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hope Joan Winifred

Hope is a day with sunshine! 🙂 Holding On Peacefully Embracing…(because You know your hug (aka endurance/patience/positivity/effort/compassion) is not in vain.) Hope is a protective bear hug!:) (Who doesn’t like/need a warm embrace?? Yeah, i do. How could i possibly go on/live/try/grow without “any” sunshine/(hugs) whatsoever?!)

enJOYed these interesting recent readings/points: “Hope” -Insight Vol. 1, pp. 1137-1140

It can mean trust, reliance; desire accompanied with expectation of what is desired or belief that it is attainable; one on whom hopes are centered; a source of hopeful expectation, or promise; something that is hoped for, or an object of hope. The Hebrew root verb qa·wahʹ, from which come terms rendered “hope,” basically means “wait for” with eager expectation. (Ge 49:18) In the Christian Greek Scriptures, the sense of the Greek term el·pisʹ (hope) is “expectation of good.”

No Real Hope Without God. True hope, as spoken of in the Bible, is superior to mere desire, which may have no foundation or prospect of fulfillment. It is also better than mere expectation, because that which is expected is not always desirable. The Bible shows that the people of the world in general have no real, solidly based hope; mankind is going into death, and without knowledge of a provision from a higher source there is no hope in what lies ahead. Solomon expressed the futility of man’s situation without God’s intervention as “the greatest vanity! . . . Everything is vanity.”—Ec 12:8; 9:2, 3.

Hope is a Divine Gift. (Grateful for S<3n-shine!:)

(published 4/17/15 @ 10:00 a.m.)

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