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Happy Friday Global Friends!

Joan Winifred

It’s fffffrrrriiiiidddddaaayyy!

you know what song i’m humming? ๐Ÿ˜‰

Peace FULL week-end to You Reader!:)

i’t super SAD:( that some of my/our global family is NOT free…despite pursuing peace–they are in shackles literally or otherwise. (May elaborate on this in another post..or may not. Thanks for Your patience.)

Some of us live in a results-only-oriented society/culture…performance, grade A, number 1, rank, status, top, gold…”perfect” outward appearances, yada, yada, what have you done for me lately at this moment in time…attitude, etc. is only valued/respected and not good intentions nor best effort…

i know YOU:) tried “Your” best today to be as compassionate as possible: HOORAY!..keep up the good intentions/effort/work of sowing even tiny seeds of compassion.

(a smirk, smile, kind word, etc. or more)

3/17/17 @2:44 p.m.

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