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Didn’t ?! i tell YOU:)

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GO AWAY & STOP READING ME!:) (fy: i’m not looking for any followers/stalkers/fans/trouble(s)…just follow compassion please.) Become/stay a loyal friend of compassion!:) ~quote from Tough & Tender

Didn’t ask You:) to come back here…alas, You’re back reading yet again! Read on or NOT…it’s Your choice, right?? Right or would it be wronggg…to read on?! (i’m not editting the exttra ggg’s out–my keyboard is a tad touchy, huh? and me–a tad lazy (from fighting a bug–not a cute one; allergies/tummy trouble) to go back and fix the typos.) No, it’s me, a tad touchy/sensitive today. (Am i allowed? and to be sick? NOPE: “it” aka life/everything on the planet still goes on no matter how i feel. How i feel is not important/is not the big issue of the universe.)

Right or wrong…talking taboo. Have You noticed?(..noticed what joanie?) Nobody likes to be wrong…most of us think we’re “right!” Or that “wrong” doesn’t exist anymore when it comes to human behavior. And why is it…most of us can admit/realize/accept, when lost or late to a specific/important destination: we took the “wrong” turn or were not following the “correct” street/highway/road/directions to make it to where we were headed and on time safely?  But, when it comes to say other things like: ethics or another taboo word: “morality” everybody is right about how to act/behave..i.e.whatever makes one feel “good” at that particular moment in time…is okay to follow/pursue/do?!…(is it okay–just following my heart..even IF (end result) is: killing the planet and killing the people? ) But, see suffering ends at death…so, what’s worse/or dare i ask: what’s wrong?..the final result: the kill? or all the damage/pain/atrocity/agony/tragedy/suffering in between the start to the finish?? May be? certain roads of behavior should be avoided to begin with?..would i willingly/knowingly go/drive down a street marked “DEAD” end?!…literally death awaits me at the end of the road. Certain stupid/negative choices–in life–certainly “eventually” lead to pain/misery/death. You see it (the negative/sad) play out on the news/in the media–time and time again…throughout man’s selfish history and selfish modern-story. (And, i don’t know about You, but i don’t want/or to cause those things (suffering/death) to the planet or to the people whatsoever.) Do You find it’s wise to examine choices and results?!…aka evidence.

So, once again: IF reading my blog/post is aiding/helping You in some (small) “positive” way…read on, however, IF not: stop!

WOW…still sticking around for today’s topic: Contentment.

 “Content[ment] makes poor men rich; discontent makes rich men poor.”—Benjamin Franklin.

What do You think about..hush, shhhh…quietly whispering now: this “taboo” word: brace yourself…….s – i – n ?? Ya, i said it: SIN!..(my highlights from interesting article read)

The Greek word translated “sin” comes from a root that means “to miss the mark.” (Romans 3:9, footnote) To illustrate: Envision someone who is hoping to win a prize by hitting a target with an arrow. He has three arrows at his disposal. He shoots the first one and misses by a yard. He aims better with the second arrow but still misses by a foot [30 cm]. With full concentration he lets the last arrow go and misses by only an inch [2 cm]. It was so close, but a miss is a miss.

To find contentment, we must maintain a realistic view of our own limitations and those of others. In his letter to the Romans, the apostle Paul points out: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) Many facets of Jehovah’s glory lie far beyond our comprehension. One example is the simple fact stated at Genesis 1:31: “God saw everything he had made and, look! it was very good.” Whenever Jehovah chooses to look back on what he has done, he can always say that “it was very good.” No human can always claim that. Acknowledging our limitations is the first step toward gaining contentment. However, there is more to it. We need to understand and accept Jehovah’s view of the matter.

Would it be arrogant or unrealistic/unreasonable to say…everything i do is good/positive?! and has a good/positive result?! “i’ve never missed the mark?”…If we all miss the target–at times…we humbly acknowledge/respect we all have limitations/are disabled–aka unable or incapable of, at all times–24/7–from doing the most positive one way or another. To say otherwise..sets us up for discontentment! (Even the most noble, outstanding, talented, peaceful archers among us…miss the mark!)

We are all like that disappointed archer. Sometimes we seem to “miss the mark” by much. Other times we come close but still miss the mark. We are frustrated because we tried so hard, but it was still not good enough. Now, let us go back to the archer.

He is slowly turning away, dejected because he really wanted that prize. Suddenly, the man in charge calls him back and hands him a prize, saying: “I want to give you this because I like you, and I saw how hard you tried.” The archer is elated!

Elated! Everyone who receives from God “the gift” of everlasting life in perfection will feel this way. (Romans 6:23) Thereafter, everything they do will be good—they will never miss the mark again. They will be perfectly content. In the meantime, if we keep this view in mind, we will feel better about ourselves and those around us.

Beyond compare:)

You are an individual. There is no one exactly like you. A saying in the African Gun language expresses this fact simply: “The fingers are not all of the same length.” It would be folly to compare any one finger with another.

However, among humans the tendency to compare is widespread and can rob people of contentment. […] Do not compare your situation with that of others. Jehovah does, however, expect something of you. What is that? Galatians 6:4 says: “Let each one prove what his own work is, and then he will have cause for exultation in regard to himself alone.” In other words, set reasonable goals for yourself. Plan what you realistically can do, and then follow through. If the goal is reasonable and you reach it, you will “have cause for exultation.” You will experience contentment. (All excerpts from article: Find Contentment by Applying Bible Principles W06)

The fingers (and the length of posts) are not all the same…a GOOD thing, eh?

:)PEACE & CONTENTMENT to YOU!…contentment is like a kitty purring or like bubble gum popping…or like bubble-gum pop singing -lol:)


(published 4/24/15 @ 5:18 p.m.)

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