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Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion Joan Winifred

Do You tie up Your cat?

Do Your animals (better known here in the States as Pets) serve a purpose??

For example, the dog for safety… barks/bites. Cat kills rats.

Of Course, our Tangy… Hero Feral Cat of our neighborhood…roamed free & didn’t die from stones being pelted at him by hungry people desperate for food. This feral cat here in the States outlived some hungry Haitians; i’m sure.

My heart is dull aching now…hurting for the people (& pets/animals) of Haiti & elsewhere who are dealing with Chikungunya as well as relentless difficulties.

And after a NICE week’s visit w/my Mom & Bro feeling sad it’s over… mostly (tres triste) SAD for those who suffer and for a looooooooooooooooooooong time without any relief or visits from loved ones!

Circumstances & mosquitoes… it was inevitable that my brother would be bitten… and he came down with Chikungunya a couple weeks before coming back to the States… he could be dealing with the terrible pain for up to a year.

Par for the course, for all us real live-rrs & real die-rrs…working it (hard) for compassion/agape love.

In Haiti, it’s gotten so bad so quickly that many people are resigned to catching the virus known in Creole as “kaze le zo,” or “breaking your bones,” for joint pain so intense some patients can barely walk or use their fingers for days. There is no vaccine and the only treatment is basic medication for the pain and fluid replacement for dehydration. ~AP Virus strikes hard in Haiti’s crowded shantytowns

Last night (4th of july) we drove by this Punta Gorda church with patriotic symbols/flags hanging…and a sign posted…w/a smug message…along the lines of:  how great (for us) god is blessing the USA with freedom…(like god only blesses Americans?)…freedom?!…depends on your description/definition/explanation…of course, the 25 year old (media described anarchist) 3-d non-traceable plastic gun printer/maker is utilizing his freedom (or is it greed?) to the full here in USA…just like “life is cheap-rrs” utilizing their freedom…killing whoever/whenever they want in Haiti cause they can get away with it…oh, though…if you murder, you get off…by paying off…funeral expenses.

“Freedom” “Anarchy”…a dangerous, deadly virus?!

Yeah, we all want freedom…at what cost/consequence??


published 7/5/14 5:35 a.m.

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