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Here we go again: Lab Rats at work?

Breathing-Fragile-Life compassion conscientious-ness humility Joan Winifred

British scientists have announced that an Icelandic mollusk thought to be about 405 years old was actually 507 years old at its untimely death in 2006. This makes it the longest-lived animal * on record. The clam died when researchers froze it in order to transport it to their lab.

* Here the term “longest-lived animal” excludes colonial organisms, such as coral, which are thought to have lived for thousands of years. ~excerpted: Watching the World (Awake! December 2014)

(Lab) Rats aka rodents? /breathing-fragile-life hurting mice/rodents/breathing-fragile-life year: 2014 (for context please see: Didn’t You know: Real People have Real Ribs & for tickling…sometimes.) and lab rats freezing/killing off the longest-lived animal: year 2006…Gimme a break… or actually: lab rats “GIVE it a break!! PLEASE.
Yeah, untimely things happen (and have happened from 2006-2014)…so, man needs to take looooooooooooooooooooooooong timed timely-time out… aka stop hurting life and the planet… in time: for the sake of life/the planet!! Because:
“man has dominated man to his injury.” (Ecclesiastes 8:9)
Is man “cruel” convinced they qualify for/own the “license” to do whatever they want with whatever they want: where/whenever to whomever they want…??

Humble man “kind” knows modesty/its limitations and “manners”… and that “needs” are more important than wants…”GIVE”…all life what they truly “need” thereby sustaining (and not TAKING) life short-long term!

For related context on wildlife please read: Cageless Breathing-Fragile-Life: Zoo Miami Excerpted:

Personally, i’m not too into ‘interfering’ too much with the goings-on of Breathing-Fragile-Life/wildlife/animals…i like to let things be (when/if possible)…for fear, i would somehow damage their fragile eco-system(s)…thereby, cutting short their fragile life!  i kinda believe in gentle observation and/or gentle help/participation IF needed (and probably not needed by me -lol)…not trampling down/bulldozing my way into their space…so, i’m t-o-r-n in my feelings/thinking about what kind of participation/involvement i choose when it comes to wildlife…i totally RESPECT life and am not a big fan of man imposing his ideas of treatment on wildlife…which often lead to abuse.

 If all of us learners, could go about “learning” aka “living” with “manners” 🙂 …aka compassionate/loving “ways” of living in a kind/respectful/modest/patient and less aggressive mode, would all of us live/learn longer?!
Too bad the longest living animal isn’t around to answer, eh?
(published 9/25/14 @ 9:49 p.m.)
 P.S. Will man “cruel” take responsibility/accountability for their death-dealing, untimely, and
non-compassionate actions? i.e. choosing to apologize/change or clam up??
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