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Joan Winifred

on my mind & in my heart & in my prayers…all fellow-fragile-life (and everywhere) impacted by weather/hurricane (s) of one sort or another.
Thankful my bro & sis (in law) are here visiting..yet sad for al.

All of humanity lies near the brink of another storm (foretold unlike no other; seriously)…some of us heed warnings, some of us don’t. (do you/i?)

Hurricane Matthew may hit fl…i’m not worried, just concerned and want everyone to be safe here, there, everywhere!

we’ve had sooo much flooding/rain this season already…and driving through big puddles, lake-like…crocs everyday footwear..especially picking kids up from school..sure enough, it’s usually raining and muddy everywhere. Was thinking needed to invest in rubber boots..but it’s too hot and my plastic, black crocs are adequate.

do i jump in big puddles? or avoid them?

do i want to stay dry and clean?

10/4/16 @10:44 a.m.

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