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Have You been Robbed??

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion Fundamental Human Rights Joan Winifred

It saddens/pains me that many are victimized by crimes…in particular…(anything described/defined as a crime against humanity or compassion! 🙁 Any terrible loss of fundamental human rights…:(

Crimes of the heart and crimes of the mind…crimes against compassion abound. People have been robbed…and mercilessly! 🙁

They have been robbed of “HOPE!” They have been robbed of “DIGNITY!” They have been robbed of “PURPOSE!”

(They have been robbed of “CHOICE!”…thinking/believing they are powerless.)

The/a/one stealth…smooth criminal, eh?….”evolution“…basically… asserting (and aggressively/and passively) all precious-breathing-fragile-life on the planet is meaningless, purposeless…(no meaning, no purpose, no intelligent design…doesn’t that imply valueless-ness and worthlessness??)

You, Reader, Dear-Beautiful-Breathing-Fragile-Life have VALUE and are Worthy of Compassion!!:)

Have You let this “theory” “teaching” “thief” (evolution) rob You?!

Has it taken away meaning, purpose and hope from Your everyday existence (and longevity of living)??

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