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Evolution Pollution

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Pollution is the introduction of contaminants into the natural environment that cause adverse change.[1]

pollution STINKS!!…:) lol p.u. (puteo/piu) 😉

“The World Health Organization says that between 5 and 6 percent of deaths worldwide each year are a result of air pollution.” (2001/03)

How dangerous is pollution??

“Toxic levels of pollution leads annually to the early death of an estimated 7 million people, according to a new World Health Organization report.”

“It’s not just the air outdoors in polluted cities that poses a danger to public health. About 3 billion people are breathing deadly fumes from domestic cooking stoves and fires, according to the Geneva-based agency. Household air pollution caused an estimated 3.8 million deaths in 2016.” [excerpted]

What/how about wearing masks i.e. surgical??

“Taiwan’s leading expert on the effects of pollution, Dr. Chan Chang-chuan, says diesel fumes are a cause of cancer.”

Dr. Chan says: “These masks are ineffective. Much of the pollution in the form of gases and particulates is so tiny that a simple mask has a low filtration rate. Besides, . . . they are not airtight. So they give a false sense of security.” [old quote excerpted Asiaweek Magazine]


For me and my research…“Truth” aka True “LOVE” is no where to be found in the “theory”…(not even a theory) of evolution.  The FALSE teaching of Evolution…is a contaminant to clear, pure THINKING ABILITY!  Don’t let someone else think for You!! Investigate for Yourself. That’s what lazy/idle thinkers do…let/allow others do the thinking/mind labor/work for them…they turn over their minds/brains to the likes of Darwin and Others. Personally, i don’t care much for Mind Squatters!

Sometimes, we cannot help being adversely affected by air pollution…we may be unaware…of air quality, etc. where we happen to live. Where do our minds live??  Same with many of us regarding the bullying of evolution on our brains…since childhood, etc.  Many of us have been indoctrinated/(brain washed?) with this teaching at a young age…by chance vs. by choice.  (Public) education?? or aka (Public) Pollution?!

Spiritual Air Pollution…propaganda, demonic ideas, controlling concepts…cause changes…an unhealthy spiritual state.

Who’s squatting in Your Mind? taking up residence?  Time to kick ’em out of your house!!

Keep Your Head in the Game—and LIVE!:) Learn what True Love is and what True Love does and what True Love produces! Do your own thorough investigation!! Do your own mind work! It’s well worth the time and effort. 🙂

Check out this: my highlights

If evolution were a fact, the fossil evidence would surely reveal a gradual changing from one kind of life into another. And that would have to be the case regardless of which variation of evolutionary theory is accepted. Even scientists who believe in the more rapid changes associated with the “punctuated equilibrium” theory acknowledge that there would still have been many thousands of years during which these changes supposedly took place. So it is not reasonable to believe that there would be no need at all for linking fossils.

Also, if evolution were founded in fact, the fossil record would be expected to reveal beginnings of new structures in living things. There should be at least some fossils with developing arms, legs, wings, eyes, and other bones and organs. For instance, there should be fish fins changing into amphibian legs with feet and toes, and gills changing into lungs. There should be reptiles with front limbs changing into bird wings, back limbs changing into legs with claws, scales changing into feathers, and mouths changing into horny beaks.

In this regard the British journal New Scientist says of the theory: “It predicts that a complete fossil record would consist of lineages of organisms showing gradual change continuously over long periods of time.”⁠As Darwin himself asserted: “The number of intermediate varieties, which have formerly existed, [must] be truly enormous.”5

7. What should the fossil record show if the Genesis creation account is factual?

On the other hand, if the Genesis creation account is factual, then the fossil record would not show one type of life turning into another. It would reflect the Genesis statement that each different type of living thing would reproduce only “according to its kind.” (Genesis 1:11, 12,21, 24, 25) Also, if living things came into being by an act of creation, there would be no partial, unfinished bones or organs in the fossil record. All fossils would be complete and highly complex, as living things are today.

8. If living things were created, what else should the fossil record show?

In addition, if living things were created, they would be expected to appear suddenly in the fossil record, unconnected to anything before them. And if this was found to be true, what then? Darwin frankly admitted: “If numerous species . . . have really started into life at once, the fact would be fatal to the theory of evolution.”⁠6

How Complete Is the Record?

