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Green Lunch

attitude Joan Winifred
Green Broccoli and Swiss Chard, w/Onion Soup (carefully constructed! by Chato🙂 & Green Tea (nuked fast by me w/honey)…Yummy!! (aka green lunch eaten at dinner time)…can’t eat “lunch” anytime i choose??… lunch time was spent in a little snooze/(aka recovery/power nap)…pre-lunch was spent at a roundtable w/bigger egos…(aka necessary meeting)…

can’t feed my mind any time i wish?! (aka freedom to grow/learn at my own necessary pace for peace)..

sorta balking super-strict schedules/structures/…stuff being too rigid and times can hinder or impede “necessary” progress/aka work (in any endeavor health or other)!

(Managing my time like mushy (hearty) soup…mixing it up (w/love).
(published 4/7/15 @ 6:46)
some info on Swiss Chard:
p.s. THANK YOU Chato for the best/healthy soup.
4/8/15 @ 6:30 p.m…oops! please add kale to soup ingredient..(found out today). Further kale info:
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