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Joan Winifred

People can help without (selfish) motive (I.e. money, etc).

People can communicate without motive.

I may invest …in people, but I don’t concern myself with returns…

Though, I acknowledge have experienced “there is more happiness in giving than in receiving”…and yeah, you do receive a measure of peace feeling like you tried your best…

There are different ways of functioning. Some of us are more or less calculative and some of us are more or less spontaneous. Some of us are neither. Some of us may be both.

(True) Love is the force capable of producing both calculation and spontaneity when necessary…and randomly…(I’m rambling right now.)

(Hospice at home on swan pond can be horrific but when a family rallies together and can put stuff aside to work together as a team for their loved one…it’s a healing process.)

The fall leaves, trees and water view is comforting…I enjoy the simple pleasure of hearing the wind russle the leaves.

Thankful for this difficult experience. Time with family is precious.

11/12/16@ 12:08 p.m.

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