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Full Blown Wrongness (part 1)

Joan Winifred

I was wrong!
Really sick…uggghhh

(Context see post: No title)

I caught a bug

What kind?
My full blown symptoms indicate
A severe cold or mild flu or (?)
I keep popping Halls cough drops and sipping green tea for sore/burning throat relief.

Yeah and am plugged into my headset for some soothing tunes.

(Music is my pacifier and scripture my comforter.)

Of course, none of us have time to be sick…always have tons of work waiting for me…good thing I view work as a blessing, eh? (Keeps me outta trouble;) or does it?..time will tell?)

as you know, it’s tough to stay focused on work and accomplish all of it when ill..Hope You are well today, Reader:)

WHY is humanity sick??…(deep topic for another blog on another day with more than shallow time to discuss.)

my son has an important speaking event tonight & I must be present sniffles, body aches and all…to support him and his efforts/work. (Though I will be careful/brief…I wouldn’t want to get anyone sick!)

Wouldn’t it be WONDERFUL?

when..”no resident will say: “I am sick.”
The people dwelling in the land will be pardoned for their error.” (Isaiah 33:24)

Wishful thinking of a head cold?..No, positive thinking. Humanity will one day be well!:)



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