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Earth, World: Which is IT?

Joan Winifred

“PEACE” FULL Greetings Earthling:)

Earth and World are distinct/different terms  and used in distinct/different ways. The Earth, this planet (with its various life-sustaining cycles) inhabited by humans, will endure Forever! (It is a “permanent” fixture.)

This i know–believe…just like i know–believe, an obvious truth, i am breathing at this moment in time…living (with potential of everlasting life) A LIVE.

The (living) Earth and its various (breathing/energy) natural cycles–a system(s) of (maintenance) organization (e.g., rock, carbon, water, nitrogen) is reliable, resistant, resilient…constant/consistent…unlike the passing world–generations of people who at one time or another throughout human ancient-modern history–have inhabited this permanent home. The housing structure/foundation remains, the tenants change/move aka die over time.

Simply put..because we are made of dust and the big dust ball aka as Earth continues living/outlives us…why do we die?? (Further context will try to elaborate in another post.)..Earth continues, sustained by various natural cycles, centuries-long…man should continue living long also. (But we don’t! too bad! But we will! too good?…to be true?)…Nah! some of man “cruel” will, in confusion, kill each other off at Armageddon. Aka the final war to end all non-compassion….when the God of Compassion chooses to use His power of justice to evict terrible tenants who are ruining the Earth and who absolutely refuse to stop it despite plenty of patience allowing any…time to learn and to change. (Please see Armageddon explanation/elaboration in following post for extra context.) Or read this excerpt of article The End of the World Fear, Fascination, Frustration… i read below:

What happens at the end of the world?

THE BIBLE’S ANSWER: “The world is passing away and so is its desire, but he that does the will of God remains forever.”—1 JOHN 2:17.

“The world” that is to pass away is, not the earth, but the world of mankind whose lives are not in harmony with God’s will. Just as a surgeon might remove a cancerous tumor to save a patient’s life, God will “cut off” the wicked so that good people can truly enjoy life on earth. (Psalm 37:9) In that sense, “the end of the world” is a good thing.

Meek-man “kind” in compassion, will endure/remain on Earth and take care of their beautiful home Earth and each Other in Peace.

“He has established the earth on its foundations; it will not be moved from its place forever and ever.”—Psalm 104:5.

“A generation is going, and a generation is coming, But the earth remains forever.” Eccl. 4:1

“This is what Jehovah says, . . . the One who formed the earth, . . . who did not create it simply for nothing, but formed it to be inhabited.”—Isaiah 45:18.

What do some humans say about Earth? What do You say?


“Scientists have proposed various scenarios by which the earth could be destroyed or rendered uninhabitable. Sometimes called existential risks, these include natural disasters—such as asteroid or comet impact, supervolcanoes, the death of the sun, or global warming—and they also include man-made catastrophes—such as nuclear war or bioterrorism.”


God’s purpose for the earth has not changed. God’s Word clearly states: “The earth remains forever.” (Ecclesiastes 1:4) Furthermore, it will be inhabited for all time: “The righteous will possess the earth, and they will live forever on it.”—Psalm 37:29.

This is GOOD NEWS!!:)…to me anyway. Good news makes me smile :)…the “world” its media, etc. is full of bad/sad news.


Belief that the earth will eventually be destroyed has caused some to plunder its precious resources. It has caused others to lose hope for the future and to live only for today. This can lead to a life with little meaning or purpose. On the other hand, if we believe that we can live forever on earth, we are more likely to make decisions that will benefit us and our families—even in the distant future. (excerpts in post from article: The Earth: The Bible’s Viewpoint)

May be ? a more “optimistic” (attitude) view of Earth and its permanence and HOPE of Humans living forever in the future…can help “twist any frown upside down”…


You’re SMILING, right? (i am)

(published 11/11/15@4:40 p.m.)

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