9. What did Darwin say about the evidence in his day?

However, is the fossil record complete enough for a fair test of whether it is creation or evolution that finds support? Over a century ago, Darwin did not think so. What was “wrong” with the fossil record in his time? It did not contain the transitional links required to support his theory. This situation caused him to say: “Why then is not every geological formation and every stratum full of such intermediate links? Geology assuredly does not reveal any such finely-graduated organic chain; and this, perhaps, is the most obvious and serious objection which can be urged against the theory.”7

10. What other disappointment did Darwin mention?

10 The fossil record in Darwin’s day proved disappointing to him in another way. He explained: “The abrupt manner in which whole groups of species suddenly appear in certain formations has been urged by several paleontologists . . . as a fatal objection to the belief in the transmutation of species.” He added: “There is another and allied difficulty, which is much more serious. I allude to the manner in which species belonging to several of the main divisions of the animal kingdom suddenly appear in the lowest known fossiliferous rocks. . . . The case at present must remain inexplicable; and may be truly urged as a valid argument against the [evolutionary] views here entertained.”⁠8

11. How did Darwin attempt to explain the difficulties?

11 Darwin attempted to explain these huge problems by attacking the fossil record. He said: “I look at the geological record as a history of the world imperfectly kept, . . . imperfect to an extreme degree.”⁠It was assumed by him and others that as time passed the missing fossil links surely would be found.

12. How extensive is the fossil record now?

12 Now, after well over a century of extensive digging, vast numbers of fossils have been unearthed. Is the record still so “imperfect”? The book Processes of Organic Evolution comments: “The record of past forms of life is now extensive and is constantly increasing in richness as paleontologists find, describe, and compare new fossils.”10 And Smithsonian Institution scientist Porter Kier adds: “There are a hundred million fossils, all catalogued and identified, in museums around the world.”⁠11 Hence, A Guide to Earth History declares: “By the aid of fossils palaeontologists can now give us an excellent picture of the life of past ages.”12

13, 14. Why have evolutionists been disappointed by the enlarged fossil evidence?

13 After all this time, and the assembling of millions of fossils, what does the record now say? Evolutionist Steven Stanley states that these fossils “reveal new and surprising things about our biological origins.”⁠13 The book A View of Life, written by three evolutionists, adds: “The fossil record is full of trends that paleontologists have been unable to explain.”⁠14 What is it that these evolutionary scientists have found to be so “surprising” and are “unable to explain”?

14 What has confounded such scientists is the fact that the massive fossil evidence now available reveals the very same thing that it did in Darwin’s day: Basic kinds of living things appeared suddenly and did not change appreciably for long periods of time. No transitional links between one major kind of living thing and another have ever been found. So what the fossil record says is just the opposite of what was expected.

15. What conclusion did a botanist draw from his study of the fossil record?

15 Swedish botanist Heribert Nilsson described the situation this way, after 40 years of his own research: “It is not even possible to make a caricature of an evolution out of palaeobiological facts. The fossil material is now so complete that . . . the lack of transitional series cannot be explained as due to the scarcity of material. The deficiencies are real, they will never be filled.”15

lol…laughable! the irony of evolution lacking any fossil…fuel…no true substance/energy/tractionyet, it’s a very dangerous/toxic gas…false ideology! It has contaminated, shaped and molded/moved the minds of millions…and for some…alienating them from the TRUTH about true source of love & life…the True God/Creator of Life–Yahweh!

Some of us don’t like having any authority in life…or having to answer to a Higher Power…God.  Some don’t like accountability.  They only want to answer to themselves.

And…Some bow/submit to false ideas/false gods, etc….aka let these dictate/control their thinking/lives. Personally, i don’t bow/worship imposter gods…female or male. Or so-called teachings of “higher” education…that don’t elevate my thinking or living…but rather inflate head/ego instead.

No transitional features found. (period)

28. Have transitional forms of bones and organs ever been found?

28 Another difficulty for evolution is the fact that nowhere in the fossil record are found partially formed bones or organs that could be taken for the beginning of a new feature. For instance, there are fossils of various types of flying creatures​—birds, bats, extinct pterodactyls. According to evolutionary theory, they must have evolved from transitional ancestors. But none of those transitional forms have been found. There is not a hint of them. Are there any fossils of giraffes with necks two thirds or three quarters as long as at present? Are there any fossils of birds evolving a beak from a reptile jaw? Is there any fossil evidence of fish developing an amphibian pelvis, or of fish fins turning into amphibian legs, feet and toes? The fact is, looking for such developing features in the fossil record has proved to be a fruitless quest.

