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Joan Winifred

For years, in my writing, I have noticed the need to be clear, concise, and succinct to communicate effectively. And for FEAR of danger …of being wildly taken out of context!!

I HATE being taken out of context aka misunderstood. Who of us enjoys being misconstrued or worse?? Hated?? Made to suffer any more than necessary?? (Life and Death in the tongue, eh?!)

I have confidence in the competence of my regular readers to generally get the gist of rhythm of thought… aka flow of content connecting context from (my) one-mind-train/thought-car to another IF You read past and present writings… they are self-explanatory/self-translating as well as any/all excerpted readings included to make a point or to point out something of significance spiritually or otherwise. (To me, from my POV, my postings serve as index finger— kindly? pointing the way; perhaps.) Any nuanced words, ambiguity or double entendres/symbolisms or spiritual words I feel any audience may not be too familiar with or may be confusing…I try to define and describe in each stand alone piece/post…while feeling/acknowledging all my/these writings—seamlessly harmonize and complement each work… expanding the bigger/broader picture of topics that interconnect and intersect, interrelate.

It’s just tooooooooooo time consuming for me to work on a glossary of terms. So, i define as i go, and explain to the best of my ability as i go…on a need to know/do basis. Enough of this rambling…basically, wanted to clarify meaning of my usage of word “man” from last published post (as well as other posts unless otherwise specified) Have You read it yet??

Hope that post and this post is Helpful and Hopeful to You individually:)

Man(kind) and Man(cruel) is encompassing individually/collectively both “male and female” life including myself…aka “humans” populating/inhabiting Earth. Both men and women have the choice and have chosen to live in a kind or cruel manner…affecting each Other and Fellow-Fragile-Life…human and/or animal, etc. 

THANK YOU HumanKIND!!:) for Your positive choices. Continue!🙂


7/17/18 @ 3:49 p.m.

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