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caution & curiosity

Joan Winifred

Does curiosity kill the cat??

Does caution save the cat??

Life can be a fine-line walk of both caution & curiosity… huh?!

Just thinking out loud aka Friday Morning Musings aka up earlier/unable to sleep too well due to sad news late night…(i.e. news that feels like you’ve been punched in the gut; initially hurts, but then spurs you on… and becomes a mighty motivator!!… to cling to compassion, and dig deep, fight the fine fight, etc.)

my stubbornness (and my spirituality)

aka a mind not easily manipulated…(a non-conformist to the so-called popular course of action/thought)…must be such a curiosity to the so-called intelligent and influential.

(yep, in some realms, am hated for my beliefs aka choosing to live compassion as fully as possible at this moment in my life/historic stream of time/aka ending of the framework of human society)

Caution: I am not a push-over!

Any “real” threat to my spirituality will be pushed away.

My closest ones/loved ones… know either “accept” compassion and “respect” life… and my personal dedication (to the True God of Compassion…and to HIGH compassion standards)… or for the sake of my spiritual well-being have to cautiously keep any non-accepters at a (safe) distance.

For mind (and other) safety reasons… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually…

Have to be legitimately cautious…(not paranoid)…I will not allow my personal compassion and agape love for fellow-fragile-life to be corrupted!!

My caring will not be consumed by apathy.

My compassion will not be consumed by indifference.

My mind will not be manipulated by hate nor violence nor threats thereof.

My compassion fitness will not succumb to inaccurate knowledge and inactivity.

My (spiritual) mind will not be bribed by (counterfeit) love nor material gifts nor offers thereof.

My mindset.

Exactly, my mind is set.

1/5/18 @ 7:10 a.m.

If anyone chooses (uncoerced) …freely join the mind gym… that’s where i am and will remain for life! I closely associate with the (serious, dedicated, spiritual athletes) compassion-fit.

(U fit??)

There’s work to be done… every day… to maintain, sustain, and progress.

I am serious.

I will not waiver.

“Rocking” it (compassion-truth) everyday…UH-HUH!!!:)


1/5/18 @ 7:07 p.m. published.

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