A whiff? a hint? Fruitless!…yet—rotten fruitage—produced, eh? Lots of “stinky” “dirty” money made off of lies! (including lie of evolution!)  Lies are big business…(so is keeping people sick).  Sorry, but i don’t eat rotten nor rotting fruit…nor buy it for food. Do You?!

The New Evolutionary Timetable acknowledges, “the fossil record does not convincingly document a single transition from one species to another. Furthermore, species lasted for astoundingly long periods of time.”33​—Italics added. (my highlight)

30. What does an extensive study confirm?

30 This agrees with the extensive study made by the Geological Society of London and the Palaeontological Association of England. Professor of natural science John N. Moore reported on the results: “Some 120 scientists, all specialists, prepared 30 chapters in a monumental work of over 800 pages to present the fossil record for plants and animals divided into about 2,500 groups. . . . Each major form or kind of plant and animal is shown to have a separate and distinct history from all the other forms or kinds! Groups of both plants and animals appear suddenly in the fossil record. . . . Whales, bats, horses, primates, elephants, hares, squirrels, etc., all are as distinct at their first appearance as they are now. There is not a trace of a common ancestor, much less a link with any reptile, the supposed progenitor.” Moore added: “No transitional forms have been found in the fossil record very probably because no transitional forms exist in fossil stage at all. Very likely, transitions between animal kinds and/​or transitions between plant kinds have never occurred.”⁠34

31. Does the fossil record say something different now from what it said in Darwin’s day?

31 Thus, what was true in Darwin’s day is just as true today. The evidence of the fossil record is still as zoologist D’Arcy Thompson said some years ago in his book On Growth and Form: “Darwinian evolution has not taught us how birds descend from reptiles, mammals from earlier quadrupeds, quadrupeds from fishes, nor vertebrates from the invertebrate stock. . . . to seek for stepping-stones across the gaps between is to seek in vain, for ever.”⁠35

But what about horses, i LOVE horses…..

As The World Book Encyclopedia states: “Horses are among the best-documented examples of evolutionary development.”⁠36Illustrations of this begin with a very small animal and end with the large horse of today. But does the fossil evidence really support this?

33. Does the fossil evidence really support evolution of the horse?

33 The Encyclopædia Britannica comments: “The evolution of the horse was never in a straight line.”⁠37 In other words, nowhere does the fossil evidence show a gradual development from the small animal to the large horse. Evolutionist Hitching says of this foremost evolutionary model: “Once portrayed as simple and direct, it is now so complicated that accepting one version rather than another is more a matter of faith than rational choice. Eohippus, supposedly the earliest horse, and said by experts to be long extinct and known to us only through fossils, may in fact be alive and well and not a horse at all​—a shy, fox-sized animal called a daman that darts about in the African bush.”⁠38

34, 35. (a) Why do some now question the place of Eohippus? (b) Have any evolutionary ancestors been found for the varieties of fossil horses?

34 Placing little Eohippus as the ancestor of the horse strains the imagination, especially in view of what The New Evolutionary Timetable says: “It was widely assumed that [Eohippus] had slowly but persistently turned into a more fully equine animal.” But do the facts support this assumption? “The fossil species of [Eohippus] show little evidence of evolutionary modification,” answers the book. It thus concedes, regarding the fossil record: “It fails to document the full history of the horse family.”39

35 So, some scientists now say that little Eohippus never was a type of horse or an ancestor of one. And each type of fossil put into the horse line showed remarkable stability, with no transitional forms between it and others that were thought to be evolutionary ancestors. Nor should it be surprising that there are fossils of horses of different sizes and shapes. Even today, horses vary from very small ponies to large plow horses. All are varieties within the horse family.

Time for joanie to shut up…YAY! (You may say;))

When we let the fossil record speak, its testimony is not evolution-oriented. Instead, the testimony of the fossil record is creation-oriented. It shows that many different kinds of living things suddenly appeared. While there was great variety within each kind, these had no links to evolutionary ancestors before them. Nor did they have any evolutionary links to different kinds of living things that came after them. Various kinds of living things persisted with little change for long periods of time before some of them became extinct, while others survive down to this day.

