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Didn’t You know: Real People have Real Ribs & for tickling…sometimes.

Breathing-Fragile-Life Joan Winifred science & spirituality

Last time I checked: my ribs/cage are showing.

Well, real people have real ribs, right??…not just cause I’m skinny/tiny (physically). (Yes, I do eat…have made that moot point very clear in previous posts and am not starving!)

We agree, I exist as a real person who has real ribs; so, we must, therefore agree that: You, any reader, existing as a real person must have ribs, right?! Real people do have real ribs, right (correct)??

(Whether they are showing, broken or in tact: is not the point nor the focus of this writing about ribs -lol:)

{The focus: Real people who are living or have lived have real ribs. An accurate statement proven true by both: accurate science & accurate spirituality.}

Though, I hope, anyone reading this, that Your ribs are not broken nor showing due to starvation. And that life gives You a good laugh now and again! Who knows ? may be this post will tickle your ribs. 🙂

I found some recent “Science” recently published…did indeed tickle my ribs aka give me a little chuckle.

(Let me preface by saying: just cause I’m referring to this research doesn’t mean I agree with testing animals (& their ribs) even if the so-called animals are tiny mice.)

IF these recent researchers were, perhaps, Bible readers/Bible researchers would they find their findings funny/outdated?!…maybe, they wouldn’t need to test (rib regeneration) on animals?!

Science Daily reference:

Healing power of ‘rib-tickling’ found by researchers

In a new study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, a team directed by USC Stem Cell researcher Francesca Mariani takes a closer look at rib regeneration in both humans and mice.

Using CT imaging, Srour, Mariani and their colleague Janice Lee from the University of California, San Francisco, monitored the healing of a human rib that had been partially removed by a surgeon. The eight centimeters of missing bone and one centimeter of missing cartilage did partially repair after six months.

To better understand this repair process, they surgically removed sections of rib cartilage — ranging from three to five millimeters — from a related mammal, mice. When they removed both rib cartilage and its surrounding sheath of tissue — called the “perichondrium,” the missing sections failed to repair even after nine months. However, when they removed rib cartilage but left its perichondrium, the missing sections entirely repaired within one to two months.

  1. Marissa K. Srour, Jennifer L. Fogel, Kent T. Yamaguchi, Aaron P. Montgomery, Audrey K. Izuhara, Aaron L. Misakian, Stephanie Lam, Daniel L. Lakeland, Mark M. Urata, Janice S. Lee, Francesca V. Mariani. Natural large-scale regeneration of rib cartilage in a mouse model. Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, 2014; DOI: 10.1002/jbmr.2326

Insight on scriptures: Bones! reference:

Eve, the first woman, was formed from a rib taken from Adam. This was appropriate in view of the fact that bones are the body’s foundation, are wholly made up of living cells, and are blood-cell producers. Adam could truly say of Eve: “This is at last bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” She was the closest possible relative of Adam. (Ge 2:22, 23) A like expression is used several times in the Scriptures to denote close kinship.—Ge 29:14; Jg 9:2; 2Sa 5:1; 19:12; 1Ch 11:1.

The Bible says that the True God/Yahweh (Hebrew)/Jehovah (English) made the first man, Adam, from dust.

The book Nanomedicine states that the human body is made up of 41 chemical elements. These basic elements—carbon, iron, oxygen, and others—are all present in the “dust” of the earth. Thus, as Genesis states, humans truly are formed “out of dust from the ground.”

Adam & Eve Were They Real People? w /09 reference:

What of the description in Genesis that Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib? (Genesis 2:21-23) Before dismissing the account as myth or fantasy, consider the following facts: In January 2008, scientists in California, U.S.A., produced the world’s first mature cloned human embryos from adult skin cells. In fact, using similar techniques, scientists have cloned at least 20 animals. The most famous of these, Dolly the sheep, was cloned in 1996 from the mammary gland of an adult sheep.

What will come of such experiments remains to be seen. But the point is this: If humans can use biological material from one organism to produce another one of its kind, could not the almighty Creator fashion a human from existing biological material of another human? Interestingly, surgeons routinely use the rib bone in reconstructive surgery because of its ability to regrow and replace itself.

Some people are surprised to learn that Adam and Eve are mentioned repeatedly throughout the Bible. What light do these references shed on the historicity of the Genesis account?

The question(s) I would ask: What scientific light does the Genesis account shed?? If scientists carefully studied the Bible, would scientists be way ahead of the times (Bible times that is)??

Personally, I find these “recent” (rib) scientific research findings/experiments, etc. laughable and OLD news…Any Bible reader/scholar knows: The BIBLE has been telling/teaching/explaining to man: albeit in simple terms …these basic life-building blocks aka ABC science stuff for thousands of years;)...and without harming animals!!

May be IF these scientific researchers accepted the Genesis Biblical account as scientifically accurate, they would stop wasting money & time/life: hurting/harming animals/breathing-fragile-life?

Real People with Real Ribs have a Real Right to have their Lives/Ribs…Respected! Oh & tickled, too:)


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