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Joan Winifred

“Give me understanding…your word is Truth”…a Bible writer said to God.

though it is impossible for God to lie …A Psalmist lamented…”every man is a liar.”  There is truth in that lamentation…for sure; all of us are desperate and the heart is survive, thrive, get what it selfishly wants, pursue our own view, our own desires, etc.

Honesty is my intention/goal..(All of us have our values: mine are based on the law of LOVE (agape)) so, i highly value truth/accurate knowledge.)  Sometimes, it can be easy to be honest with Others in your speech/dealings and then simultaneously, it can be hard to be honest with yourself…admit limitations, motives, weaknesses, flaws, lack of know-how, lack of skills, etc.

Mountains of responsibilities await my attention today (which is overwhelming me as to where to begin),  i must keep this short…(to be honest/transparent: my younger Bro, whom I LOVE/respect dearly and My Beautiful (inside and out) Sister-in-law fly in on Thursday from Haiti..and they may arrive on time to hear a five minute talk. . I’m giving to a smaller group (so, anxious to do well)…Rob is giving a public lecture/discourse on Sunday…(in front of a larger audience of about approx. 150 give or take)..You think i would know the topic … don’t; it will be a nice surprise. He’s a VERY accomplished, yet modest, public speaker..if i do say so. Me..not as prepared as would like to be.

After two months of whirlwind activity with my parents getting settled/moving to Fl and Chato, the Kids and me super-duper busy with them and getting things arranged, helping, etc… I’ve fallen behind with some of my chores/projects here at home: Ugh! Most days..learning to manage the most important things and keeping them my top priority daily…so, the less important things have had to take a back seat lately and NOW..these less important things have piled up and need my prioritized attention immediately! (Uh-huh..learning to juggle it/the chaos in my circus life ain’t easy;)!

Anyway..when you happen to have parents that value public speaking, reading, poetry, cleanliness inside/outside, compassion, etc..and educate you/make sure you’re educated in these areas of articulation /communication and since childhood…it’s natural/a way of life/no big deal/nothing special on our part…that you grow-up (and when) speaking before an audience/aka prepare/give talks frequently. there are so many better speaker/writers than me…that inspire me to improve; Thank YOU…:)

My parents are aware of my writings: obviously, since i was a kid, but…my kinda lazy gramma/vocab in my blogs…and lack of punctuation…etc..thinking my Dad could/would/does appreciate my poetic view of things/life… Since he LOVES poetry.

yeah right..keeping it short…see, i wrote that and didn’t /couldn’t live up to those words, huh?-lol:)…oops..back to main topic..check it out please:)

“if we ever succumb to telling a lie, it would be good to analyze the cause.  Was it because of fear of man? Was fear of punishment the reason? Perhaps saving face or outright selfishness was at the root of the problem? Whatever the case, how appropriate we reflect on the matter, humbly admit out shortcoming.”

All of us have been hurt by lies (directly/indirectly)..can we try to be honest with ourselves inwardly…and stop the self-inflicted damage/pain?? (Not easy, huh?)

{This blog is sorta me acknowledging that YES! I have my share of short-comings that i would like/hope to overcome…and that certainly appreciate Others patience/forgiveness…MUCH}!

“This treachery of the heart may manifest itself when we make excuses for our errors, minimize our shortcomings, rationalize away serious personality flaws, or exaggerate accomplishments. A desperate heart is

also capable of taking a two-sided posture–smooth lips saying one thing and actions saying another. How vital to be honest about what comes out of our heart.” (Excerpts from article Safeguard Your Heart w01)

Being capable of matching up our lips with our actions…is an incredible endeavor in honesty. And honesty is healthy living…the fruit of lips..remember the adage: “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” expression we readily accept/take at face value.

Understanding & Peace to the Jugglers and Desperate Hearts:)

(Honesty is a learned skill in my pov.)

(Published 11/10/15@12:30 p.m.)



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