… haven’t aged”… meaning by contrast my  kids have changed a lot!!… grown older/taller, etc. My response: laughter :)… cause inside I still feel same: a little girl loving learning everyday… hoping I’ve gained enough for survival… wisdom through the years… well, this 45 year old little girl;)..took that compliment as encouragement to keep going…that my moderate living/choices of consistency…e.g., non-drinking, non-drugging, non-smoking, daily body/mind exercise, healthy mind/body food (including daily Bible reading/application) is paying off! (Obviously, my sis-in-law looks for/at my positives (good thing!)…though, in the mirror i’m like what happened??…who is this face looking back?)..aging is privilege, huh…&

My quest for immortality… is working? – yippeee lol:)…

and my kids (and their (hyper) activity) keep me young/moving…and park playing…(kids need plenty of play time!) it’s fun to see the freshness of each new day/learning experience(s) through their eyes.  It’s also weird when your baby (ies) become teen(s) taller and bigger than you. They like to remind me I’m small..I like to remind them: my parental responsibility is TALL…very!

Uh-huh, lot of (people) things to mess up in this life & with long-term  ramifications… 1 job i wanna succeed at: parenthood!!:) I just don’t want my kids paying for my stubbornness & stupidity. (Doesn’t every parent want their child turning out well?)

All parents & all kids need life-long on-going education… especially compassion lessons of love… where these take place?.. (and) well…

Where ? are we being schooled?… or unschooled?

@ the playground??

@ a safe, peaceful place?!

“trust? According to one dictionary, to trust others means to “believe that they are honest and sincere and that they will not deliberately do anything that will hurt you.” Trust is developed slowly but can be destroyed in an instant. With so many sensing that their trust has been abused, is it any wonder that people are reluctant to have confidence in others? 

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Finals, Flowers, Farewells

attitude compassion education Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred love never giving up! parenting prisoners study

Finals/farewells…last week of virtual and brick n’ mortar learning for the kids here in Port Charlotte, Florida…though, little do they (entirely) realize they will still be (home) schooling over the SUMMER…Summer school ain’t so bad–in Mommy’s relatively relaxed atmosphere…no pressure to perform perfectly, no unrealistic expectations…just expecting them to gradually go from immaturity to maturity at their personal pace of progress.

i say: LET KIDS PLAY…it’s a great teacher, eh?!

Learning/applying principles and not letter of the law type living/learning IS my goal for them….life long learners and agape livers is what we want to achieve.

Do i have enough patience??? to let them learn at their own rate/pace…some days: yes.  some days: no.

{learning takes (some) messes and i’m sorta sick/tired of cleaning up actually (literally & figuratively)…you know, the consistent-non-stop-demands of mom-wife-friend-fragile-life…etc.}

it’s exhausting but ultra-satisfying work…the constant work demands on me….and my family…and the kids…and due to our personal circumstances…


Honestly, i sorta hate grades…i sorta hate marks…aren’t marks aka scars…some teachers just don’t get it/me…i really don’t care about all the tests and grading, etc. aka LABELS and labeling..i am totally HAPPY with whatever my kids learn and whenever they learn it. They are putting forth their best effort.

Mind You, the girls have enJOYed and loved their classroom teachers, etc…and on their own wanted to express appreciation/gratitude/compassion by giving flowers…they were so Happy to pass out a bunch of flowers to the principal et al…including to my surprise: my youngest daughter…who seems to have the ability to see a lot of good in those whom others see not as-much…e.g., a certain cafeteria lady/teacher that can be very strict/and seemingly stern…slightly intimidating to adults too.

YEAH, i want my kids doing well..being kind...being compassionate…but transitory temporary comparisons..i don’t like much. They are doing fine in my value system…REAL FINE. They don’t have to be valedictorian (and)…to have a powerful/positive voice/example to their class.

STOP! DEMANDING ME/US…to conform…i NEVER will……………………..NEVER and will never require my kids to conform to this world’s standards… of whatever.

