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Compassion Compass: True North

Joan Winifred

I’m getting repetitive (in my writing/blogging: SORRY to any Reader! IF bored, read something else–that’s good for You:)..listen, you already know the deal..of the real! Compassion is the TRUE north..wherever I find my mind/body..location and with whom or without (on-line or off) don’t matter none (including my lack of proper grammar)…sun or shine, dollar or (no) dime…day/night/dark/light…hearted..deep or shallow circumstances direction/standard of choice is compassion.

My/this posting style..aka piecing together f-r-a-g-m-e-n-t-s-o-f-f-i-n-d-s…a collage of collections…or scraps of spiritual sustenance (food)..(call it what you want)..this particular topic of meditation/discussion “conscience” …my view (of conscience)– it is a gift…because free will is an o~~~c~~~e~~~a~~~n of option…IF I wanna exercise my power of choice/my power of free will…and not abuse or misuse in anyway..(or drown (in the ocean of option(s) or cause anyone else to drown) internal compass (aka inner voice of what’s right/wrong/kind/cruel/wise/ignorant) brings me s-t-e-p-s closer to the “God of Compassion”..(and in my living/loving/being/world view/point of view)…the only One worthy of reverence/obedience!

without any compass…without any i-o-n…where would any good/”compassion” be found?! …compass-ion…taking/adding just 3 little steps/letters forward in a positive direction…(ion): with compassion as direction: i am/we are salt/i am/we are gemstone.  (for some context see/research ions i.e. Wikipedia, etc.) We all appreciate the value/necessity of just the right amount of seasoning/salt and the beauty/brilliance of gemstones, huh?!

The word ion is the Greek ἰόν, ion, “going”, the present participle of ἰέναι, ienai, “to go”.

Ions are ubiquitous in nature and are responsible for diverse phenomena from the luminescence of the Sun to the existence of the Earth’s ionosphere. Atoms in their ionic state may have a different color from neutral atoms, and thus light absorption by metal ions gives the color ofgemstones. In both inorganic and organic chemistry (including biochemistry), the interaction of water and ions is extremely important; (excerpts Wikipedia: Ions)

All of us learn at our own pace…when young/younger/immature like untrained, but adorable puppies…chewing shoes and pooping anywhere…slobbering/gross stuff..i.e. Returning to their own vomit. A noticeable, refreshing difference: a well-trained, non-biting service dog/loyal companion!:)  So, I ask myself: is my conscience a reliable guide?? Is my conscience trained?? Is my compass “Compassion“?? (“Rocking a Rhyme” joanie?)

Life gets–it’s tricky & compassion choices complex too/2: (What to do??)…IF “Your” conscience allows, You can listen to this song below: IF not, don’t: not my business what You do…(in other words: i don’t try to impose my conscience on Others & respect everyone’s right to exercise their own free will…while hoping/knowing every fellow-fragile-life has the power/capacity to choose good/clean/compassion…that benefits us all & our beautiful planet Earth!:) As consequence teaches…those of us who ruin the earth–get ruined, eh?

Recent Readings on “Conscience”…let Your Well-Trained Conscience be Your Guide…:) …mine is Bible-trained (in that process of study/meditation/application) what helps me “personally” learn/grow spiritually/compassionately is Wise Bible Principles (not man-made-hearsay traditions)…(my movement true north…is a continuous progressive undertaking..a daily work-out: that is partially-semi-documented here on this website/in my public writings). Thanks for reading & joining me today in my journey/walk…

“Today, humans still have the faculty of conscience. (Read Romans 2:14, 15: “For when people of the nations, who do not have law, do by nature the things of the law, these people, although not having law, are a law to themselves. 15 They are the very ones who demonstrate the matter of the law to be written in their hearts, while their conscience is bearing witness with them, and by their own thoughts they are being accused or even excused.”) Though many have strayed far from the Bible’s standards of conduct, we find that some individuals often do what is good and abhor what is bad. The conscience holds many individuals back from committing deeds of extreme wickedness. Imagine how much worse world conditions would be if no one had a conscience!

[…]the way we use our conscience reveals the depth of our spirituality, the quality of our heart, and the intensity of our desire to please Jehovah (True God of Bible/Compassion). Indeed, this inner voice reflects what sort of person we truly are.” (excerpt article: Is Your Conscience a Reliable Guide? w 2015)

Some choose to use their free will to rape, take, trash…act rash…or rage, kill. Some choose to use their free will to love, give, share, clean, care! Our inner person/voice speaks: quietly/loudly: it accuses/excuses. (Is my compass…directing me True North?!)


(published 11/9/15 @ 4:13 p.m.)

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