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Joan Winifred

What ever ? will an

E.E.E.E. (= Emotionally Exhausted Extreme Extrovert) do?!…who, in actuality, is (most) likely a mislabeled (aka misunderstood or under appreciated)…C.A. call again…aka (“work in progress” Compassionate/& friendly) Ambivert…

Self-Discovery….S.D. Shake Dust….

 “Wherever anyone does not take you in or listen to your words, on going out of that house or that city shake the dust off your feet.”

[…], let the peace you wish it come upon it; but if it is not deserving, let the peace from you return upon you.” (Matthew 10:11-14)


 i stay up way too late (cause i care way tooooo much)
got nothing in my brain (but bible verse)…
shake it …off.. (the dust)
never miss a beat
(stop stepping on my feet)
not dancing on my own
not making up moves (always on the go)
cannot stop…
“this music in my mind”…okay! enough of the stupid (swift) spoof…(IF i wasn’t sooooo tired/headachey…may be: nah! i would probably write it no better…ooops, any better than this gibberish post thus far.)
Anyway, this is me coping (aka writing aka learning/managing) with the distressing/draining…(compassion) work of my little/insignificant existence…which reminds me of something i read about Metallurgy…i wrote this point down and cannot reference it cause the book was due at the library… “Effect of Grain Size”…(my highlights)
the smaller the grain size, the greater the strength, the larger the grain size, the less strength.
“Therefore in Metallurgy, efforts are taken to keep the grain size as small as possible when strength is important.
Metals, those with large grain sizes are easier to tear or break or fracture. Those with small grain size have high resistance to fracture.”
That got me thinking about size and humility and personality, etc…(and other stuff/too tired to elaborate)…being small like dust (being humble/not full of yourself, not taking yourself too seriously, etc.) means strength, eh?! i agree with the statement: No matter how big our talents or gifts or whatever (i.e. intelligence)…we are of little use to anybody…IF our humility is not greater than our gifts.
a positive thought… i’m resisting (negativity, etc)..fracture…oh, yeah…while shaking/dusting…keeping it clean/honest.:)

(published 1/2/2015 @ 5:02/3 p.m.)

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