37. How does an evolutionist acknowledge this?

37 “The concept of evolution cannot be considered a strong scientific explanation for the presence of the diverse forms of life,” concludes evolutionist Edmund Samuel in his book Order: In Life. Why not? He adds: “No fine analysis of biogeographic distribution or of the fossil record can directly support evolution.”⁠40


The above-excerpted reading…promotes “impartial” inquiry! am i an impartial investigator??

As zoologist Coffin stated: “To secular scientists, the fossils, evidences of the life of the past, constitute the ultimate and final court of appeal, because the fossil record is the only authentic history of life available to science. If this fossil history does not agree with evolutionary theory​—and we have seen that it does not—​what does it teach? It tells us that plants and animals were created in their basic forms. The basic facts of the fossil record support creation, not evolution.”⁠41

Wow! even Sagan sees…”evidence” of design/designer:)

Astronomer Carl Sagan candidly acknowledged in his book Cosmos: “The fossil evidence could be consistent with the idea of a Great Designer.”⁠42

{(Regarding concept of Evolution…i see evidence of a designer of a dastardly-deceptive-design…of imagination/fiction.)}

Is it time to take out the trash?? Some things are worth recycling; other things are not!

An impartial inquiry (including touchy topics) is like…Breathing Fresh, Clean, Pure Air…it’s good for Brains. 🙂

Reference Reading: Life–how Did It Get Here? By Evolution or By Creation? Chapter 5, “Letting the Fossil Record Speak” pp. 54-70


4. New Scientist, book review by Tom Kemp of The New Evolutionary Timetable by Steven M. Stanley, February 4, 1982, p. 320.

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15. Synthetische Artbildung (The Synthetic Origin of Species), by Heribert Nilsson, 1953, p. 1212.

June 2018 @ the “Mind Gym”

–fav local FL place

& fav flowering tree–

Crape Myrtle

7/21/18 @ 8:01 p.m.

p.s. oops…the missing…link?:)…nope, the missing footnotes…🙂

33. The New Evolutionary Timetable, p. 95.

34. Should Evolution Be Taught? by John N. Moore, 1970, pp. 9, 14, 24; New Scientist, “Letters,” September 15, 1983, p. 798.

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7/21/18 @ 11:10 p.m.

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Arrogance is

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness family humility insights Joan Winifred leadership logic love perfection respect science & spirituality spiritual food


humility is interdependency.

This living planet is full of life. (Male and female life.)

All life (and processes thereof supporting life) on Earth is Interdependent.

No, life should not be male vs. female or female vs. male…a competition (which leads to discord, disunity, death!).  It’s male “and” female—a cooperative interdependence— that truly prevails and prolongs life on Earth.

Encouraging Well-Functioning Relationship Readings…:)

Just before creating a wife for the first man, God said: “It is not good for the man to continue by himself. I am going to make a helper for him, as a complement of him.” (Genesis 2:18) A complement is something that completes or makes perfect. Thus, God created the woman, not to be the same as the man or to compete with him, but to be his counterpart. Together, they could fulfill their divine commission to have children and fill the earth with their own kind.Genesis 1:28.

To enable the woman to fulfill her role, God gave her the ideal physical, mental, and emotional attributes. When she uses these wisely and lovingly, she contributes immeasurably to the success of her marriage and helps her husband feel content and emotionally secure. In God’s eyes, such a fine woman is worthy of praise.Proverbs 31:28, 31.

“Wives, be in subjection to your own husbands.”1 Peter 3:1

Divine Commission…sounds sweetly simple to me: make love/make life:)

{Non-divine ways of functioning…(make hate/make death).}

Husband’s role:

For a family to function well, someone has to make final decisions on matters. The Bible assigns that responsibility to the husband. But that does not entitle him to be an autocrat or a bully. Nor does it allow him to shirk his responsibilities, thus eroding his wife’s respect for him and imposing a needless burden upon her. Rather, God expects him to work hard to care for his wife and to assign her honor as his most intimate and trusted companion. (1 Timothy 5:8; 1 Peter 3:7) “Husbands ought to be loving their wives as their own bodies,” says Ephesians 5:28.

