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Good Morning!

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Whew…I woke UP again!:)  Again…a -“gain” =

  • profit: to derive personal advantage from something (on-line definition)

YAY another DAY!:)

Fresh, new, opportunity, privilege, compassion, love, breathing, thinking, living…a profit…. to share..

What are You grateful for this morning/today??


I’m grateful for the “quiet” ones who don’t make a fuss… so, I’m “trying”NOT to make a fuss… over… misplacing a poetry book…a gem of a find… I can’t stand! when i misplace a book.

This morning was thinking about a poem recently read in this anthology …and thought it perfect for this post.

However, I’ll quote from another book. The title I LOVE:

“The Language of Flowers!”

When you think of flowers what adjectives come to mind?

Imagine IF humans spoke the “language of flowers” fluently to one another?!…a soft, sweet, loving, delicate, fragrant (sometimes quiet) speech. WOW… what refreshment we would all find in our communications!:) The stress and anxiety/anger would float away like bubbles in the wind.


In the scented bud of the morning-O

When the windy grass went rippling far,

I saw my dear one walking slow,

In the field where the daisies are.

A lark sang up from the breezy land

A lark sang down from a cloud afar

And she and I went hand in hand

In the field where the daisies are.

James Stephens



A day of rain,

Somebody passes my gate

With irises.




Yet, rich as morn of many hue,

When flashing clouds through darkness strike,

All beautiful, yet none alike.



Since i’m talker..i needed to read this: How to Be a Good Listener… and with all fragile-life/relationships:

Listen for the message, not just the words. Note what is conveyed by body language, eye movement, and tone of voice. “That’s fine” might really mean “That’s not fine”—depending on how it is said. “You never offer to help me” might really mean “I feel I’m not important to you.” Try to get the real message, even if it is not spoken. Otherwise, you may end up debating over what was said instead of focusing on what was meant.

Keep listening. Do not tune out or walk away, even if what you are hearing displeases you. For example, what if your mate is criticizing you? “Keep listening,” advises Gregory, who has been married for over 60 years. “Give genuine consideration to what your mate is saying. This takes a measure of maturity, but it pays off.”—Bible principle: Proverbs 18:15.

Be sincerely interested in your mate. Active listening is, not a mere technique, but an act of love. When you have genuine interest in what your mate is saying, listening becomes less forced and more natural. In this way you will be following the Bible’s admonition: “Look out for one anotherʼs interests, not just for your own.”—Philippians 2:4, Good News Translation.

Practical Points aka homework: stuff to try/practice:

“Be swift about hearing, slow about speaking.”—James 1:19.

“When anyone is replying to a matter before he hears it, that is foolishness on his part and a humiliation.”—Proverbs 18:13.

“The ear of wise ones seeks to find knowledge.”—Proverbs 18:15.

Cool, calm, collected & quiet… learning the language of FLOWERS: lovely!

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