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question for consideration:
(and what am i deeply pondering this a.m.?!)

is being anti God being anti human?!

being opposed to God or anti-God is de facto opposition to humanity…

my analysis…seems to (fast and slow) boil/burn down to:
or less/er love
or lack of love
poor-low quality love or misdirected-fake-counterfeit love/fake-misdirected-counterfeit loyalty

(arrogance v humility)

reminds of verse: de jure

If anyone says, “I love God,” and yet is hating his brother, he is a liar.+ For the one who does not love his brother,+ whom he has seen, cannot love God, whom he has not seen.+ 21 And we have this commandment from him, that whoever loves God must also love his brother (1 John 4:20-21)

to be anti God thereby anti Human is anti Logic aka

opposed to god = opposed to human(ity) = opposed to (basic) logic or

opposed to human = anti logic = opposed to God

anti god = anti logic = anti human

anti logic = anti human = anti God

(getting hard nosed now;) and succinctly specific:))

anti-TRUE-God-Yahweh and anti-(Son-Of-True-God)-Christ = Anti Human = Anti logical (i.e. accurate knowledge/applied wisdom/truth)/ = Anti emotional (i.e. agape-superlative love)/ = Anti justice (i.e. fairness/righteousness)/= Anti power (i.e. sovereignty)

de jure and de facto (occur) simultaneous(ly)

(it’s a circuit loop)
e.g., house construction


The one who constructed all things is God.​—Heb. 3:4.

Worldly thinking ignores or belittles Jehovah’s guidelines, and its influence could gradually weaken our faith. Today, we all are exposed to worldly thinking. It is promoted on television, on the Internet, at work, or at school. In many countries, it is not unusual to hear people say that they do not believe in God; they consider themselves to be nonreligious. They may not have examined the question of God’s existence carefully, but they are drawn to the idea of being free to do as they please. (Ps. 10:4) Others may feel worldly-wise when they say, “I can have high principles without believing in God.” Is the claim of unbelievers that there is no Creator based on logical reasoning? When looking to science to determine whether life was created, a person can easily get lost in a fog of information. But in reality, the answer is simple. If a building needs someone to construct it, how much more so do living things!

{Yep, i am a learner, obviously, eh?…reminder: but am nobody’s sucker!

(aka ain’t accepting/believing/buying: pseudoscience, pseudo-religio-spiritual-fake-food, pseudo-knowledge/pseudo-education!)}

4/11/19 @ 12:44 p.m.

reference reading excerpted:

[Reject Worldly Thinking! w November 2017]

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Divine ‘Law’

Breathing-Fragile-Life earth education God insights Joan Winifred logic science & spirituality sovereignty spiritual food study

Mostly I am interested in Divine Law.
This law is truly ‘Just’ and beneficial and logical and loving.

Mostly my first question is consistently ‘why’ (?) then predictably “why not?”..;)

Another answer…/reason “why”  and “why not” …the so-called ‘theory‘ of evolution is unacceptable/illogica/illegal(?) to me: it b-r-e-a-k-s a fundamental/natural/easily-observable law…

i can’t “see” [it]…which refers to legal “acceptance”…related readings:

On the basis of related historical evidence, some scholars believe that, in transferring land, the buyer was shown the land from a vantage point, the exact boundaries being designated. When the buyer said, “I see,” he indicated legal acceptance. When Jehovah gave Abraham the promise of receiving the land of Canaan, Abraham was first told to look in all four directions. Abraham did not say, “I see,” perhaps because God said that he would give the Promised Land to Abraham’s seed, later on. (Ge 13:14, 15) Moses, as the legal representative of Israel, was told to “see” the land, which, if the view just discussed is correct, would indicate legal transfer of the land to Israel, for them to take it under Joshua’s leadership. (De 3:27, 28; 34:4; consider also Satan’s offer to Jesus at Mt 4:8.) Another action appearing to have similar legal flavor was: walking across the land or entering it for the purpose of taking possession. (Ge 13:17; 28:13) In certain ancient documents, the number of trees on a piece of land was listed at each real-estate sale.​—Compare Ge 23:17, 18.

The Earth and all creatures/beautiful-breathing-fragile-life upon…real-estate. (Of who/what does ‘evolution’ take possession?)

Please:) check out this excerpted reading for further explanation: my highlights. Make sure to read cited Scriptures!

Jehovah God is designated as the Source of law, the Supreme Lawgiver (Isa 33:22), the Sovereign, delegating authority (Ps 73:28; Jer 50:25; Lu 2:29; Ac 4:24; Re 6:10), without whose permission or allowance no authority can be exercised. (Ro 13:1; Da 4:35; Ac 17:24-31) His throne is established on righteousness and judgment. (Ps 97:1, 2) The stated will of God becomes law to his creatures.