A husband who truly loves his wife values her abilities and talents and respectfully considers her views, especially on matters that may affect the family. He should not insist on his way simply because he is the family head. When the godly man Abraham rejected his wife’s sound advice on a family matter, Jehovah God said to him: “Listen to her voice.” (Genesis 21:9-12) Abraham humbly complied, and his family enjoyed peace and unity, as well as God’s blessing.

“A husband is head of his wife.”Ephesians 5:23.

Being single is one gift. Being married is another gift. All of us have differing gifts, how we choose to use these brings…strife or peace…on ourselves and on all of humanity/fellow-fragile-life. (Obviously, this post is regarding/discussing the gift of marriage.)

[excerpted readings: Is Marriage Just a Social Union? (The Bible’s Viewpoint: Marriage)]

Love this illustration read: “Teamwork means that you are pilot and copilot with the same flight plan.” [excerpted: 12 Secrets for Successful Families: Couples: Teamwork, AWAKE! No.2 2018]

Peace to You Reader🙂 enJOY and Make Good Use of Your Gifts!

(Safe Flying aka successfully living love despite challenges of one sort or another aka turbulence, etc.)

Male and Female–we need each other!:) (Male and Female–each a Gift to each other.)

Peace & Love to Males and Females aka my Fellow-Family-of-Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life:)

7/12/18 @ 1:39 p.m.

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Don’t rush but don’t delay

Breathing-Fragile-Life humility insights Joan Winifred science & spirituality

“Be Safe. Don’t Rush but Don’t Delay. Love to All.”~a recent quick motherly text sent to my teen(s) en route at night.

Rush and delay are elements of progress/movement (including progress in : traffic, travel, transport, transformation, technology, etc….DUH! joanie)  Too fast/too slow…(including various stops and go’s) amount to negative differing hindrances…too much hesitation/not enough = negatives of incremental movement/don’t each essentially cancel each other out cause…you’re basically stuck in the “same” place of back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back..forward march… the “steady” space/pace in between rushing/delaying…lends to improvements/positives/safety/longevity…”actual” progress = consistency.

a consistent forward pattern/pace…accomplishing “real” progress…so, what is our s-p-a-n-o-f-p-r-o-g-r-e-s-s as humans? as breathing-fellow-fragile-life?

personally, i am not quick to “count my chickens before they hatch” – lol;)

How do we sum up/accurately measure man’s “relative” progress? (through centuries)…the nitty-gritty number/s…bottom-line…boils down logically to this (to me)…the “strongest” indicator of all combined possible improvements/positive progress/advancements by man would “strongly” impact this:

The span of our life is 70 years, 

Or 80 if one is especially strong.(*Or because of special mightiness)

But they are filled with trouble and sorrow;

They quickly pass by, and away we fly. (Psalm 90:10)

the “sorrow” factor cannot be ignored!…what real progress has man made on that front?…including this which cannot be ignored:  suicide is on the rise!:(

It’s 2018!!…for thousands of years human’s life span has hovered…@ 70-80 years. (an exceptional “few” have (including my Grand Ma Ella Mae)…made it to 90 and beyond…not the average nor the norm.)

Yes, a little or more progress is better than none, eh? But from my perspective…and short-life experience of 49 years…me/we still need Divine Wisdom & Divine Intervention to reach…life eternal. (To conquer sorrow takes spiritual healing, too.)

Please:) check out this excerpted past article…”They seek to defeat death” Awake! 1980: (my bold)…

Real Achievements

In contrast to theories for prolonging human life, medical research has produced some tangible results. Better hygiene has contributed to a lengthening of the life expectancy of people in general. Infant mortality has been reduced.

Improved methods of treating diseases have been developed, enabling patients to recover from illnesses that, not long ago, would have been fatal. Advances in medical technology, coupled with better understanding of the human organism, also have produced achievements in surgery that might have been thought impossible 40 years ago.

So it is that the life expectancy of millions of individuals has been lengthened. Yet mankind’s overall life-span has not increased. Even in countries with the highest standard of living, life expectancy is about 70 or 80 years. More than 3,000 years ago the Bible stated that “our years are seventy years; and if because of special mightiness they are eighty years, yet their insistence is on trouble.” That is still true today.​—Ps. 90:10.

