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Super-Moon Blue-Blood Beaming

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“How do You catch a moon beam in your hand?”…or “solve a problem like”…is it a “weighty” endeavor UP holding “light” ??

January 31, 2018
Astronomical Phenomenon


Stabilizing Moon (a gift)



4/5/18 @ 10:56 a.m.

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High COMPASSION (standards)

caregiving compassion conscientious-ness Joan Winifred justice motivation respect universe

BTW: Just because

i may





free will


a manner…exhibiting HIGH respect for life and compassion..

doesn’t make me a perfectionist or over-achiever

may be






A LOT!!! (Hold in Esteem/Value)




the planet



intelligent mind (God of Compassion)



all that is…(created in the Universe and beyond)


4/16/17 @ 5:44 a.m.

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Living AT the Library (literally)!

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“Man’s search for meaning is the primary motivation in his life,” said Viktor Frankl

School lets out soon…so begins our Summer (schooling) at the Library 5 days a week…(give or take a few). We are at the library (learning regularly throughout the year (literally & otherwise)). However, when so-called “regular” aka “public” school finishes for the year…we’re there (at our local library) supporting various programs, etc.

Speaking of libraries…our “cells are living libraries.” Did You realize? “The information in a bacterial cell would fill a 1,000-page book.” (Have You read a 1,000 page book lately?!)…(Uh-huh!)

How do cells use information? Think of DNA as a collection of recipes, each one involving step-by-step processes, with each step carefully scripted in precise terms. But instead of the end result being a cake or a cookie, it might be a cabbage or a cow. In living cells, of course, the processes are fully automated, adding yet another layer of complexity and sophistication.

Genetic information is stored until it is needed, perhaps to replace worn out or diseased cells with healthy new ones or to pass on traits to offspring. […]Consider one of the smallest organisms, bacteria. German scientist Bernd-Olaf Küppers stated: “Carried over to the realm of human language, the molecular text describing the construction of a bacterial cell would be about the size of a thousand-page book.” For good reason, chemistry professor David Deamer wrote: “One is struck by the complexity of even the simplest form of life.” How does the genome of a human compare? “[It] would fill a library of several thousand volumes,” says Küppers. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Speaking MGL…

To describe the writing in DNA as “molecular-genetic language” is more than “mere metaphor,” says Küppers. “Like human language,” he points out, “the molecular-genetic language also possesses a syntactic dimension.” Put simply, DNA has a “grammar,” or set of rules, that strictly regulates how its instructions are composed and carried out. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

Intelligence is out there, eh?..(and grammar, too?)..of course, joanie.

People attribute information to intelligence, whether that information is in the form of symbols on clay or signals from space. They do not need to see the information being created to draw that conclusion. Yet, when the most sophisticated code known to man—the chemical code of life—was discovered, many shoved that logic aside, attributing DNA to mindless processes. Is that reasonable? Is it consistent? Is it scientific? A number of respected scientists say no.

Professor Yan-Der Hsuuw is the director of embryo research at Taiwan’s National Pingtung University of Science and Technology. He too once believed in evolution—until his research led him to conclude otherwise. Regarding cell division and specialization, he said: “The right cells must be produced in the right order and at the right places. First they assemble into tissues that will in turn assemble themselves into organs and limbs. What engineer can even dream of writing instructions for such a process? Yet the instructions for embryo development are superbly written in DNA. When I consider the beauty of it all, I’m convinced that life was designed by God.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

There are theories…then there are NOT theories:

What qualifies a theory as a scientific theory? According to the Encyclopedia of Scientific Principles, Laws, and Theories, a scientific theory, such as Albert Einstein’s theory of gravity, must

  1. Be observable
  2. Be reproducible by controlled experiments
  3. Make accurate predictions

In that light, where does evolution stand?  Its operation cannot be observed. It cannot be reproduced. And it cannot make accurate predictions. Can evolution even be considered a scientific hypothesis? The same encyclopedia defines a hypothesis as “a more tentative observation of facts [than a theory],” yet lends itself “to deductions that can be experimentally tested.” (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015–my highlights)

As a person preferring poetry (and alliteration;)…(Is happy living, happy loving reading?)

“Your eyes even saw me as an embryo; all its parts were written in your book.” (Psalm (song) 139:16)

Of course, David  was using poetic language (i.e. DNA). Nevertheless, in principle, he was right on the mark, which is typical of the Bible writers. None were even slightly influenced by the fanciful folklore or mythology of other ancient peoples. (excerpted: Your Cells Living Libraries Awake! August 2015)

Makes me ask: Evolutionists…are they slightly influenced by the fanciful?!