Law of Divine Creation. One of the definitions of law given in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary is “the observed regularity of nature.” As Creator of all things in heaven and earth (Ac 4:24; Re 4:11), Jehovah has established laws governing all created thingsJob 38:10 speaks of a “regulation” on the seaJob 38:12, of ‘commanding the morning’; and Job 38:31-33 calls attention to star constellations and to “the statutes of the heavens.” The same chapter points to God as governing the light, snow, hail, clouds, rain, dew, and lightning. Continuing to chapters 39 through 41, God’s care for the animal kingdom is shown, and the birth, life cycles, and habits of animals are attributed to regulations laid down by God, not to any evolutionary “adaptation.” In fact, in the very creating of life-forms, God incorporated the law that each was to bring forth “according to its kind,” making evolution impossible. (Ge 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25) Man also brought forth sons “in his likeness, in his image.” (Ge 5:3) At Psalm 139:13-16 the embryonic growth of a child in the womb is spoken of, its parts being written down “in [Jehovah’s] book” before any of them actually existed. Job 26:7 describes Jehovah as “hanging the earth upon nothing.Scientists today attribute the earth’s position in space primarily to the interaction of the law of gravity and the law of centrifugal force.

Supreme Sovereignty & lèse-majesté…a legitimate lesson of law:

Jehovah was identified in the Law as absolute Sovereign and also as King in a special way. Since Jehovah was both God and King of Israel, disobedience to the Law was both a religious offense and lèse-majesté, an offense against the Head of State, which in this case was against the King Jehovah. David, Solomon, and their successors on the throne of Judah were said to sit on “Jehovah’s throne.” (1Ch 29:23) Human kings and rulers in Israel were bound by the Law, and when they became despotic they were law violators accountable to God. (1Sa 15:22, 23) [excerpted readings: Insight on Scriptures, Volume 2, Law]

For consideration:
Those versed in the law and who “see” accept Yahweh as Legal/Absolute Sovereign…may view ‘evolution’ (and its promotion/education/inculcation reckless) as lèse-majesté…aka lawless and God dishonoring.
3/26/19 @ 7:11 p.m.
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There are indeed some aspects of my being that seem surreal.

My single-minded spiritual-focus…is hyper and real!

My Children and Chato help me see my blind spots.

They describe me in ways i do not, cannot…comprehend fully…or “see” (from the outside in) or is it from the inside out…manifestations of myself that i want (probably want) to avoid..(mostly).

Chato laughingly informs me today i was/am a tease and was/am a heart~breaker…and oblivious to both. And i am documenting this because it is not everyday…the closesthumanonEarthtome (at the moment) says: “i have brought him Joy!

This makes me cry! because He has suffered A LOT in this life!!…(not to minimize Any One else’s suffering and pain) (and may be ? more than He had to…in some ways because of me!!…being married to ‘me’ and all that entails) and when Anyone has a Loved One/Family Member who is chronically ill especially with Depression or Bipolar or Any Other Awful Ailment…it’s tough, at times, to endure patiently together. The person suffers in one way and then you, the so-called healthy one, suffer in a different way; tortured by their suffering and the terrible “seemingly” powerlessness to effectuate a permanent-positive change…when going through the rough patches.

The rough patches end. Humans endure. (Pain is temporary just like pleasure. The good times. The bad times. (Spirituality is my constant.)) It’s hard to assess (sometimes) accurately or to adequately (tangibly) evaluate ‘any’ impact on Another Life or how much help–‘loving’ and ‘caring’ and ‘trying’ your imperfect best to aid a fellow-sufferer really brings…it’s taken 28+ years to hear those unspoken ‘comforting’ words: “You’ve brought me Joy!”

Wow. …it’s about time-lol😉

Anyway, this selfish? rambling and documenting today…brings my mind here…any hope i possess is well-founded; well-researched, believable and livable! And the absolutely best parts of my Hope is Bible-based!🙂

IF You Want to know:

(i’ve been a goofy-Bible-geek since childhood…and serious about “Truth” way before 12…cause at 12 dedicated my life to God; really!;)…HA! (no, am not a nun: i despise/hate all fake/false religion; i.e. Catholic religion (You know the Organized religion that helped put Hitler in Power; in case You forgot, etc.) No! i don’t hate Catholics nor Non-Bible Readers nor Other Religious People, nor Humans and etc. I Love Fellow-Life and “try” to daily demonstrate by making genuinely-compassionate decisions. You know decisions that don’t “intentionally” try to hurt Fellow-Life.) the Bible, it’s a book that does it for me; have spent countless hours throughout my life–everyday as far back as i can recall–reading and studying it: it’s a dive-deep into the treasure-abyss. i always surfaced with gold. Even a tiny-tidbit keeps me going though this life…just an imperfect girl conscious of her spiritual need for healthy-spiritual-food to keep my mind sane.