6/16/18 @ 11:16 a.m.


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Feeling Better?

Joan Winifred science & spirituality

When we are individually healthy and feeling better, perhaps, our world view is improved…positive. I feel good–so things must be good. (I am feeling/getting better–so things are getting better?) I feel bad so the world’s (or at the least my personal world/universe) coming to an end.

Do we trust our own feelings as fact? As honest/real reality? Or “trusting” our current individual circumstances as fact? And can our moods/health: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, psychological or lack thereof impact our lenses/perceptions through which we perceive/view current societal/world/global events? Or our so-called progress as so-called civilized humans?

From my, albeit limited, perspective as a flawed human: (1) We need emotional neutrality to carefully (aka logically) examine both the positives (in detail/micro-macro) and the negatives (in detail/micro-macro) with same clear/unbiased scrutiny. (2) Are we even capable, individually, of that level of pristine simultaneous analyses?!

Has science increased suffering? more or less?
Has spirituality decreased suffering? more or less?

Has spirituality increased suffering? more or less?
Has science decreased suffering? more or less?

What progress have we made with pain?

(1) emotional
(2) physical

To focus only on positives or to focus only on negatives…is that a balanced view of things?? What about false positives? What about false negatives? Both pros and cons must undergo intense analyses to garner a balanced view.

How do we define “progress”…scientifically or spiritually? both? Abundance/affluence or poverty/bankruptcy?

If so-called “good” aka “positive” “progress” can be defined let’s say within the parameters of more people are rich: aka indicative of (easy or easier accessibility to) i.e., good housing, lights on, plentiful food, clean water, latest technology, longevity of living…and there is (supposedly) less violence…hmmmm, my immediate observation/objection: how do we account for the increase and frequency of school shootings (here in US) in more affluent areas?! e. g., Parkland, Newtown, Columbine. The shooters were (relatively speaking) well-off or better-off may be materially than others (living in other places).  Scientifically speaking…the lights were on in their homes, but spiritually speaking: no lights were on in their hearts.:(

HIGHLIGHTS a “value” “values” distinction regarding “progress”…(low) lights were on, but nobody compassionate (HIGHlight) at home. Which contributes more to suffering…spiritual poverty? material poverty? both? Valuing possessions over people?

Is so-called scientific progress actually decreasing suffering overall?  and by how much?  difficult to measure?

Yes, what a scientific/technological accomplishment…we can walk on the moon–“that’s one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.”  What a feat? What feet?! How big of a leap for mankind really when a lot of us cannot walk around our own block without getting shot (or feeling threatened or without fear)? Kids still walk to school—sadly, some never walk home alive again!:( (School shootings have increased. Kids’ safety—increased now that school’s out for the Summer?!) We can walk on the moon, but NOT around the Earth hand-in-hand unitedly and peacefully as a loving-global-brotherhood-of fellow-fragile-life!:(

Yep, an Incredible feat IF all feet could unitedly/peacefully walk hand-in-hand globally!!:) It’s gonna take more than success in science to accomplish that “ideal”…

Neil Armstrong…An amazing accomplishment for the individual…moon walking!! Where did it get him really??…He’s dead. And, unless we humans can walk together unitedly by getting along…we have the same eventuality: death…sooner or later!

Progress? Many families have incredible knowledge and communication capabilities at their fingertips…An amazing accomplishment and for say the individual Steve Jobs…”I want to put a ding in the Universe.”…to some of us our families are our universe. (Dinging families or is it digging families?)  So, how many engage in meaningful, honest, heart-felt, face-to-face, eye-contact conversation at the dinner table fully engaged in breaking bread together?? Cell usage…has people addicted and/or locked in mind cells (prisons)…the ding: families are fragmented. Where has Steve Jobs’ technological genius gotten him? He’s dead.  If individuals and families cannot learn to cooperate and lovingly engage/communicate…families die. 🙁

Science has its limitations…it hasn’t been able to out talk or out walk death! Such a “simple” statement lol:) “LIFE NEEDED TO ENJOY ANY SCIENTIFIC ACHIEVEMENT”…Generally speaking and genuinely asking: Has scientific progress been quite significant enough??…to stall death for long?…er?…indefinitely?!

