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Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion Joan Winifred love poetry

I’m trying to forget You

And You don’t make it easy

And why is that??

I talk/write to myself… cause You’ll never answer…(audibly)

(You let fear and fantasy rule… they are not my enslavers: so, I won’t submit (to You or them)!… Nor escape reality of responsibilities in this fleeting life.)

Ah, music of the heart must be played and I’m singing it

every SECOND… (and to deaf ears, eh?)

My heart is already circumcised and by agape


Oh, it  appears…

as if…You “think” Your “empty” words mean anything to me?

Empty words do NOT entice me…………………..WHAT!SO?EVER!

I ask like Job:  “Is there an end to empty words?”

How can meaningless life aka faithless & hopeless life offer me meaningful life?!… impossible/illogical!

Sadly, You cannot give me what You do not have!

My trajectory is set in precious stone

And there is more

Happiness in giving…

And I cannot

Look back (or hold back)

Only forward

I’m praying for You:)


You find it


You hold onto it

the path of real love and real life


And remember:

I don’t hate You.


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