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Divine ‘Law’

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Mostly I am interested in Divine Law.
This law is truly ‘Just’ and beneficial and logical and loving.

Mostly my first question is consistently ‘why’ (?) then predictably “why not?”..;)

Another answer…/reason “why”  and “why not” …the so-called ‘theory‘ of evolution is unacceptable/illogica/illegal(?) to me: it b-r-e-a-k-s a fundamental/natural/easily-observable law…

i can’t “see” [it]…which refers to legal “acceptance”…related readings:

On the basis of related historical evidence, some scholars believe that, in transferring land, the buyer was shown the land from a vantage point, the exact boundaries being designated. When the buyer said, “I see,” he indicated legal acceptance. When Jehovah gave Abraham the promise of receiving the land of Canaan, Abraham was first told to look in all four directions. Abraham did not say, “I see,” perhaps because God said that he would give the Promised Land to Abraham’s seed, later on. (Ge 13:14, 15) Moses, as the legal representative of Israel, was told to “see” the land, which, if the view just discussed is correct, would indicate legal transfer of the land to Israel, for them to take it under Joshua’s leadership. (De 3:27, 28; 34:4; consider also Satan’s offer to Jesus at Mt 4:8.) Another action appearing to have similar legal flavor was: walking across the land or entering it for the purpose of taking possession. (Ge 13:17; 28:13) In certain ancient documents, the number of trees on a piece of land was listed at each real-estate sale.​—Compare Ge 23:17, 18.

The Earth and all creatures/beautiful-breathing-fragile-life upon…real-estate. (Of who/what does ‘evolution’ take possession?)

Please:) check out this excerpted reading for further explanation: my highlights. Make sure to read cited Scriptures!

Jehovah God is designated as the Source of law, the Supreme Lawgiver (Isa 33:22), the Sovereign, delegating authority (Ps 73:28; Jer 50:25; Lu 2:29; Ac 4:24; Re 6:10), without whose permission or allowance no authority can be exercised. (Ro 13:1; Da 4:35; Ac 17:24-31) His throne is established on righteousness and judgment. (Ps 97:1, 2) The stated will of God becomes law to his creatures.

Law of Divine Creation. One of the definitions of law given in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary is “the observed regularity of nature.” As Creator of all things in heaven and earth (Ac 4:24; Re 4:11), Jehovah has established laws governing all created thingsJob 38:10 speaks of a “regulation” on the seaJob 38:12, of ‘commanding the morning’; and Job 38:31-33 calls attention to star constellations and to “the statutes of the heavens.” The same chapter points to God as governing the light, snow, hail, clouds, rain, dew, and lightning. Continuing to chapters 39 through 41, God’s care for the animal kingdom is shown, and the birth, life cycles, and habits of animals are attributed to regulations laid down by God, not to any evolutionary “adaptation.” In fact, in the very creating of life-forms, God incorporated the law that each was to bring forth “according to its kind,” making evolution impossible. (Ge 1:11, 12, 21, 24, 25) Man also brought forth sons “in his likeness, in his image.” (Ge 5:3) At Psalm 139:13-16 the embryonic growth of a child in the womb is spoken of, its parts being written down “in [Jehovah’s] book” before any of them actually existed. Job 26:7 describes Jehovah as “hanging the earth upon nothing.Scientists today attribute the earth’s position in space primarily to the interaction of the law of gravity and the law of centrifugal force.

Supreme Sovereignty & lèse-majesté…a legitimate lesson of law:

Jehovah was identified in the Law as absolute Sovereign and also as King in a special way. Since Jehovah was both God and King of Israel, disobedience to the Law was both a religious offense and lèse-majesté, an offense against the Head of State, which in this case was against the King Jehovah. David, Solomon, and their successors on the throne of Judah were said to sit on “Jehovah’s throne.” (1Ch 29:23) Human kings and rulers in Israel were bound by the Law, and when they became despotic they were law violators accountable to God. (1Sa 15:22, 23) [excerpted readings: Insight on Scriptures, Volume 2, Law]

For consideration:
Those versed in the law and who “see” accept Yahweh as Legal/Absolute Sovereign…may view ‘evolution’ (and its promotion/education/inculcation reckless) as lèse-majesté…aka lawless and God dishonoring.
3/26/19 @ 7:11 p.m.
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