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Healthy Faith

faith Joan Winifred

The Greek…

hy·poʹsta·sis : “the assured expectation”

eʹleg·khos : “the evident demonstration”

Faith is the assured expectation of what is hoped for, the evident demonstration*(convincing evidence) of realities that are not seen. (Hebrews 11:1)

Not a material substance…

(a) foundation; substructure; groundwork; confidence; courage; resolution; steadiness; undertaking; promise; or, (b) substantial nature; substance; actual existence; reality; real nature; essence; the full expression or expansion (of an idea).* (*According to A Greek-English Lexicon, by Liddell and Scott, in a new edition revised and augmented, in two volumes. 1948 reprinting.)

questions for reflections:

am i faithless?
do i need more faith?

(faith can be on a spectrum…eh?)

is my faith healthy?

6/26/18 @ 12:29 a.m., P.C., FL

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Faith :  (my highlights)

“Assured expectation” translates the Greek word hy·poʹsta·sis. This term is common in ancient papyrus business documents. It conveys the idea of something that underlies visible conditions and guarantees a future possession. In view of this, Moulton and Milligan suggest the rendering: “Faith is the title deed of things hoped for.” (Vocabulary of the Greek Testament, 1963, p. 660) The Greek word eʹleg·khos, rendered “evident demonstration,” conveys the idea of bringing forth evidence that demonstrates something, particularly something contrary to what appears to be the case. Thereby this evidence makes clear what has not been discerned before and so refutes what has only appeared to be the case. “The evident demonstration,” or evidence for conviction, is so positive or powerful that faith is said to be it.

So faith is not credulity. The person who may ridicule faith usually has faith himself in tried and trusted friends. The scientist has faith in the principles of his branch of science. He bases new experiments on past discoveries and looks for new discoveries on the basis of those things already established as true. Likewise, the farmer prepares his soil and sows the seed, expecting, as in previous years, that the seed will sprout and that the plants will grow as they receive the needed moisture and sunshine. Therefore faith in the stability of the natural laws governing the universe actually constitutes a foundation for man’s plans and activities. Such stability is alluded to by the wise writer of Ecclesiastes: “The sun also has flashed forth, and the sun has set, and it is coming panting to its place where it is going to flash forth. The wind is going to the south, and it is circling around to the north. Round and round it is continually circling, and right back to its circlings the wind is returning. All the winter torrents are going forth to the sea, yet the sea itself is not full. To the place where the winter torrents are going forth, there they are returning so as to go forth.”​—Ec 1:5-7. [excerpted readings: “Faith” Insight, Vol. 1, pp 803-805]

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