Compassion/True Agape Love is our standard…VALUE…so:

(metaphorically speaking) i SPIT at so-called academia, i SPIT at so-called media, i SPIT at demand-errrrs/oppressors…i SPIT at so-called success that requires conforming (to the popular course)…partially, cause i have an awful-green head cold -lol and partially cause…they et al… have made me sick and others too…fed up??

Seriously, how can i respect those who have absolutely no respect for compassion and differences of/in learning?!?!

Freedom is NOT forcing kids to so-call pass a one-size fits all test/measurement. (Freedom is the needed flexibility for kids to actually learn according to their individualized abilities.)

i am SUPER PROUD of all that my kids have accomplished despite adversities pecularily their own, constant challenges, putting up with us (their goofy parents and our limitations) and chronic illness in our family…and the perseverance on the part of my 15 year old son…taking a tough course he didn’t like, mountains of work…on topic totally unappealing to him…he just scaled a good portion of HIS Everest yesterday…he pulled basically an all-nighter/all-dayer to finish on time: the course and life lesson of over-coming procrastination & practicing self-discipline!!:) …he has his final exam tomorrow…poor kid and on a SUNDAY.

i LOVE YOU L-P!!!!! Good job son!!!

Anyway, to discreetly let me know…he reached it: his mountaintop… (a boy who plays my heart strings well..with his sense of humor, etc) …walks quietly up behind me, gently places a headset on my ears…and this song playing: ENJOY:)


No Losers: Fighters of Compassion: Everyday living LOVE!:)

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Crying Babies, Crying Adults

Breathing-Fragile-Life change compassion education Fundamental Human Rights insights Joan Winifred love parenting prisoners sleep

In the middle of the night, a baby cries. Immediately, the mother wakes up. She does not sleep as soundly as she used to—not since her baby was born. She has learned to distinguish her infant’s different types of crying. Hence, she can often tell whether her newborn needs to be fed, cuddled, or otherwise tended to. But regardless of the reason for the baby’s crying, the mother responds. Her heart cannot let her ignore the needs of her child. ~excerpted cl chap: 25 pp. 250-259

Sleep deprivation… requisite of motherhood, parenthood, eh?  Subsisting and functioning with minimal sleep… does to the mind and body what starvation does… going without “enough” sleep is like going without “enough” food…at times–a state of intensity! Like anything else… it tapers off.

In this state of deprivation, one learns a set of coping/managing skills to function… you learn to accept, like and be satisfied with/without….living on snacks… snacks of sleep are like snacks of food.

Snacks of contentment!

You learn to be less picky… you eat what’s available… sleep, well…

I don’t need a bed, soft pillow, blanket for sleep or specific time, place… position.  Hard floor, chair, rock: no obstacles to my sleep; nothing compares to the needs of a helpless baby or caregiving of a sick or suicidal loved one!

l oughta know -lol :)…Mother of 4 born approx.. 2 years apart… tandem toddler(s) and newborn(s) nursing for 10 years… along with a cycling manic hubby…up all night!

(i like night…i like day…sleep/no sleep…states of time manipulation…each demanding/crying out in their specific way.)

Some new-inexperienced parents think… their baby “automatically” knows how and when to sleep.  Yep, I had no idea about the sleep struggles we would encounter.  Not just newborns and their specific eating needs keeping them awake… but “smart” babies, toddlers, kids, adults can’t always sleep… too much stimulus or not enough… thinking, learning brains don’t easily unwind/tire…sleeping disorders and temperature: body and room all contribute to sleeplessness.

Our newborn 10 pounder boy would nurse for an hour then sleep for an hour and would continue this around the clock for the first months… breast milk is easily digestible and he was a big, hungry, growing boy.

The bedtime routine… getting the kids to sleep (and at the same time)… ordeal lasted long!!…1st baby couldn’t sleep…2nd baby/kid slept no problem… best sleep skills. 3rd baby a girl… forget it… now 11 last one to fall asleep every night including last night… but, she has improved.

Hubby found that white noise and their own personal fans… blowing directly on their faces -lol… actually helped them get to/stay asleep.  They eventually… all learned how, where and when to sleep.

