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Failings? of a “secular” education

Joan Winifred

The secular education systems of this world/this planet are a FAILURE!!

(WOW! Bold statement, joanie!)


Personally, i’ve felt this way (or bits/inklings of this way) since elementary. (Probably in part, (due to this 1 early experience and other culmulative experiences), i.e. was invited to Tanglewood overnight for some violin program—and on my own—decided not to attend. Stunned my music teacher (and may be (?) my parents (though they supported this decision) and probably fellow students). Who knows?(?) may be?(?) the more?(?) talented than me kid who got to go, in my place, is now a virtuoso.

Yeah to Others i was throwing away an incredible opportunity—to me—a young, virgin, girl of 11 or 12…i was holding on to something precious…didn’t feel safe/secure about going alone, overnight with older than me people and being with girls and boys, whom i didn’t know well enough, in some strange place. My desire for physical/spiritual safety outranked my desire for musical achievement. (BTW: at 11/12 had no negative experiences; neutral feelings toward Tanglewood too.) Remember “gut” thinking: is this a good idea bringing together kids, some far from home, without “any” parental supervision?! Perhaps, that kind of thinking was indicative of a child who experienced loving parenting/parents who were looking out for her best interests long-term.) Also, was worried about any “threat” of potentially corrupting influences or “bad” associations would encounter alone.

Thank God my parents taught me some sense…aka ethics/morality and beginning at a tender age. (Respect Life, Respect Neighbor, Love Others, Control Selfishness.) These Elevated Morality lessons (life’s music?) became more sophisticated in time. Yes, i had a formal/serious Bible education in tandem with a serious secular education.

Modern learners, at times, are ignorant to ancient precedents established, centuries ago, for well-healthy behavior among all and in all circumstances.

 Do not severely criticize an older man. On the contrary, appeal to him as a father, to younger men as brothers,  to older women as mothers, to younger women as sisters, with all chasteness. (1 Timothy 5:1, 2)

The following (an example of secular education failings read (which prompted my above-mentioned violin music memory)) infuriates me: to my core.

While on a school trip, some teenage boys were accused of sexually assaulting another male student. All attended a prestigious private school in Canada. After the incident, Leonard Stern wrote in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper:

“All the advantages of intellect and education and social class do not inoculate young people against making bad moral decisions.”

“You’d think the single greatest goal of parenting would be the promotion of a child’s moral development. The reality is that many parents seem more concerned about academic or material advancement.”


“It was difficult coming to grips with the fact that kids with strong academic ability couldn’t recognize the hurt and pain they could cause other people,” Mary Louise Arnold.

Love an essential education:

To be sure, schooling is important. But even the best secular education cannot help a person to combat wrong desires or bad inclinations. Where, then, can we get an education that addresses those areas​—that provides moral guidance?


The Bible is like a mirror. When we look into it, we see our limitations and weaknesses more clearly. (James 1:23-25) But the Bible does even more. It helps us to make needed changes, to develop qualities that foster true peace and harmony. Those qualities include goodness, kindness, patience, self-control, and love. Love is even called “a perfect bond of union.” (Colossians 3:14) Why is love so special? Note what the Bible says about this quality.“

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous. It does not brag, does not get puffed up [with pride], does not behave indecently, does not look for its own interests, does not become provoked. It does not keep account of the injury. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness [badness], but rejoices with the truth. It bears all things, . . . endures all things. Love never fails.”​—1 Corinthians 13:4-8.“

Love does not work evil to one’s neighbor.”​—Romans 13:10.“

Above all things, have intense love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.”​—1 Peter 4:8.

When you are with people who love you, how do you feel? Safe? Secure? Relaxed? Yes, you know that they want the best for you, that they would never intentionally hurt you. (Excerpts, Moral Education, Awake! No. 1 2019)

Uncover my eyes, that I may look at the wonderful things out of your law.” (Psalm 119:18)

(Early evening, post mind gym, 11/11/18)

long day with only 3 hours of sleep, eh! 😉

11/12/18 @ 6:03 p.m.

P.s. obviously! there are successful people teaching secular subjects and some have benefitted by a secular education, however, in my POV, a moral education is a necessary to truly “succeed” in life and to genuinely/lovingly contribute in an elevated/selfless manner to a Worldwide Brotherhood of Humanity!:)

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