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Chasing Carrot(s)

attitude education exercise Joan Winifred never giving up! science & spirituality

what am i doing to my brain?? (taking a care of it, right? nurturing it?)

MY MIND IS PERPETUALLY HUNGRY…it can never get enough. (spiritual sustenance is in high demand…my drug of choice: the Bible)…playing “i can’t get NO satisfaction”... fuzzy/meticulous work.

what am i doing to my body?? (pummeling it! (neglecting it?) my body is a slave to my mind…and its logic aka manipulation; its mandate: “feed me first!!!”)…leading me in the (“spiritual”) way to go..

what kinda geek hangs out at library EVERY DAY??! (66 & brick = mentally & physically)…and drags her kids there…though, they run;)

what am i doing to my brain? time crunching, topic crunching, teeth crunching CARROT!

carrot=chemistry, abstraction, rhyme time aka poetry, regularities, observation…TRUTH!…seeking (at the moment) carrot…

{study, study, study, learn, learn, learn, write, write, write…night, night, night…fright! @ work over-load}

“simplicity within complexity”

my commitment to be committed

(duh! to the acquisition of accuracy)

Can’t get?…YES! 🙂

(off to my daily pilgrimage)

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