(DNA–a space oddity?/God’s (superlatively intelligent) “poetic” living language!)

Looks like we all live at the library, huh? 🙂

(published 5/30/15 @ 10:34 a.m.)

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Knowledge vs. Wisdom

compassion Joan Winifred knowledge universe wisdom

What is Your working understanding of knowledge…wisdom?

There are many so-called intellectuals out there…in global societies…those regarded as experts/very knowledgeable/highly educated/highly trained/geniuses in their given fields of expertise...what are they actually accomplishing with all this so-called knowledge? What are their works: compassionate?…(are they wise guys? oh yes, some of them are indeed gals.)

this verse puts knowledge in (reality) check: (my highlights)

“Wisdom is proved righteous by its works.” (Matthew 11:19)

“Wisdom brings knowledge, discernment, and understanding together and puts them to work.

(it’s not merely theoretical–it’s practical/workable.) Reminds me of this scripture…when some of us start spouting “theories” on everything:

Those who are wise treasure up knowledge, But the mouth of the fool invites ruin.”

…(ouch! i talk too much, eh?;)

Check it out: “What is Divine Wisdom?”

Computers can store enormous amounts of knowledge, but it is hard to imagine anyone calling such machines wise. Nonetheless, knowledge and wisdom are related. (Proverbs 10:14) For instance, if you needed wise counsel on treating a serious health problem, would you consult someone with little or no knowledge of medicine? Hardly! So accurate knowledge is essential to true wisdom.

Yahweh/Jehovah has more than knowledge. He also sees how facts interrelate and discerns the overall picture that is created by myriad details. He evaluates and judges, distinguishing between good and bad, important and trivial. Moreover, he looks beyond the surface and peers right into the heart. (1 Samuel 16:7) Thus, Jehovah has understanding and discernment, qualities that are superior to knowledge. But wisdom is of a still higher order.

The bible shows/says of Yahweh/Jehovah…that he is capable of:  “Drawing upon his breadth of knowledge and his depth of understanding, Jehovah always makes the best decisions possible, carrying them out by means of the best course of action conceivable. That is true wisdom!” ~excerpt: Draw Close to God: O the Depths of God’s Wisdom.

rejects…& relevancy…usually, that’s why someone/person or something/book  (or theory) is rejected…lack of relevancy.

Rejects & Relevancy: the two find themselves hand in hand. And WHY?..why is that joanie (glad you asked joanie;)…timelessness!
…unfortunately, not all of us/not everything is timeless and tailor-made: a classic. (aka not a fad/trend/whim of thinking/doing…that goes out of style as quickly as it comes on the scene/mind) …Basic elements/essences of people, essences of emotions, clothing, building blocks...fundamental forces/physical laws…are consistently reliable/relevant!…(aka predictable/Sellable).
The Bible centers attention on Yahweh/Jehovah as the fundamental Lawgiver of the universe. Throughout the known visible universe his laws are so stable and reliable that, in areas where scientists have knowledge of these laws, they can calculate the movements of the moon, planets, and other celestial bodies with split-second accuracy. One who goes contrary to the physical laws experiences immediate application of their sanctions. Likewise, the moral laws (joanie talking now: aka ethical/agape/compassion laws of love) of God are irrevocable and cannot be circumvented or violated with impunity. They are as sure of enforcement as are His natural laws, though the punishment may not be as immediately enforced. “God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap.”—Ga 6:7; 1Ti 5:24. ~Insight on Scriptures: Lawgiver
 This sowing & reaping (of compassion & non-compassion) is played out positively/negatively constantly…(and nowadays: big-time in the media on a global-scale for all eyes to see/witness). IF i/we sow accurate knowledge…making the best decisions possible/conceivable…THEN i/we reap benefits of wisdom…the best compassionate course/result(s) in any scenario.
obviously, this quick/short post cannot convey justly this topic of  knowledge vs. wisdom…
what i/we do with any knowledge we have…results “prove”…give witness/evidence…of wisdom or not.
An excerpt read:
“That scientists can actually explore other planets hundreds of millions of miles away shows what can be done when people work together toward a single goal. Such achievements are also a credit to human ingenuity. Of course, space exploration—indeed, science as a whole—is only possible because of the consistent and totally reliable physical laws that govern the universe. These laws did not create themselves but were established by the Grand Architect of the universe, (Yahweh) Jehovah God.” ~excerpt: Mars Up close
Is it “wise” to go against/work against the architecture of the universe or work in harmony/cooperate with…universal laws/compassion laws?!
i’ll end this post with: the words of…
a woman/wife/fragile life: Jane Hawking…”my role was to remind him he was not god.
(published 12/16/14 @ 1:10 p.m.)
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