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Flowers, funeral, laughter, tears

Joan Winifred

Today “Marks” two weeks in Massachusetts. Mostly, i’ve lived at the house of mourning.

Today, November 18th, Mark was buried. Yesterday he was waked. I’ve had to remain calm and collected to comfort those around me and to be of any use. I’ve had my break through moments though mostly private when others are asleep.

It has been a privilege participating in the final days of hospice. A somber day when he stopped talking. A difficult day when he could no longer take ice chips. A horrific day when the undertaker took him away in a body bag.

I’ve learned from Mark when he was a live and I am learning from Mark through his death.

I am still learning from Mark…my whole life from a little girl onward. Thinking back now, didn’t fully appreciate what a good teacher he really was.


A people person (plus, he loved cats)..he befriended everyone.  Any seemingly outcast, underdog, misfit, lowly or downtrodden one found a true friend in Mark. He is known as a generous person who would give his shirt off his back even to a stranger.

He was a musician could play anything including drums, harmonica, etc. Guitar his instrument of choice. Loved the singalongs at gatherings. He brought a lot of humor and music to many. My words cannot justly sum up Mark.

An overall likable guy. He traveled extensively…a huge turn out for his wake and burial. My Dad mentioned that people in the community may of thought a dignitary died because the procession to the cemetery was so loooooong.

He loved the scriptures and used Bible principles to guide his choices. He was an entertainer with a deep spiritual side. This song was in his fun, extensive repertoire…

This house of mourning is full of flowers, plants, laughter, good memories and important life lessons.  Mark has influenced my tears and laughter and spiritual growth through the years..I will always love my favorite older cousin. He will walk this earth again!:)

11/19/16 @8:57 a.m.


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