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Chato Stewart’s April 1991 Poem to Joan Winifred

The following is: what was written verbatim as a poem from my husband, Chato Stewart, six months before we were married.

Chato is not big on poetry, or writing for that matter. Being dyslexic made him self-conscious most of his life when it came to writing. Whenever I suggested we write each other poetry, he gave me the strangest bizarre look as if I was from another planet. But love conquered all and he started writing poetry. While sometimes it was difficult to decipher as with this piece he is allowing me to share. Others were quite…dare I say: poetic and endearing.

Chato Stewarts poem1“Word of

For the poems here are only for you from my heart do come, and into your heart they will find lodging until times indefinite

To capture the moments in as to when we do indeed become one with Jehovah through our love for each other. I do always love you my girl companion O  Most Beautiful among women.”

041714_1912_ChatoStewar4.jpgThe First Kiss Brought

The first kiss brought it all to this.
Before me lays a teaching I never taught;
but after a year that I fought, my love to you
through a kiss I brought.
Although, yes I did plot and I sought, you I love
and you I got,
the first kiss
I love you Joan!!!…

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