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attitude Joan Winifred

? (aka IDK) may be a tad of an over-achiever (ah)…(insert my accent)…daily intentions don’t mean (=) always equate daily definites…but i will look on the bright side…though i’m NOT afraid of teh dark.

there’s always the moon & stars
(Nevah Giving UP!!)

tired talkers don’t care about spelling and gramma..(Yes, DUH!:) i care about my grandmother RIP)

a friend told me this illustration to cheer me up one day…something about needlepoint and all the work involved and all the pretty colored thread…and from one side… the top, it looks beautiful/organized, etc…turn it over, the bottom…the thread is chaos/knots and a mess.

the process…work in progress…stitching the stitches

High vantage point…big pic

(and NO! i am not going to sit here an elaborate, explain the meaning of this post/ i am not gonna waste my time or yours…well, IF there is a yours…no presumptions about readers, huh?)

Xiǎng xiǎng

to think…

5/3/17 @11:00 p.m.


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