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Death Not My Master

Joan Winifred

Personally, i don’t fear death. (Don’t like it, don’t want it.) It is a reality that some of us cut our lives short through short-sighted/poor-decision making. Humans have the capacity to make life-preserving decisions! We also have the choice of not letting the threat or fear of death dictate what we do or don’t do. We break free from being enslaved to death!:)

When we no longer obey the dictates of death…harmful impulses or hurtful/not good for us desires…leading/taking us to death…we don’t follow everything our imperfect body/mind…wants/tells us to do…stuff that ultimately is bad for our health…mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. (e.g., we can eat right, exercise, not over-indulge, not smoke, etc….making healthy choices that contribute to longevity physically-speaking.)

a scripture of interest: reference reading..”By Undeserved Kindness You were Set Free” w 2016

“Do not let sin continue to rule as king in your mortal bodies so that you should obey their desires.” (Rom. 6:12)

(perhaps, i will develop/explore this topic further…or not?)

{Who is my King? Who is my Master? (death? NO WAY!)…i may sound a little ambitious or odd, but i’m hoping for…never-ending life/immortality. Life is such an awesome gift, does anyone (with a measure of health/love/contentment)…truly want to die??}

1/31/17 @ 5:11 p.m.

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