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“my” trust is………….EARNED.

actually it (my trust) is quite scientific: (bridled astronomy)

God saw everything he had made, and look! it was very good.​—Gen. 1:31.

(Yahweh) Jehovah is an awe-inspiring Creator. Everything he creates meets the highest standards. (Jer. 10:12) As is evident in creation, Jehovah lovingly set boundaries. He made both natural laws and moral laws to ensure that everything functions harmoniously. (<>Ps. 19:7-9) Hence, all things in the universe have an assigned place and function according to their role in God’s purpose. Jehovah sets the standard for how his creation should work together. Thus, the law of gravity holds the atmosphere close to the earth, regulates tides and oceans, and contributes to the physical order essential to life on earth. All creation, including humans, moves and functions within these boundaries. Clearly, the order in creation testifies that God has a purpose for earth and mankind. [excerpted reading: w 17.02 1:4, 5]

and what am i creating?…trust?

7:03 a.m. 10/26/18

transcendence (trust)–the highest standards of functioning harmoniously:)

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