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Happy Day-o to Young & Old?? OH!

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This commercial/marketing tool (aka smart advertising piece of propaganda?;))…tickles my corny-funny bone…lol:)

It always brings me a chuckle & :)…please! be assured, I Respect & LOVE Older-More-Experienced & Wiser-than-me Breathing-Fragile-Life.

(Brings back fond memories of my Grandmother.)

{BTW: am not endorsing e-trade, disrespecting the elderly…or investing in the Lieing to the Masses “Titanic”…aka the old-dieing, fast-changing commercial/political/economical landscape(s)…and current (on it’s way out/popular fluctuating flavor(s) of the moment/week/month/year) failing framework of human societyoops, getting too serious now, eh?!}

okay, okay!…(but putting my confidence/hope/faith in the above-alluded to shifting-sandy-shady a (sad) joke in my POV)…

Am endorsing LAUGHTER!:)

(this was suppose to be a light/fun post)

It/commercial just strikes me as really funny!…probably because of living in FL…where many working/highly contributing Seniors abound and where “old” and its definition is “relative”…usually “old” is considered in your nineties somewhere.

Though my teens think i’m ‘old’ at 49.5. i consider 25 and younger…’kid’.

i aspire to this woman…”DJ Nana” lol:)…with my sick beats selections on my posts, eh?;)…cracking myself up as i type…

(the simple pleasures in life)…and hard work and…

to continue breathing, learning, and working is a blessing.

Age(ing) with skill is gift. 🙂

Hoping this brings You a little laugh.

@11:17 a.m. 11/15/18

Make $$$ Selling Ads