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Finding Good

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He that is showing insight in a matter will find good.—Prov. 16:20.

How To Stay Out Of Trouble: 5 Helpful Insights

Random ramblings about Profound …You know “pro” as in good and found as in-lol…FIND!;) Proverbs…”pro” “actions”…verb-ing/applying wisdom…(my highlights of excerpted Wisdom Is a Protection W11)

Because a person who is wise at heart tries to “find good” in a matter and ‘trusts in Jehovah.’ When we endeavor to find good in others, we are more likely to speak well of them. Rather than being harsh or confrontational, our words are sweet and persuasive. Insight into the circumstances of others helps us to understand the extent of hardship they may be experiencing and how they are coping with it.

Looking for the good…we refrain from confrontation by choosing “sweet” words…(not talking buttering someone up) just “sincerely” speaking with compassion/insight to those in sight (aka close by) and those in ear shot/word shot…(far away). When we choose kind, it makes “any” circumstance better, eh? or is butter-y…aka smooth..s things out! Sorry, (sleepy and trying (failing?) to rhyme words w/my accent..”er” becomes “A” and eh sounds like A.) Hey, Thanks! for understanding & mostly for forgiving aka not expecting MUCH from a tired blogger namely me: Y-A-W-N!!

Good Night!:)


(publishing 4/21/15 @ 9:40 p.m.)

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