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Joan Winifred

fatigue, a cold and an anxiety. (no Sunday 2/19/17) Can You tell?

IMG_20170219_171334258 jo

An anxiety over organization… (simplistic terms/aka my writing “filter”– i’d rather not write in elaboration about it at the moment (or here).) (though, writing (and talking) is a tool that helps me figure things out aka learn/cope.) (Boy, i must need to figure A LOT out-lol;) Oh, and learning to be content with the “as is”…or the what i cannot fix at the moment. Other than my attitude toward stuff.

Cultivating modesty and humility are qualities/an attitude enabling a more positive-realistic view of things…helps stay away from “unrealistic” expectations/demands and disappointment!…when i know and completely understand my emotional, physical, mental and spiritual…limitations…(you know, the obvious and the not-so-obvious)(and potentials 2), but at the present/moment focusing on what will prevent me from having undue anxiety over what i cannot (actually) accomplish. This will prevent me from over-extending myself and hurting myself…i.e. exhaustion/fatigue, being run down…depleted/spent….and being frustrated with different results than anticipated.

(i don’t like to delegate..but i need to.) Which does not mean giving up or relaxing my best effort! Making wise use of my time will help me avoid (some) anxiety.

On Sunday, my family and i…read and studied stuff about anxiety and practical ways to cope/prevent. Please check back, i hope to elaborate on that further..later; is an intention.

Let me leave You Reader:) with something i found helpful to think:

A second way to find inner peace is by reading and meditating on Bible verses. Why is this important? The Bible is God’s Word. It includes wise and practical advice from our Creator. No matter when you feel anxious, you can think deeply about God’s thoughts and meditate on how his advice can strengthen you. This can help you overcome, reduce, or even avoid anxiety. Jehovah specifically linked reading his Word with being “courageous and strong” and not being “struck with terror or fear.”—Joshua 1:7-9. (excerpted Throw All Your Anxiety on Jehovah (God of Compassion) w 2016)


PEACE and (no anxiety (or hopefully reduced) to YOU:)

2/20/17 @ 10:58 a.m.

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