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Joan Winifred

Finding Contentment in (temporary)chaos… can pose challenges.

Organization… organizing is a form of managing/controlling chaos. May be healing?

(Do various messes mess with the mind???) (Is disorder torture for the mind of order??)

Points read…(not sure of exact reference at moment, most likely awake! or w)
“a contented person does not complain, grumble, or find fault; nor does he succumb to feelings of envy and greed–feelings can stifle the development of brotherly love. Rather, contentment promotes a generous spirit.”

When breathing-fragile-life “find” a place (literal or figurative)of contentment, it’s a lot easier to be generous, huh?

To share/to care…
(Generosity fosters agape)

Figuratively and may be? Literally living in “tent(s)” a tent is protection/a, is contentment.

May be? Am learning con TENT ment in the dwelling (aka) tent of sadness and chaos.

9/21/17 draft
Edit/publish 9/22/17 @ 6:42 p.m.

An afterthought…
“Remove untruth and lies far from me.
Give me neither poverty nor riches.
Just let me consume my portion of food.”
PRO verb 30:8…(ate spiritual food now I need to eat a little dinner (now).)

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