Parenting is a different experience for every parent… having extremely talkative, active, monkeys hanging from the ceiling… climbers/explorers and non-stop learners/creators…bouncing around literally every minute and producing/making stuff… artwork, messes from learning, etc… is a challenge to say the least! It’s exhausting;)… though, super thankful they are healthy and happy and can now fall asleep on their own!!

Learning “any” skill or say to fall asleep or learning contentment or positive coping of any kind… takes time and patience and perseverance! It’s just super sad to me that not everyone, every child has a loving, supportive environment in which to learn and grow…and acquire necessary living skills.

Young, old, male, female…babies/adults: we all are in a state of  learning and unlearning… something of need… it’s just not always obvious to others… that’s why we all need lots of encouragement and support in our personal journeys of growth as breathing-fragile-life…our cries must be heard and not ignored!

Most parents want the best for their kids. They want them to learn to make positive choices that don’t endanger or hurt themselves or others… to be happy and successful in their endeavors.

I’ve often wondered… which I want to research about Hitler’s Mom …i’m sure like most Mothers… rocking or holding her new baby for the first time and thinking about what kind of person this little person will become… loving this baby… you never want to think of the “possible” negative… you just have positive hopes and dreams/aspirations for your adorable baby!

Everybody is somebody’s kid.

I believe everyone has a fundamental right to learn and/or unlearn… to learn to live a more compassionate existence and unlearn selfishness… an opportunity for positive change... that’s why I totally believe in transformations of the mind/thinking and behaviors.

I totally believe in reaching out to so-called:

criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves, addicts…aka somebody’s kid cyring/acting out… you name the negative behavior… humans with loving help, support and compassion education can change/unlearn selfishness and damaging habits, thoughts and behaviors… and learn love!

“Love is known only from the actions it prompts.” ~Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words.

Not everyone in jail should be there and not everyone on the outside is accountable-guilt-free. I know compassion education can produce true justice!

People readily recycle aka forgive/rename trash for a useful purpose… yet, they won’t recycle or retrain/forgive people… and why?!?

Just like for whatever “personal” reasons some take a long time to learn to sleep on their own. Some might take a long time to learn compassion… but they should be given the chance to choose and to learn how to choose better or well.

I enjoy reading about AMAZING transformations of compassion many are able to make with loving support, help, education.

For related context please read: Multi-Level-Learning Smart(s) Broad & Granular (aka Partners Rocky & Sandy)

Sadly, not every child has been or will be born to parents who could/will adequately demonstrate or exemplify love.

i LOVE that some prisoners are being treated with dignity and not just ill treated…

Helping Prisoners

Each day, inmates in U.S. correctional institutions write dozens of letters to the offices of Jehovah’s Witnesses, requesting spiritual help.

We respond to such requests, arranging for ministers in local congregations to visit and study the Bible with those in jails, prisons, state hospitals, youth facilities, and substance-abuse facilities.

The results have been encouraging. A man incarcerated in the state of Indiana, who had received a life sentence for first-degree murder, made positive changes in his personality […].

Regarding another inmate who has been held in a large correctional complex in California, the Witness who studied the Bible with him said: “I’ve seen where he’s come from and the progress he’s made. […]

Many inmates have embraced Bible truth, although knowing that because of this, their life could be endangered. For example, some of those who have broken off association with a gang had to be placed in isolation or moved to another facility to ensure their safety.

The life-changing power of the Bible is so outstanding that prison officials are impressed. Some have given certificates of appreciation and official volunteer awards to the Witnesses for their good work at correctional institutions.

Here’s another example i recently read:

Transforming Lives, One Prisoner at a Time

In Spain, 68 prisons receive visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses, and some 600 inmates study the Bible.

One of the Witnesses making such visits is Miguel, who spent 12 years behind bars before he became a Witness. Now he returns to prison each week. His reason? So that others can be helped to transform their lives just as he was.

Over the past eight years, Miguel has studied the Bible with many prisoners. “I feel good about helping inmates in my old prison,” he says. “It really makes me happy when I see their desire to escape from the world of crime.”