Sad Fact: Death is on our back…hunting us down collectively and individually.

i am not trying to be depressing…just realistic.  Read this before:

Norwegian poet Arne Garborg said that with money “you can buy food, but not appetite; medicine, but not health; soft beds, but not sleep; knowledge, but not wisdom; glitter, but not beauty; splendor, but not warmth; fun, but not joy; acquaintances, but not friends; servants, but not faithfulness.”

Cannot help but be slightly skeptical regarding any money messiahs as to motives…who seem to get their self-congratulatory kicks and big-pats on their backs…from throwing dirty? money to clean? up water/world or some pressing situation for the/us poor unfortunates who have no alternative but to happily guzzle down big-braggarts’ agendas of ‘Let Me Save the World through my Big-Brain Problem Solving Strategies–IF i can run/manage a billion dollar business, certainly, i can run/manage the uncertain world of billions’…Yes, there are legitimately kind/generous ones (in business and out) who set a fine example of willingly sharing practical assistance in monetary support, etc. in times of crises, disasters, etc…behind the scenes who are not seeking self-glory and not blowing a trumpet as they go. Thank You to the Genuinely Generous Ones both Rich & Poor!!:)

Quantity v. Quality

Yes, i am grateful for modern conveniences and scientific progress that make my life easier; (Thank You to those who have contributed to this!!:)…and has improved things for my fellow-fragile-life here and abroad.

Yeah, it’s comfortable to have the lights on, heat on, plenty of food on…the table…but what’s off the table IF there is no spirituality??  What “truly” raises the standard(s) of living?!

 Better is a dish of vegetables where there is love Than a fattened*(lit. manger-fed) bull where there is hatred. (Pro Verb 15:17)

To solely-narrowly attribute human’s so-called “successful” “progress” to science-technology only…seems an error in perhaps, arrogant judgment.  And to predict an overly optimistic future for humanity based on historicity of past scientific advancements alone…is like placing confidence in a phony-fortune-teller!

James Chiles says in his book Inviting Disaster​—Lessons From the Edge of Technology: “In our new world, surrounded by machines occasionally gone savage, we need to acknowledge the extraordinary damage that ordinary mistakes can now cause.” In a review of Chiles’ book, the journal Science says: “The extraordinary, accelerating advance of science and technology over the past few hundred years has been intoxicating. It fills us with a sense of nearly unlimited possibility for understanding and manipulating the physical world. [But] there is no reason to suspect that we are now any less fallible than before.”

Regarding the more dangerous technologies, Science states: “Even a tiny risk [of error] is intolerably high. For those technologies, we must insist on perfection.” But does mankind’s track record indicate that perfection is attainable? Hardly! So error-related disasters of one kind or another will no doubt continue.

But they will not continue indefinitely. God-fearing people can look forward to a future when life will not be tragically cut short because of human failure or limitations. Why? Because God, by means of his heavenly Kingdom government, will eliminate all causes of death, sorrow, and pain.​—Matthew 6:9, 10; Revelation 21:3, 4.

Does the hasty-competitive-pursuit-of-scientific-progress (and at all costs) help us develop contentment?

“Keep your eyes open and guard against every sort of covetousness, because even when a person has an abundance his life does not result from the things he possesses.” (Luke 12:15) According to this passage and Jesus’ subsequent illustration, greed is based on the foolish belief that what matters in life is how much one has. It may be money, status, power, or related things. It is possible to be greedy for anything that can be acquired. The idea is that having that thing will make us content. But according to the Bible and human experience, only God can​—and will—​satisfy our real needs, as Jesus reasoned with his followers.​—Luke 12:22-31.

Today’s consumer-oriented culture excels at kindling the fires of greed. Influenced in subtle yet powerful ways, many come to believe that whatever they have is not enough. They need more, bigger, and better things. While we cannot hope to change the world around us, how can we personally resist this trend? [article excerpt: “When Small Failures become Disasters” Awake! ’02]

This blog topic is far from complete…”hoping” to explore further aspects of “spirituality” and IF there is a God…as some of us non-blind believers…Investigators of Accuracy and Seekers of Truth may wonder:

Why does God allow Suffering?

When will it end?

Is Divine Wisdom or Divine Intervention a necessary?


6/8/18 @ 10:03 p.m.

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