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Clean hands or dirty hands: a choice!

choice compassion Joan Winifred

i value clean hands..i work hard at keeping my own hands clean…my mind/body clean. (Confessions of a cleaner…sorta.)

my (compassion) conscience is clean…(a BOLD STATEMENT,EH??)

YEAH!…i can sleep okay at night….actually, i pass out from working so hard at it (compassion)…my clean conscience.

i know deep in my heart that i cared enough to clean and to help…clean. (aka to show up and be there and be willing to help in anyway necessary.)

How do You help some/any…body get clean??…who doesn’t want to get clean or sees no need.  Who values dirty…? Who values non-compassion?

You can’t make anyone come clean…so, i tried to help (You:) the best i could and in the ways You allowed me of course…but, You didn’t need my help, huh?

(i realize have to help myself first before i can help anyone else.)


You cannot choose for anyone! (You cannot make anyone value clean….or value compassion.) (Just like You cannot make anyone love you.)


Have a nice life.

…hope to know/see you when/IF You choose clean. (in my heart, i’m hoping You do…someday!:)

(published 2/6/15 @ 5:28 p.m.)

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