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Feeding Hungry, Honest, Humble Minds Digestible Food

Joan Winifred

When we learn, we change… some minute (seemingly imperceptible) changes… in similar processes, but change, nevertheless, has to occur/is occurring IF we are actually learning.

Forward progress (making advancement) is healthy… it’s a mind moving in movement/transition/transformation–exercised regularly and vigorously (and hopefully!) constantly and consistently!…not a sedentary mind-life-style. It’s a mind that i-n-i-t-i-a-t-e-s-…(unafraid).

It’s curious…(to me), how some of us, bodies, may be sedentary with active minds and how some of us, active bodies, have sedentary/stagnant minds. To be healthy, in my POV, wellness must encompass mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual movement/exercise/application (work)…not festering stagnation. (That’s partly why ritualistic religion with centuries-old patterns of rigid-traditional practices (producing plateau results if any)…don’t move me!! False doctrine/lies/rotten food is indigestible… aka produces no real energy, force, and makes sick. May be, You would agree? There are some sick minds out there feeding off of sick food and a lot of sick doing and done in the name of sick religion, etc. It makes sense, to me, that “false” “fiction” religion would cause friction and…

wood burn down/extinguish…aka “would”/will come to an end/be destroyed. Just like any restaurant causing food poisoning eventually gets shut down. Word of mouth spreads…(a feast or famine) gas or vomit.

Do these so-called Christian religious masses indeed help the masses?!…and individually? And say on (a) street level?  Jesus walked/went to the cast-offs of society, the lame, the lepers, the prostitutes, the tax collectors, the outsiders, the so-called unlettered/common/ordinary people, those rejected and dejected and broken-hearted by the high & mighty religious leaders of his day: the Pharisees* and Sadducees*. Jesus didn’t spread hate or violence as solutions or fake food as medicine. Jesus spread love & compassion in action (i.e. spiritually satisfying bread, physically satisfying bread & fish)! Jesus spoke and taught truth! He healed people physically and he healed them emotionally; mentally, and spiritually. Think about it: Do doctors make house calls anymore?? (And for free??) As far as my life experience: no doctor, priest, or monk ever woke me up on a Saturday morning offering some comfort, cure, care or to share spiritual food letting me know: they were just a fellow-suffering-fragile-life/neighbor reaching out in the community (and individually) to help me and for free!!) You’ll never read secular account nor gospel…of Jesus, the helpful/homeless/happy dude, having (rich) stuffed pockets or passing out (money) collection plates.

Healthy faith/is an on-going work in progress, a journey, a walk…of applying the scientific method to build evidence-based “accurate” knowledge of spiritual truth! Takes time, patience, effort, action, application…humility, honesty and hunger!!!

I’ve come to believe/understand…in order to gain/acquire…”accurate” knowledge… especially of a “spiritual” naturemind has to be in a humble, hungry, and honest state.

On-line Bible glossary definitions/descriptions of terms…excerpted:

*Pharisees: A prominent religious sect of Judaism in the first century C.E. They were not of priestly descent, but they were strict observers of the Law in its smallest detail, and they elevated oral traditions to the same level. (Mt 23:23) They opposed any Greek cultural influence, and as scholars of the Law and the traditions, they had great authority over the people. (Mt 23:2-6) Some were also members of the Sanhedrin. They often opposed Jesus regarding Sabbath observance, traditions, and association with sinners and tax collectors. Some became Christians, including Saul of Tarsus.​—Mt 9:11; 12:14; Mr 7:5; Lu 6:2; Ac 26:5.

*Sadducees: A prominent religious sect of Judaism made up of wealthy aristocrats and priests who wielded great authority over the activities at the temple. They rejected the many oral traditions observed by the Pharisees as well as other Pharisaic beliefs. They did not believe in the resurrection or in the existence of angels. They opposed Jesus.​—Mt 16:1; Ac 23:8.

An intriguing read book-of-Luke-the physician, check it out IF You so choose:)

All of us, whether freckled-faced-girl, physician, priest or monk, etc., etc…. change clothes… but, how many of us actually strip off the old personality (with its practices aka old/unhealthy habits)…and on a regular basis:

 What would you do if you realized that your clothes were dirty and smelly? You would take them off as soon as you could. […]

1 example read out of countless “change” “changing” “changed”… into fresh, clean clothes:

  Some people get angry very quickly and say cruel and insulting things to others. When this happens, their whole family suffers. A father from Australia named Stephen used to swear a lot and would get very angry over small things. He says: “My wife and I were separated three times and were in the process of getting divorced.” Then, they began to study the Bible with the Witnesses, and Stephen tried to apply what he was learning. He says that before he knew Jehovah God, he would get so angry whenever something annoyed him that he felt like a bomb that could explode. But after Stephen began to follow the Bible’s advice, things got better. He says: “Our family life improved dramatically. With God’s help, I now have an overriding sense of peace and calm.” Today, [..]: “Stephen is a quiet, hardworking […], and he has a humble attitude.” […] have never seen him get angry. Stephen does not take any credit for this change in his personality. He says: “None of these beautiful blessings would be part of my life if I hadn’t accepted Jehovah’s help to give my personality a complete makeover.”

Another example:

[…] Hans was not always meek. When he was a teenager, he started to drink too much alcohol and became violent. One time when he was drunk, he became so angry that he killed his girlfriend. Hans was sent to prison for 20 years, but life in prison did not change his personality. Then his mother asked a Witness to visit him, and Hans began to study the Bible. He said: “It was a struggle for me to strip off my old personality. Bible texts that encouraged me were Isaiah 55:7, which says: ‘Let the wicked man leave his way,’ and 1 Corinthians 6:11, which says about those who had abandoned sinful ways: ‘And yet that is what some of you were.’ For many years, God patiently helped me by means of his holy spirit to put on the new personality.” […] he was released after being in prison for 17 and a half years. He said: “I am grateful for Jehovah’s overwhelming mercy and forgiveness.”

We strip off the old personality: The old personality involves the way we used to think, speak, and behave before we knew Jehovah (True God of Agape & Compassion). But because we now know Jehovah, we hate the bad (non-compassionate/hurtful) things we used to do and want to strip off, or get rid of, our old personality. We change things about ourselves that do not please (the Happy) God of Compassion. [excerpted read article: How we strip off and keep off the old personality.]

May be? those of us who freely forgive and in a large way… have had a lot forgiven!… and may be those of us who forgive little… have been forgiven little?… all i know, right now, is… on a daily basis, working, etc. my clothes do get dirty… and who of us do not need/enjoy a refreshing shower and fresh, clean, new-(er) clothes…(laundry is an essential) mind laundry…for me, personally, the Bible–deep study, and meditation is my mind bath… sometimes, I need a good soak and not a sulk!;)

May be, a fresh mind is a changed mind, a changed/new personality, huh? 🙂

10/18/17 @ 1:28 p.m.

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