Wow, you’re still reading, thanks! Let me share something encouraging…a lot of us are coping with grief on some level…


3/14/19 @ 6:10 p.m.



HOPE!! IS REAL…so is God.




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P. R.

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Peace River

Breezy (brain)

Sunday Afternoon


“I, (Yahweh) Jehovah, am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One guiding you in the way you should walk. If only you would pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”​—Isaiah 48:17, 18.

Time spent outdoors is healing for me. i love picnics aka eating outdoors..body/brain food.

Family & Tree time. 🙂

A river of blessings. In the Bible, rivers and water are often used to picture the flow of Jehovah’s life-giving blessings. Ezekiel saw such a river flowing from the temple, so the vision would have led God’s people to expect that Jehovah’s life-giving spiritual blessings would flow to them as long as they adhered to pure worship.
[…]Trees for food and healing. Do the visionary trees along the riverbanks convey encouraging lessons to us today? Certainly! Remember, those trees produced a new crop of delicious fruit every month, and their leaves provided healing. (Ezek. 47:12) They thus remind us that we serve the God who generously feeds us and heals us in the most important way, spiritually. Today’s world is sick and starving in a spiritual sense. By contrast, think of what Jehovah provides.

Does our spiritual food promote spiritual health? The wholesome counsel we receive, based solidly on God’s Word, helps us to fight off such spiritual enemies as immorality, greed, and lack of faith. Jehovah has also put in place an arrangement to help Christians overcome spiritual sickness brought on by serious sin. (Read James 5:14.) We are indeed blessed, just as suggested by Ezekiel’s vision of the trees.

At the same time, we may take a lesson from those unhealed marshy places. Never would we want to refuse to let Jehovah’s blessings flow into our life. It would be tragic to remain unhealed, like so many in this sick world. (Matt. 13:15) Rather, we are delighted to benefit from the river of blessings. When we eagerly drink in the pure waters of truth from God’s Word,[…]

A river of blessings. The symbolic river will, in a sense, be far more expansive in Paradise, for its benefits will be not only spiritual but also physical. During Jesus’ Thousand Year Reign, God’s Kingdom will help faithful ones to benefit from the ransom in a much greater way. Gradually, they will be lifted to perfection! No more diseases, doctors, nurses, hospitals, health insurance! That water of life will flow to the millions of Armageddon survivors, “a great crowd” who will emerge from “the great tribulation.” (Rev. 7:9, 14) However, that initial flow of the river of blessings, impressive though it will be, will be only a trickle compared to what will come later. As in Ezekiel’s vision, the river will expand to meet greater needs. [excerpted readings: Pure Worship Restored At Last–Chapter 19 “Everything Will Live Where the Stream Goes]

“Rivers of Blessings From Jehovah”

Consider some different Bible passages that use the terms “river” and “water” to picture blessings that flow from Jehovah. Taken together, they say something very encouraging about the means by which Jehovah blesses us. How so?

JOEL 3:18 This prophecy shows a spring emanating from the temple sanctuary. It flows out to irrigate the dry “Valley of the Acacia Trees.” So both Joel and Ezekiel see a river bringing life to a barren place. In both cases, the river comes from Jehovah’s house, or temple.

ZECHARIAH 14:8 The prophet Zechariah sees “living waters” flowing from the city of Jerusalem. Half of the water runs to the eastern sea, or Dead Sea, and half, to the western sea, or Mediterranean Sea. Jerusalem was “the city of the great King,” Jehovah God. (Matt. 5:35) Zechariah’s mention of that city thus reminds us of Jehovah’s rulership over the whole earth in times to come. We have long understood that the waters in this prophecy suggest that Jehovah will bless two groups of faithful humans in Paradise, those who live through the great tribulation and those who are resurrected afterward.

REVELATION 22:1, 2 The apostle John sees a symbolic river much like the one that Ezekiel saw. However, it emanates, not from a temple, but from Jehovah’s throne. So this vision, like that of Zechariah, seems to stress the blessings of divine rulership during the Millennium.

Of course, there is only a subtle distinction between the blessings that come from Jehovah’s rulership and those that are represented by the river that Ezekiel saw in vision. All such blessings come from Jehovah and flow to all faithful people.

PSALM 46:4 Note how this one verse seems to embrace both aspects​—worship and rulership. Here we see a river that brings rejoicing to “the city of God,” suggesting the Kingdom and rulership, as well as to “the holy grand tabernacle of the Most High,” suggesting pure worship.

Taken as a whole, these passages assure us that Jehovah will bless faithful mankind in two ways. We will benefit eternally, first, from his rulership and, second, from his arrangement for pure worship. So let us be determined now to keep seeking from Jehovah God and his Son “living water”​—their loving provisions for everlasting life!​—Jer. 2:13; John 4:10.

i like this music…happy beat.

03/12/19 @ 7:14 p.m.

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