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Freedom & Free Will

Joan Winifred

There are times in life when evaluations are appropriate…(and may be? needed?)

Self-Evaluation: How am i using my (relative) free will & freedom?!

(some of us experience freedom in lesser or more (relative) degrees)…

Sadly, some fellow-fragile-life are innocently in harsh/hostile prison conditions. Though, i acknowledge not all cells/prisons have actual concrete bars. Many suffer in silence..reflecting on the suffering of fellow-fragile-life makes me take pause. Personally, I want to use whatever freedom i enJOY now…to demonstrate love and empathy and appreciation. Compassion won’t let me live life just for me alone–disregarding what is for the good/best interests of fellow-fragile-life.

For example (about freedom), as a parent to 3 teens: 17, 15, 13 and 1 kid: 11 years old…my life is not my own in some ways; i am obligated to role-model. In other words, my offspring need some guidance (albeit even from me (a very much work in progress/a daily learner)). And hopefully, i/am can be some positive example worthy of imitation…to some minute degree. (Unfortunately or fortunately, some kids do copy parents in word and deed.) Parents are first/primary teachers to their children. Parents can have a huge impact/influence…negatively/positively.

My kids constantly help me evaluate my values and priorities daily: Agape Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Honesty, Kindness, Laughter, etc…i know would regret and feel like a total loser IF i totally messed up my responsibilities toward my kids. Bringing up my kids is a major project!

(They help pull me away from the direction of selfishness and doing what is only good for me and toward unselfish compassion. Plus, they keep me grounded…i’m not high on intellectualism (nor nicotine, etc.) and i don’t hitchhike.)

Being a parent is hard work (at times) how easy is it to “try” to be on your best behavior…always on call 24/7 for this younger life!…One day soon the precious time i have with them now…will be limited (more than it is already)…when they are grown-up/independent/mature adults.


Parenting is privilege…and exhausting/challenging (to say the least)…;) My kids have helped me grow in unexpected ways i really needed. e.g., To keep striving for non-selfish compassionate choices every day!:)

(This post is a work in progress/incomplete…(please check back for updates when possible): Thanks. PEACE people & parents!:))


1/31/17 @ 10:51 a.m.

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