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Crying Babies, Crying Adults

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In the middle of the night, a baby cries. Immediately, the mother wakes up. She does not sleep as soundly as she used to—not since her baby was born. She has learned to distinguish her infant’s different types of crying. Hence, she can often tell whether her newborn needs to be fed, cuddled, or otherwise tended to. But regardless of the reason for the baby’s crying, the mother responds. Her heart cannot let her ignore the needs of her child. ~excerpted cl chap: 25 pp. 250-259

Sleep deprivation… requisite of motherhood, parenthood, eh?  Subsisting and functioning with minimal sleep… does to the mind and body what starvation does… going without “enough” sleep is like going without “enough” food…at times–a state of intensity! Like anything else… it tapers off.

In this state of deprivation, one learns a set of coping/managing skills to function… you learn to accept, like and be satisfied with/without….living on snacks… snacks of sleep are like snacks of food.

Snacks of contentment!

You learn to be less picky… you eat what’s available… sleep, well…

I don’t need a bed, soft pillow, blanket for sleep or specific time, place… position.  Hard floor, chair, rock: no obstacles to my sleep; nothing compares to the needs of a helpless baby or caregiving of a sick or suicidal loved one!

l oughta know -lol :)…Mother of 4 born approx.. 2 years apart… tandem toddler(s) and newborn(s) nursing for 10 years… along with a cycling manic hubby…up all night!

(i like night…i like day…sleep/no sleep…states of time manipulation…each demanding/crying out in their specific way.)

Some new-inexperienced parents think… their baby “automatically” knows how and when to sleep.  Yep, I had no idea about the sleep struggles we would encounter.  Not just newborns and their specific eating needs keeping them awake… but “smart” babies, toddlers, kids, adults can’t always sleep… too much stimulus or not enough… thinking, learning brains don’t easily unwind/tire…sleeping disorders and temperature: body and room all contribute to sleeplessness.

Our newborn 10 pounder boy would nurse for an hour then sleep for an hour and would continue this around the clock for the first months… breast milk is easily digestible and he was a big, hungry, growing boy.

The bedtime routine… getting the kids to sleep (and at the same time)… ordeal lasted long!!…1st baby couldn’t sleep…2nd baby/kid slept no problem… best sleep skills. 3rd baby a girl… forget it… now 11 last one to fall asleep every night including last night… but, she has improved.

Hubby found that white noise and their own personal fans… blowing directly on their faces -lol… actually helped them get to/stay asleep.  They eventually… all learned how, where and when to sleep.

Parenting is a different experience for every parent… having extremely talkative, active, monkeys hanging from the ceiling… climbers/explorers and non-stop learners/creators…bouncing around literally every minute and producing/making stuff… artwork, messes from learning, etc… is a challenge to say the least! It’s exhausting;)… though, super thankful they are healthy and happy and can now fall asleep on their own!!

Learning “any” skill or say to fall asleep or learning contentment or positive coping of any kind… takes time and patience and perseverance! It’s just super sad to me that not everyone, every child has a loving, supportive environment in which to learn and grow…and acquire necessary living skills.

Young, old, male, female…babies/adults: we all are in a state of  learning and unlearning… something of need… it’s just not always obvious to others… that’s why we all need lots of encouragement and support in our personal journeys of growth as breathing-fragile-life…our cries must be heard and not ignored!

Most parents want the best for their kids. They want them to learn to make positive choices that don’t endanger or hurt themselves or others… to be happy and successful in their endeavors.

I’ve often wondered… which I want to research about Hitler’s Mom …i’m sure like most Mothers… rocking or holding her new baby for the first time and thinking about what kind of person this little person will become… loving this baby… you never want to think of the “possible” negative… you just have positive hopes and dreams/aspirations for your adorable baby!

Everybody is somebody’s kid.

I believe everyone has a fundamental right to learn and/or unlearn… to learn to live a more compassionate existence and unlearn selfishness… an opportunity for positive change... that’s why I totally believe in transformations of the mind/thinking and behaviors.