When Miguel was four, a drunk driver hit and killed his father. His widowed mother then had to work long hours to provide for the family.

Miguel and his older brother began to skip school and to steal from houses and break into cars. By the age of 12, Miguel was a petty criminal. At 15, he was making big money as a drug dealer. However, his costly heroin and cocaine addiction drove him to steal more and more. From the age of 16, he was repeatedly in and out of prison, and soon he became a hardened criminal. “I was convinced that I would either die in prison or die from an overdose,” Miguel says. “I felt like a fly in a spiderweb.”

But in 1994, one of Miguel’s friends asked a Witness to write a letter to Miguel, who was in prison at the time. From that letter, Miguel learned that God’s purpose is to restore Paradise to the earth. The writer encouraged Miguel to make changes in his life so that Miguel could enjoy the fulfillment of that promise. “His words touched my heart,” says Miguel. “That day everything changed for me, and I decided to study the Bible, though I knew it would not be at all easy.”

Miguel knew this because he was hooked on drugs and tobacco. Both were readily available. His cellmate offered him drugs every day. Miguel constantly prayed for strength to overcome his addiction, and finally he succeeded.

Three months later, Miguel began to share his beliefs with other prisoners. The following year, he was released and got baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He also planned to get married, but then a problem arose. A month before the wedding, a court sentenced Miguel to a further ten years in prison as a result of several pending cases. Nevertheless, after three and a half years, he was released because of good behavior. Finally, the marriage took place. Miguel has never returned to a life of crime.

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Exercising Fundamental Human Rights, eh?

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness education Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred literacy love parenting peace science & spirituality things i learned

Life and birth is a curious process?!

Absolutely had no personal control over the “fact” aka an occurrence with adequate proof (i.e. i’m alive) that:

I was born March 25th, 1969 in Medford, Massachusetts, USA. (I have a birth certificate documenting this fact/occurrence.)

No personal control over my inheritances…my parents, my birthplace, the land of my birth, my family background, my freckles, crooked teeth, the government under which I was born, my mother tongue, etc.

It’s interesting how my existence was both a matter of choice and chance. A bunch of choices/chance events..affecting my ancestors, grandparents and parents…led to my subsequent and sequentially timed birth. A matter of chance and choice–I was born to American citizens who wisely chose to exercise their fundamental rights.

I’m overwhelmed with gratitude thinking about my parents’ choices. The inner/outer transformations they courageously made in their lives…THANK GOD before I was born and after (during toddler-hood) which positively impacted my existence then and now!

Can any of us help what family we are born into or how we are raised or our primary education?! That’s why I totally believe in on-going-life-long education in particular “compassion” literacy and proficiency!!

It’s interesting  to me how my parents being born here in a so-called “free” nation (USA) yet fled oppression! My Mom, an only child, was raised a “very strict” Catholic and went to Parochial school…(good thing she didn’t become a nun, eh?) She became a preteen smoker, however. My Dad was a Baptist and had more of a wild..let’s call it: less “supervised” upbringing. Until, he became a young Marine. To this day, he strongly dislikes flying, maybe from being forced to jump out of planes when young.

Do You believe in love at first sight?! My parents probably do because it was an instant thing for them! They remember the exact time and place of their first sighting/words -lol..It’s funny to me that my somewhat “quiet” reserved Mom…actually assertively called out to my Dad: “Hi DOLL!” while he was crossing the street where her & friends were hanging out in front of “Jay’s”.:)

This military guy’s heart instantly melted…i remember him telling me (when growing up)…he was immediately blown away by beauty…describing my Mom as a young Natalie Wood with green eyes and freckles.

Guess, i got my “emotional” outspokenness from Mom. The chances of them meeting in passing…connecting, marrying…how glad am i.

My grandmother didn’t approve of my Dad…he wasn’t Catholic…not sure: how she felt about the fact: he wasn’t Lithuanian and she didn’t want my Mom dating this older guy (only by 5 years). Their new found love (and education) inspired changes…quit smoking, they quit/left their religions: Catholic & Baptist religious traditions…my Dad left the military and drinking behind!

