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Enemies of: Understanding

Joan Winifred

Am I a friend of understanding or an enemy?

Pride, stubbornness, self-will, and independence are enemies of understanding. (Jer 4:22; Ho 4:14, 16) The person with true understanding does not think he knows everything; hence Proverbs 19:25 says, “There should be a reproving of the understanding one, that he may discern knowledge.” (Compare Job 6:24, 25 “Instruct me, and I will be silent; Help me to understand my mistake, Honest words are not painful! But what benefit can be found in a reproof?” Ps 19:12, 13 “Who can discern mistakes? Pronounce me innocent from sins I am unaware of. And hold your servant back from presumptuous acts; Do not let them dominate me, Then I will be complete, And innocent of blatant sins (much transgression).” Because he is an understanding person, he is ready to listen, discerns the basis for the reproof, and benefits by it more than a stupid one would from a hundred strokes.—Pr 17:10 “A rebuke makes a deeper impression on one having understanding Than striking a stupid person a hundred times.” Compare 29:19…”A servant will not let himself be corrected by words, For though he understands he will not obey.” (Excerpted Insight Book Vol. 2 Understanding)

When we self-exalt (rather than self-restrain) and act presumptuously…(cause we think we know it all) this happens: a humiliation? glory?

“Whoever trusts in his own heart is stupid, But who walks in wisdom will escape.” (Proverb 28:26)

“The haughtiness of a man will humble him, But whoever Is humble in spirit will obtain glory.” (Proverb 29:23)

Don’t you find that a person who listens/speaks and acts modestly and not boastfully…gets true respect?




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