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garbage dump

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Today is Thursday. (You’re a Regular Reader🙂, eh?;))

Any “regular reader” realizes…reasons for this topic: garbage dump. In my neighborhood…it’s trash day.

I try my best to recycle/reuse…which can be time consuming when organizing/cleaning. It’s not some mindless, arbitrary, random act for me. I carefully/thoughtfully…consider/examine an item/whatever…it’s usage potential and expiration date/options…aka can this item be of use to someone else?, etc., can this thing be retooled?…and/or place it in the appropriate hand or bin after use.

My preference is to recycle v. throw…give v. keep…(share/care) when reasonable. Consume with conscience. I trash pick too…;) meaning i examine my family’s trash to be sure no recyclable is being thrown out by mistake or on lazy-purpose!

If i discover a recycable in the trash, i take it out and put it in the appropriate bin.

(my bin is over-flowing and just got in from out front and the wind toppled the bin over and stuff spilled out…turned out to be a useful occurrence because it forced me to re-stuff and find something to keep the bin better closed…and i happened upon another piece of plastic to go. (Happened twice–windy.))

i am such a weirdo!!…it makes me feel good/happy…to reuse and recycle and not over-consume and destroy. I get a giddy-grin when i hear the trash truck driving down my street and stopping at my house! -lol🙂

I LOVE ORGANIZATION…and garbage/recycle day is part of my process. And I am my Mother’s daughter in this area of life. She was the plant lady, kitty-cat lady, avid-reader, avid-recycler, constantly cleaning, etc. (Much more domestically skilled than me…)

Recycling obsession?…legitimate concern…sorta drives my family…(Hubby) frustration!…i check the trash, usually, somewhat sneakily–lol–when no one is looking…(she’s a trash spy, ha, ha, he, he–no mission “difficult” for me!:) joking.) so as not to offend family members who feel it’s sorta a waste of time/energy…because they think the trash collectors dump everything in the same spot regardless…and don’t sort stuff appropriately…so, why bother.

Everything ends up the same place? (not my mentality)

NOPE! …every road does not end at the dump…or does it??

world-wide-(web)…dump?…internet? digital dump?…it seems a lot of unsightly stuff ends up on-line, huh?!

All types of junk? ideas, etc. : healthy, unhealthy, sick…stinky trash, refuse, offal awful…garbage dumped on-line…(and off)

that’s why sorting and being selective i find useful and important.

3/28/19 @ 2:28 p.m.

it’s a personal decision..what we determine to be trash or not. What to take out and what to keep.  (I respect Others’ have choices.)  And trash management/appropriate disposal is a choice more or less important to some of us humans.

I encourage moderation, care giving, generosity, recycling and not trashing the Earth (or people).

Care-giving and taking-care of Earth & Each Other as Fellow-Breathing-Life is not “mission impossible!” 🙂


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