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Comfort Chronicles (3)

Joan Winifred

Punched in the Gut & Kicked in the Face…:(
No! i have NOT been literally punched in the gut & kicked in the face…but some things (circumstances, etc) have a similar effect, eh??

lessons learned: yesterday–my two oldest kids and me did some volunteer work about an hour and half away from home…(actually, just doing what we ought to be doing. FYI/BTW: not patting myself on the back or anything with this post,etc)..anyway, it entailed some outside grounds up-keeping work (for me)…landscaping, etc…tools, etc. good physical inside/outside labor…aka refreshing time among beautiful trees, shrubs, weeds, etc. We went through a VERY informative safety guidelines educational process before beginning our work for the day. Education & Prevention is the key to avoiding unnecessary deadly (or otherwise) accidents. We also discussed the importance of not getting hurt emotionally…while working with Others–thereby treating one another respectfully, kindly and using appropriate/kind words while cooperatively working together. (Made some new friends, saw some old friends there. And got to know some acquaintances better.)

a point to this post?

while yanking weeds…an assignment to help beautify an amazing shrubs, flowers setting…i couldn’t help, but meditate/contemplate about whether i need to be pulling weeds…figuratively speaking out of my life, mind, heart??…poisonous roots choke leading to spiritual death..(in my POV that is worse than a physical death)!

it’s not easy to identify’s not always an easy task to pull weeds (literally and figuratively)…may be? it takes humility (or other skills i need to still learn).

i’m just worried about weeds…and examining my use of power…in all aspects of my life…my words, my hands, my feet, my head.  Am i truly having a positive impact on Fragile-Life?? cause i wanna keep living compassion the best i can.

sometimes…trying to bring comfort/help means pulling weeds and at other times, it means letting the weeds grow…(for now). Is there any hope for weeds?!

i just don’t want to hurt anyone or anything on purpose…or by accident!

i am purposely praying…what else can one do…(IF it’s helpless)? i’m NEVER HOPELESS. i need divine help/wisdom…(to do the appropriate thing(s) @ the appropriate time(s))

9/10/16 @ 2:10 a.m.

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