That’s a lot of growing up…their young eyes were opened…they didn’t like what they saw in religion/politics/military: hate & hypocrisy…they were truth seekers! I think that takes guts to leave behind organizations/places/peoples/beliefs that oppress/suppress/hurt You…whether that’s family, family traditions, religion, military, country, etc.

They spurned a big Catholic church wedding from my grandmother for an intimate Justice of the Peace (non-religious) ceremony. They abandoned non-compassionate religions/traditions/lifestyles and embraced a more compassionate life-style… of moderation in everything and “treating others the way they would like to be treated”… with love, respect, dignity and forgiveness, honesty. (Basically, they wanted to know the “truth” and then tried to live it. They still do! 🙂

Avid readers, book collectors and thinkers… my Dad is an artist… paintings & pastels… dancing to the beat of a different drum… my parents read/studied..the Bible, an “accurate” translation, and found it practical, eye-opening and helpful in daily living.

(Music, art, poetry, books, truth, compassion…some of my primary family values.)

I’m super thankful that my parents always encouraged me to read, think and thoroughly investigate/study everything for myself!… not to follow the crowd and to think/believe “whatever” for myself…they raised me to value hard work, peace and forgiveness and not war… education/clean…I am a conscientious objector!!

(yeah, and i sorta stubbornly object to a lot of things…till i conscientiously investigate “whatever” for myself…aka trust building and question asking…time consuming: uh-huh and when in doubt: i sit it out… at times, frustrating for those close to me.)

Daily study/investigation/research…skills have been deeply embedded in me… seriously, I cannot remember a day of my life, young and now, where I haven’t found/made time (and for hours) of reading/studying/researching…my parents have groomed me as a life-long learner/worker/cleaner…helped instilled in me: an insatiable taste for progressive (aka ever-changing/tweaking/adjusting) scientific and spiritual “truth”… aka “clean” and “cleaning”  and the various stages of this “valuable” process of growth…just can’t get enough… my brain needs to eat constantly!!:)

(i guess, valuing mind food over body food makes one super-skinny -lol)…hint: i’m hungry…nursing a cold cup of tea while writing..

Life is a life/death pop quiz…how else do you prepare/pass/continue living?? you study/you research!;)

Education is 1 fundamental right... All humans everywhere should be allowed to exercise their fundamental rights!!:)

All humans have had no choice over who-m their parents are, what country/government they live under and what primary education/conditioning/brainwashing/surviving-coping skills to which they are initially exposed as young life…

Chance (aka events/occurrences beyond one’s control) is killing, oppressing and hurting many of us!!… so is (poor) choice…


Everyone everywhere has the fundamental right to “clean”… including clean air, clean water, clean food… mind and body…


Are You being allowed to exercise your fundamental rights??…

Fundamental rights are a generally regarded set of legal protections in the context of a legal system, wherein such system is itself based upon this same set of basic, fundamental, or inalienable rights. Such rights thus belong without presumption or cost of privilege to all human beings under such jurisdiction. The concept of human rights has been promoted as a legal concept in large part owing to the idea that human beings have such “fundamental” rights, such that transcend all jurisdiction, but are typically reinforced in different ways and with different emphasis within different legal systems.~excerpted Wikipedia

What exercise are you getting today?!

Me: cleaning everyday… my house, my mind, my body… (that’s why I’m non-stop busy round-clock working, eh? And helping others including my kids to do the same.)


yesterday came across this video: Please check it out:


Expert Views on the Right of Conscientious Objection

Leading human rights experts discuss how the right to conscientious objection to military service developed as a human right in Europe.

  • Mr. Nils Muiznieks is the Commissioner for Human Rights for the Council of Europe, mandated to promote the observance of human rights in member states.

  • Mr. Richard Clayton QC is the United Kingdom representative to the Venice Commission. The Venice Commission is the Council of Europe’s advisory body on constitutional law.

View the highlights of these compelling interviews:

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