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Foodie Concerns

Joan Winifred

i’m sitting here eating a late lunch @ 3:34 p.m. (oh, what am i consuming?) physical food;) and a little spiritual food; of course.


a small portion of a chicken pot pie…with peas, carrots, potatoes, etc. i did not make it. (Hubby kindly provided it for me.) i’m drinking…what else, green tea. (Please be assured, none of my writing, reading, eating is done under the influence of…alcohol.)

i eat to live. i don’t live to eat. So, i practice moderation. (i eat when/IF hungry and not on a fixed schedule.) Right now, i’m eyeing my partially eaten dark chocolate bar (left over from last night). If someone graciously and generously gives me food…even IF it is something i’m not too particularly fond of…i don’t have a problem with it…even meat.  My consumption restrictions would be blood. I do not accept any product with blood nor would i accept a transfusion. I thoroughly RESPECT vegetarians and vegans and meat-eaters.  And i respect all fragile-life have a right to eat….food. And food can have many definitions depending on culture/circumstance, etc.

i feel really badly about the mistreatment of any and all fragile-life! i would not want to support that in anyway nor the current ruination of the planet (by man cruel) or any ecosystem.  However,…i didn’t kill the food and as long as it is properly bled; i wouldn’t want it to go to waste. So, IF someone hands me a piece of cooked meat…i am thankful to eat. Many go without enough food.  And IF some out there kill their food to have something to eat and not starve…well, that’s their business. We all gotta eat to live. We all get hungry.

i realize many feel very strongly about food. And i don’t want to offend anyone. i read this stuff years ago…which helped me feel at peace with my eating choices.

my desire is to live/eat peacefully with my fellow-fragile-life:)

9/27/16 @4:22 p.m.

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