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crowded? house (part 2) aka Danza Up a Storm…ahhhh!:)

Joan Winifred

Greetings:) Fellow-Fragile-Life reading this post: Thanks. (Hope Your day is FULL of compassion! (and good music)🙂
For context of this current post, please check out crowded-house-part-1

Is it important to consider on what our lives are centered? What is dominating/domineering our minds? speech? thoughts? interests? conversations? and why?…excerpted readings: ‘Setting Your Mind on the Spirit Means Life and Peace‘ w December 2016

12, 13. Why is what we set our mind on a serious issue?
12 Self-examination is important. Why? Paul wrote: “Setting the mind on the flesh means death.” (Rom. 8:6) That is serious—spiritual death now and physical death in the future.

Could it be that their lives were dominated by or centered on “things of the flesh”? And it is fitting for us to consider the same about our lives. What is of greatest interest to us, and to what does our speech gravitate? What do we really pursue day in and day out? Some may find that they are focusing on trying different types of wine, decorating the home, finding new clothing styles, making investments, planning vacation trips, and the like. Such matters are not bad in themselves; they can be normal aspects of life. For example, Jesus once made wine, and Paul told Timothy to take “a little wine.” (1 Tim. 5:23; John 2:3-11) {found it noteworthy “little” and not a lot of wine.}

serious head in the clouds?? (me? sometimes, okay! a good portion of the time. yeah, i admit to liking serious, spiritual topics, study, research, art, music, etc.) and fun feet on the dance floor– lol;)…and having a good time with friends/family; of course. And dancing up a storm!:)

“Setting the mind on the spirit” does not imply that a person has to live with his head in the clouds, so to speak. He does not need to think and talk of nothing other than the Bible or his love for God and his hope for the future. Let us recall that Paul and others in the first century who pleased God were living rather normal lives in many respects. They consumed food and drink. Many married and enjoyed family life, working to support themselves.—Mark 6:3; 1 Thess. 2:9.

For me, the materialistic and mundane are average aspects of life, yet not the most important to me personally; nor do i allow “things of the flesh” authority to dictate my every move/whim on a day-to-day basis. i do not want to be enslaved by anyone or anything! {may be? our greatest threat/enemy/master is our very own minds!}

Balance and moderation in everything (including the serious and the fun) is key i find. (Pursuing compassion calls for that.) Plus, peace of mind and peace with people is a HIGH value.

“Setting the mind on the spirit means life and peace.” That implies letting our mind be influenced by and dominated by holy spirit and being in harmony with God and his thoughts. We can trust that by making “the spirit” the real center of our existence, we will have a satisfying, meaningful life now. And the lasting result is everlasting life, be that in heaven or on earth.

Jesus’ advice: “Make your peace with your brother.” (Matt. 5:24)

“You [Jehovah] will safeguard those who fully lean on you; you will give them continuous peace, because it is in you that they trust.”—Isa. 26:3

Maintaining a “spiritual” focus (in life on life)…(in my experience) brings me peace of mind!

(Who doesn’t want/need that?!)

1/13/17 @ 6:26 p.m.

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