I totally believe in reaching out to so-called:

criminals, rapists, murderers, thieves, addicts…aka somebody’s kid cyring/acting out… you name the negative behavior… humans with loving help, support and compassion education can change/unlearn selfishness and damaging habits, thoughts and behaviors… and learn love!

“Love is known only from the actions it prompts.” ~Vine’s Expository Dictionary of New Testament Words.

Not everyone in jail should be there and not everyone on the outside is accountable-guilt-free. I know compassion education can produce true justice!

People readily recycle aka forgive/rename trash for a useful purpose… yet, they won’t recycle or retrain/forgive people… and why?!?

Just like for whatever “personal” reasons some take a long time to learn to sleep on their own. Some might take a long time to learn compassion… but they should be given the chance to choose and to learn how to choose better or well.

I enjoy reading about AMAZING transformations of compassion many are able to make with loving support, help, education.

For related context please read: Multi-Level-Learning Smart(s) Broad & Granular (aka Partners Rocky & Sandy)

Sadly, not every child has been or will be born to parents who could/will adequately demonstrate or exemplify love.

i LOVE that some prisoners are being treated with dignity and not just ill treated…

Helping Prisoners

Each day, inmates in U.S. correctional institutions write dozens of letters to the offices of Jehovah’s Witnesses, requesting spiritual help.

We respond to such requests, arranging for ministers in local congregations to visit and study the Bible with those in jails, prisons, state hospitals, youth facilities, and substance-abuse facilities.

The results have been encouraging. A man incarcerated in the state of Indiana, who had received a life sentence for first-degree murder, made positive changes in his personality […].

Regarding another inmate who has been held in a large correctional complex in California, the Witness who studied the Bible with him said: “I’ve seen where he’s come from and the progress he’s made. […]

Many inmates have embraced Bible truth, although knowing that because of this, their life could be endangered. For example, some of those who have broken off association with a gang had to be placed in isolation or moved to another facility to ensure their safety.

The life-changing power of the Bible is so outstanding that prison officials are impressed. Some have given certificates of appreciation and official volunteer awards to the Witnesses for their good work at correctional institutions.

Here’s another example i recently read:

Transforming Lives, One Prisoner at a Time

In Spain, 68 prisons receive visits from Jehovah’s Witnesses, and some 600 inmates study the Bible.

One of the Witnesses making such visits is Miguel, who spent 12 years behind bars before he became a Witness. Now he returns to prison each week. His reason? So that others can be helped to transform their lives just as he was.

Over the past eight years, Miguel has studied the Bible with many prisoners. “I feel good about helping inmates in my old prison,” he says. “It really makes me happy when I see their desire to escape from the world of crime.”

When Miguel was four, a drunk driver hit and killed his father. His widowed mother then had to work long hours to provide for the family.

Miguel and his older brother began to skip school and to steal from houses and break into cars. By the age of 12, Miguel was a petty criminal. At 15, he was making big money as a drug dealer. However, his costly heroin and cocaine addiction drove him to steal more and more. From the age of 16, he was repeatedly in and out of prison, and soon he became a hardened criminal. “I was convinced that I would either die in prison or die from an overdose,” Miguel says. “I felt like a fly in a spiderweb.”

But in 1994, one of Miguel’s friends asked a Witness to write a letter to Miguel, who was in prison at the time. From that letter, Miguel learned that God’s purpose is to restore Paradise to the earth. The writer encouraged Miguel to make changes in his life so that Miguel could enjoy the fulfillment of that promise. “His words touched my heart,” says Miguel. “That day everything changed for me, and I decided to study the Bible, though I knew it would not be at all easy.”

Miguel knew this because he was hooked on drugs and tobacco. Both were readily available. His cellmate offered him drugs every day. Miguel constantly prayed for strength to overcome his addiction, and finally he succeeded.

Three months later, Miguel began to share his beliefs with other prisoners. The following year, he was released and got baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He also planned to get married, but then a problem arose. A month before the wedding, a court sentenced Miguel to a further ten years in prison as a result of several pending cases. Nevertheless, after three and a half years, he was released because of good behavior. Finally, the marriage took place. Miguel has never returned to a life of crime.

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